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A migration to CVS to Subversion for source revision control has been contemplated in the past.

Recently development of Blender has changed to where significant changes occur much more frequently and a larger variety of development trees exist. Another significant development is that Chris Want (Hos) is taking a vaction from merging and juggling the different CVS trees. Also subversion has matured since our last investigation, becoming supported in GForge, and having easy to use end user tools developed that are comparble to those available for CVS.

Given these recent changes I believe it makes sense to reevaluate a migration to Subversion.

Subversion enabled gforge (requires apache2)

End user tools and subversion

Tortoise SVN a drop in replacement for tortoisecvs

Using XCode with SVN

Migration to and from subversion and CVS as well as maintaining anonymous CVS checkout on a subversion tree

-- TomMusgrove - 21 Aug 2005