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Blender 2.46a TODO (bugfix release)

Blender 2.46 TODO (Its over!)

Here are a list of issues that need to be resolved before 2.46 release. Unlike the bug tracker this should be used for features that are incomplete or made unstable since 2.45 release.


  • Python api needs to adhere to user preferences object adding preferences (editmode/align) - Campbell


  • set the default initial editmode and orientation in the default .B.blend - Campbell


  • Raytracing is currently slower then it used to be (because of mallocs within the raytraced rendering code, added since 2.45) - Brecht
  • Image thread locking slows down rendering on mac's - Brecht


  • NDof, can set the view dist value to zero making zooming with the mouse wheel stop working - lukep

UV Mapping

  • Alt Right click can not create seams since uv editing was merged with editmode. - Campbell
  • Preserve image aspect option messes up with pinned UV's - Brecht


Remove old static particles since they are not used anymore (PAF_* and can then remove DNA_object_types sumohandle pointer) - Campbell


  • Implement NLA modifier (Oomph) or remove it from the menu. [this was already like this for previous releases, so not really a show-stopper for release] - Algorith
  • IPO smooth which currently gives odd results - Algorith
  • NLA currently has destructive bugs which can destroy keyframes

Particles API

  • Need at least a minimalist particles API for renderer and other exporters to continue working with 2.46 - there is a patch in the tracker but still requires some cleaning and fixes - Pidhash