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Inter-process communication between Blender and other apps

This page can be used to collect basic information about all projects related to interfacing Blender with external applications.


The "general-purpose network protocol for 3d data":

Scripting Blender via external applications

Letting other applications script Blender via the Blender Python API is a powerful feature requested by many users. There are already a few very basic ways to mimic this via script links, redraws, etc., but that's far from ideal. For now we (some Blender developers together with authors of other applications who want this functionality) are in the planning stages, collecting information about what is needed and what can be done. Then we'll decide what to do and how to integrate it in Blender.

Possible mechanisms

what is already available: running scripts from command line, etc.

Signals, sockets, ... advantages and possible shortcomings...

Multiplatform support

any issues specific to this or that platform