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Scene Objects

Here we will try to define what objects will be in the scene and their interfaces. This includes lights, meshes, shaders and so on. We have to define what class hierarchy are we going to use. These objects are created from the user program and then added to the scene. Therefore we need to define a general scheme to create and configurate those objects. Althought there might be some exceptions for huge things like meshes, most of the elements can use the same settings scheme as happens in current yafray code.

So first is to define the YafrayConfigurationScheme

And then, open issues:

  • Having an 3D abstract object with just intersect method. Useful? Can particles be added this way?
  • Should the mesh object be public with open access to geometry?
  • Obviously we will have the light object.
  • Are samplers/emitters a good idea? i.e elements where you can shoot photons or sample from any point.

Provisional object class list:

-- AlejandroContyEstevez - 01 Nov 2004