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Use Cases for BLU


There are two parts in BLU that can be identified

  • Manipulation of Blender database
  • Manipulation of Blender interface (ie. macro type activities, create new views/windows)

Blender Database

BLU will be modelled closely after the data structure of blenders internal database format. Through BLU the user should be able to manipulate the database by allowing him to modify existing data, add new data, and delete data when needed. This functionality is mostly the same as direct data modification as done through Blenders GUI. ('Global' data is considered part of the Blender database. - really?)

Global data

  • User settings

Internal data modules

  • Object
  • Camera
  • Lamp
  • Texture
  • Material
  • Ipo
  • Timeline
  • Armature
  • Curve


The user can create, modify and delete objects. The user can query the Blender database for objects.

Blender Interface

-- NathanLetwory