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Add here bug reports for the PyNodes patch. Use the template to create a new bug report

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Crash with big amount of sockets

  • It crash with nodes with a lost of sockets, The number of sockets necesaries to crash variate. If you do not have any sockets you can insert a big node but the secon will crash. I track in very basic and limited knolage to function node_script_parse_cb in node_shader.c exacly when PyRun_String is been use. I check all the parameters of the funtion from but to dict and all seam ok . . so I do not know what could be. I realy do not know but I think will be nice to add nsd->dict = init_scriptdict(); as in some other parts of the program (this do not afect this bug)
  • patch date 11/28/2006.
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     not started yet
  • added by RCRuiz 11/29/2006 4:43
  • note: socket stacks take maximum of 64 sockets

self.shi can be used only once

  • first time self.shi.something works fine, but next usages (self.shi.somethingelse) somehow looses reference to internal shi pointer
  • 2007.04.03
  • to do
     not started yet

self.shi.tangent doesn't seem to work

  • Is it supposed to return the tangent vector? Outputting the normal vector as color causes colorful output. So should outputting the tangent (different colors, of course), right? But instead it produces black output. ((If you need C++ code for computing tangent, I got some.))
  • Version 2.48a (not sure the date) UPDATE: In version 2.49a it doesn't work either.

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