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Back in May 2004 I already worked on some ways to integrate MySQL with Blender. See Old DbBlender project for that.

In December I got contacted again about this project, and that rekindled the spark and interest.

Blender has come a long way since 2004, amongst others ID properties by Joseph Eagar. This new feature enables me to integrate MySQL in a much easier way without breaking the Blender fileformat.

What is DbBlender?

This project tries to investigate, design and implement SQL support in Blender to enable remote repository capabilities. I am aware of Verse (I have worked on bringing Verse methods support to Blender as well as some other things), but at least in its current state it is not fit for what DbBlender may be able to do.


The current prototyping is done using BPy and Spacehandlers. MySQL connectivity is handled through the MySQLdb module.


Discussion of use cases, workflow, integration and features on BlenderDev/DbBlender/DbBlenderDiscussion