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API Design Issues

Purpose of this section
to give thoughts, ideas, and commentary on the design and architecture of the Blender Python API.

BPy API Cleanup 2006

Page with our current plans, added by stivs.

(What about this:

(Old) Discuss and log inconsistencies in the API and Doc.

Merge / remove?)


Ideas for an alternative simpler and safer interface.
(Old) Ton expressed grave misgivings about some current bpy features.
Favor getters and setters (ob.attr) instead of both methods and attributes (ob.get/setAttr(), ob.attr).
Discussion regarding deprecation

Proposed New Features

Besides the new armature system, there are also other new things in the NLA / action land.
(All done?)
Rework and new features discussion
Discussion regarding image editing
(Done: Mesh module)Discuss of a new "thin mesh" wrapper module.
(Done) Text3d has been added as a new module.


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