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The To Do List

This page is a very loose Todo list. This area is for suggestions and ideas that require implementation but are not currently being worked on.


[link to the 0-todo.txt file in CVS]

  • Fix armature/bone module (Done)
  • Add support for Undo in python
  • Working on Ipo module (Done)
  • Pixel accessing for Images (??)
  • Module standard template


  • As recommended by stivs, albeit a bit jokingly, I'm just adding a brief mention that the new UI components in Tuhopuu which will eventually be sent to Bf-Blender may break the appearance of some Python scripts. Maintainers should test these scripts in Tuhopuu to see if they will be adversely impacted by the changes. Lets hope they aren't. -- CB
  • BTW not only is the above list outdated, but it was never offically endorsed, either. Just look at EMesh--that certainly didn't work out. -- JE
  • Outdated is a little strong. Some things are wishes and some like EMesh have turned out to be evolutionary dead ends. Many/most/some of the tasks are still valid. Joilnen Leite and I were just discussion burning through the BGL module and any remaining cleanup tasks.
  • As for the EMesh module, I believe it ran into the Blender architecture and the design restriction that one Space does not mess with the events in another Space. Just thinking out loud, running scripts/callbacks in the 3d window could be a solution to this. -- StephenSwaney - 01 Feb 2005
    • EMesh didn't survive because it was a "thin" wrapper around the EditMesh, and because in reality it was a little redundant. A more sophisticated idea would be to have a special version of NMesh that manipulates the EditMesh, but has the same API as NMesh. That way, whether or not a script get's NMesh or this new one would simply depend on whether the object to be edited is in editmode. Also, it might be possible to have the edit NMesh automatically turn itself into a normal NMesh when the user exits EditMode, and vice versa. -- JE

-- StephenSwaney - 10 Feb 2005