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We like getting patches! The bpy mailing list is a good place to discuss them. The DesignIssues page on this wiki is a good place to discuss big changes.

In addition to the general advice on patches, here are some hints and suggestions:

  • Submit your patch to the PatchTracker on Patches can be submitted to the bpy mailing list, but it is easier for them to get lost or overlooked there. Also, you run the risk of exceeding the maximum message size.
  • One thing at at time. Patches that only have one fix or feature are easier to test and to apply.
  • Include a .blend or script for testing your patch. We actually do test stuff before it gets commited. If you write the test script, it makes the process go faster. Don't just paste a script into the comment area of the Tracker! The indentation gets hosed and your script will not run.
  • Readability is Important. Code is read much more than it is written. One character variable names are evil, so is lack of whitespace. The indent tool can help with the latter problem.
  • Don't forget documentation. An API is the documented interface to a program or library. If you are adding a new feature, you need to do some work in the api2_2x/doc directory. We keep our Bpy docs in epydoc format. Do not worry if your English is a problem. We will happily help edit your work.

Patches are not just for UNIX! If you are using Windows, you can just as easily create and apply patches with the Windows GNU patch executable.

-- StephenSwaney - 19 Mar 2005