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ActionGroup.channels:	   collection,  "(read-only)    F-Curves in this group"
ActionGroup.custom_color:	   int  "Index of custom color set"
ActionGroup.lock:	   boolean  "Action Group is locked"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   boolean  "Action Group is selected"
ActionGroup.show_expanded:	   boolean  "Action Group is expanded"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   boolean  "Display when not linked to a visible states controller"
Actuator.show_expanded:	   boolean  "Set actuator expanded in the user interface"
Actuator.type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|ActionActuator.action:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|ActionActuator.frame_blend_in:	   int  "Number of frames of motion blending"
Actuator|ActionActuator.frame_end:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|ActionActuator.frame_property:	   string  "Assign the actions current frame number to this property"
Actuator|ActionActuator.frame_start:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|ActionActuator.play_mode:	   enum  "Action playback type"
Actuator|ActionActuator.priority:	   int  "Execution priority - lower numbers will override actions with higher numbers. With 2 or more actions at once, the overriding channels must be lower in the stack"
Actuator|	   string  "Use this property to define the Action position"
Actuator|ActionActuator.use_continue_last_frame:	   boolean  "Restore last frame when switching on/off, otherwise play from the start each time"
Actuator|ArmatureActuator.bone:	   string  "Bone on which the constraint is defined"
Actuator|ArmatureActuator.constraint:	   string  "Name of the constraint you want to control"
Actuator|ArmatureActuator.mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|ArmatureActuator.secondary_target:	   pointer  "Set weight of this constraint"
Actuator|	   pointer  "Set this object as the target of the constraint"
Actuator|ArmatureActuator.weight:	   float  "Set weight of this constraint"
Actuator|CameraActuator.axis:	   enum  "Specify the axis the Camera will try to get behind"
Actuator|CameraActuator.height:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|CameraActuator.max:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|CameraActuator.min:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|CameraActuator.object:	   pointer  "Look at this Object"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.angle_max:	   float  "Maximum angle (in degree) allowed with target direction. No correction is done if angle with target direction is between min and max"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.angle_min:	   float  "Minimum angle (in degree) to maintain with target direction. No correction is done if angle with target direction is between min and max"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.damping:	   int  "Damping factor: time constant (in frame) of low pass filter"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.damping_rotation:	   int  "Use a different damping for orientation"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.direction:	   enum  "Set the direction of the ray"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.direction_axis:	   enum  "Select the axis to be aligned along the reference direction"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.distance:	   float  "Set the maximum length of ray"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.fh_damping:	   float  "Damping factor of the Fh spring force"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.fh_height:	   float  "Height of the Fh area"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.limit:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.limit_max:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.limit_min:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.material:	   string  "Ray detects only Objects with this material"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.mode:	   enum  "The type of the constraint"
Actuator|	   string  "Ray detect only Objects with this property"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.range:	   float  "Set the maximum length of ray"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.rotation_max:	   float[3]  "Reference Direction"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.spring:	   float  "Spring force within the Fh area"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.time:	   int  "Maximum activation time in frame, 0 for unlimited"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.use_fh_normal:	   boolean  "Add a horizontal spring force on slopes"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.use_fh_paralel_axis:	   boolean  "Keep object axis parallel to normal"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.use_force_distance:	   boolean  "Force distance of object to point of impact of ray"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.use_local:	   boolean  "Set ray along objects axis or global axis"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.use_material_detect:	   boolean  "Detect material instead of property"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.use_normal:	   boolean  "Set object axis along (local axis) or parallel (global axis) to the normal at hit position"
Actuator|ConstraintActuator.use_persistent:	   boolean  "Persistent actuator: stays active even if ray does not reach target"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.angular_velocity:	   float[3]  "Angular velocity upon creation"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.dynamic_operation:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.linear_velocity:	   float[3]  "Velocity upon creation"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.mass:	   float  "The mass of the object"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.mesh:	   pointer  "Replace the existing, when left blank Phys will remake the existing physics mesh"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.mode:	   enum  "The mode of the actuator"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.object:	   pointer  "Add this Object and all its children (cant be on an visible layer)"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.time:	   int  "Duration the new Object lives or the track takes"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.track_object:	   pointer  "Track to this Object"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.use_3d_tracking:	   boolean  "Enable 3D tracking"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.use_local_angular_velocity:	   boolean  "Apply the rotation locally"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.use_local_linear_velocity:	   boolean  "Apply the transformation locally"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.use_replace_display_mesh:	   boolean  "Replace the display mesh"
Actuator|EditObjectActuator.use_replace_physics_mesh:	   boolean  "Replace the physics mesh (triangle bounds only - compound shapes not supported)"
Actuator|FCurveActuator.apply_to_children:	   boolean  "Update F-Curve on all children Objects as well"
Actuator|FCurveActuator.frame_end:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|FCurveActuator.frame_property:	   string  "Assign the actions current frame number to this property"
Actuator|FCurveActuator.frame_start:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|FCurveActuator.play_type:	   enum  "Specify the way you want to play the animation"
Actuator|	   string  "Use this property to define the F-Curve position"
Actuator|FCurveActuator.use_additive:	   boolean  "F-Curve is added to the current loc/rot/scale in global or local coordinate according to Local flag"
Actuator|FCurveActuator.use_force:	   boolean  "Apply F-Curve as a global or local force depending on the local option (dynamic objects only)"
Actuator|FCurveActuator.use_local:	   boolean  "Let the F-Curve act in local coordinates, used in Force and Add mode"
Actuator|Filter2DActuator.filter_pass:	   int  "Set filter order"
Actuator|Filter2DActuator.glsl_shader:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|Filter2DActuator.mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|Filter2DActuator.motion_blur_factor:	   float  "Set motion blur factor"
Actuator|Filter2DActuator.use_motion_blur:	   boolean  "Enable/Disable Motion Blur"
Actuator|GameActuator.filename:	   string  "Load this blend file, use the // prefix for a path relative to the current blend file"
Actuator|GameActuator.mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|MessageActuator.body_message:	   string  "Optional message body Text"
Actuator|MessageActuator.body_property:	   string  "The message body will be set by the Property Value"
Actuator|MessageActuator.body_type:	   enum  "Toggle message type: either Text or a PropertyName"
Actuator|MessageActuator.subject:	   string  "Optional message subject. This is what can be filtered on"
Actuator|MessageActuator.to_property:	   string  "Optional send message to objects with this name only, or empty to broadcast"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.angular_velocity:	   float[3]  "Sets the angular velocity"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.damping:	   int  "Number of frames to reach the target velocity"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.derivate_coefficient:	   float  "Not required, high values can cause instability"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.force:	   float[3]  "Sets the force"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.force_max_x:	   float  "Set the upper limit for force"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.force_max_y:	   float  "Set the upper limit for force"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.force_max_z:	   float  "Set the upper limit for force"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.force_min_x:	   float  "Set the lower limit for force"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.force_min_y:	   float  "Set the lower limit for force"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.force_min_z:	   float  "Set the lower limit for force"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.integral_coefficient:	   float  "Low value (0.01) for slow response, high value (0.5) for fast response"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.linear_velocity:	   float[3]  "Sets the linear velocity (in Servo mode it sets the target relative linear velocity, it will be achieved by automatic application of force. Null velocity is a valid target)"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.mode:	   enum  "Specify the motion system"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.offset_location:	   float[3]  "Sets the location"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.offset_rotation:	   float[3]  "Sets the rotation"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.proportional_coefficient:	   float  "Typical value is 60x integral coefficient"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.reference_object:	   pointer  "Reference object for velocity calculation, leave empty for world reference"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.torque:	   float[3]  "Sets the torque"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.use_add_linear_velocity:	   boolean  "Toggles between ADD and SET linV"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.use_local_angular_velocity:	   boolean  "Angular velocity is defined in local coordinates"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.use_local_force:	   boolean  "Force is defined in local coordinates"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.use_local_linear_velocity:	   boolean  "Velocity is defined in local coordinates"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.use_local_location:	   boolean  "Location is defined in local coordinates"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.use_local_rotation:	   boolean  "Rotation is defined in local coordinates"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.use_local_torque:	   boolean  "Torque is defined in local coordinates"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.use_servo_limit_x:	   boolean  "Set limit to force along the X axis"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.use_servo_limit_y:	   boolean  "Set limit to force along the Y axis"
Actuator|ObjectActuator.use_servo_limit_z:	   boolean  "Set limit to force along the Z axis"
Actuator|ParentActuator.mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|ParentActuator.object:	   pointer  "Set this object as parent"
Actuator|ParentActuator.use_compound:	   boolean  "Add this object shape to the parent shape (only if the parent shape is already compound)"
Actuator|ParentActuator.use_ghost:	   boolean  "Make this object ghost while parented (only if not compound)"
Actuator|PropertyActuator.mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|PropertyActuator.object:	   pointer  "Copy from this Object"
Actuator|PropertyActuator.object_property:	   string  "Copy this property"
Actuator|	   string  "The name of the property"
Actuator|PropertyActuator.value:	   string  "The value to use, use  around strings"
Actuator|RandomActuator.chance:	   float  "Pick a number between 0 and 1. Success if you stay below this value"
Actuator|RandomActuator.distribution:	   enum  "Choose the type of distribution"
Actuator|RandomActuator.float_max:	   float  "Choose a number from a range. Upper boundary of the range"
Actuator|RandomActuator.float_mean:	   float  "A normal distribution. Mean of the distribution"
Actuator|RandomActuator.float_min:	   float  "Choose a number from a range. Lower boundary of the range"
Actuator|RandomActuator.float_value:	   float  "Always return this number"
Actuator|RandomActuator.half_life_time:	   float  "Negative exponential dropoff"
Actuator|RandomActuator.int_max:	   int  "Choose a number from a range. Upper boundary of the range"
Actuator|RandomActuator.int_mean:	   float  "Expected mean value of the distribution"
Actuator|RandomActuator.int_min:	   int  "Choose a number from a range. Lower boundary of the range"
Actuator|RandomActuator.int_value:	   int  "Always return this number"
Actuator|	   string  "Assign the random value to this property"
Actuator|RandomActuator.seed:	   int  "Initial seed of the random generator. Use Python for more freedom (choose 0 for not random)"
Actuator|RandomActuator.standard_derivation:	   float  "A normal distribution. Standard deviation of the distribution"
Actuator|RandomActuator.use_always_true:	   boolean  "Always false or always true"
Actuator|	   pointer  "Set this Camera. Leave empty to refer to self object"
Actuator|SceneActuator.mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|SceneActuator.scene:	   pointer  "Set the Scene to be added/removed/paused/resumed"
Actuator|ShapeActionActuator.action:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|ShapeActionActuator.frame_blend_in:	   int  "Number of frames of motion blending"
Actuator|ShapeActionActuator.frame_end:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|ShapeActionActuator.frame_property:	   string  "Assign the actions current frame number to this property"
Actuator|ShapeActionActuator.frame_start:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|ShapeActionActuator.mode:	   enum  "Action playback type"
Actuator|ShapeActionActuator.priority:	   int  "Execution priority - lower numbers will override actions with higher numbers. With 2 or more actions at once, the overriding channels must be lower in the stack"
Actuator|	   string  "Use this property to define the Action position"
Actuator|ShapeActionActuator.use_continue_last_frame:	   boolean  "Restore last frame when switching on/off, otherwise play from the start each time"
Actuator|SoundActuator.cone_inner_angle_3d:	   float  "The angle of the inner cone"
Actuator|SoundActuator.cone_outer_angle_3d:	   float  "The angle of the outer cone"
Actuator|SoundActuator.cone_outer_gain_3d:	   float  "The gain outside the outer cone. The gain in the outer cone will be interpolated between this value and the normal gain in the inner cone"
Actuator|SoundActuator.distance_3d_max:	   float  "The maximum distance at which you can hear the sound"
Actuator|SoundActuator.distance_3d_reference:	   float  "The distance where the sound has a gain of 1.0"
Actuator|SoundActuator.gain_3d_max:	   float  "The maximum gain of the sound, no matter how near it is"
Actuator|SoundActuator.gain_3d_min:	   float  "The minimum gain of the sound, no matter how far it is away"
Actuator|SoundActuator.mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|SoundActuator.pitch:	   float  "Sets the pitch of the sound"
Actuator|SoundActuator.rolloff_factor_3d:	   float  "The influence factor on volume depending on distance"
Actuator|SoundActuator.sound:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|SoundActuator.use_sound_3d:	   boolean  "Enable/Disable 3D Sound"
Actuator|SoundActuator.volume:	   float  "Sets the initial volume of the sound"
Actuator|StateActuator.operation:	   enum  "Select the bit operation on object state mask"
Actuator|StateActuator.states:	   boolean[30]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Actuator|VisibilityActuator.apply_to_children:	   boolean  "Set all the children of this object to the same visibility/occlusion recursively"
Actuator|VisibilityActuator.use_occlusion:	   boolean  "Set the object to occlude objects behind it. Initialized from the object type in physics button"
Actuator|VisibilityActuator.use_visible:	   boolean  "Set the objects visible. Initialized from the objects render restriction toggle (access in the outliner)"
Addon.module:	   string  "Module name"
AnimData.action:	   pointer  "Active Action for this datablock"
AnimData.action_blend_type:	   enum  "Method used for combining Active Actions result with result of NLA stack"
AnimData.action_extrapolation:	   enum  "Action to take for gaps past the Active Actions range (when evaluating with NLA)"
AnimData.action_influence:	   float  "Amount the Active Action contributes to the result of the NLA stack"
AnimData.drivers:	   collection,  "(read-only)    The Drivers/Expressions for this datablock"
AnimData.nla_tracks:	   collection,  "(read-only)    NLA Tracks (i.e. Animation Layers)"
AnimData.use_nla:	   boolean  "NLA stack is evaluated when evaluating this block"
AnimViz.motion_path:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Motion Path settings for visualisation"
AnimViz.onion_skin_frames:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Onion Skinning (ghosting) settings for visualisation"
AnimVizMotionPaths.bake_location:	   enum  "When calculating Bone Paths, use Head or Tips"
AnimVizMotionPaths.frame_after:	   int  "Number of frames to show after the current frame (only for Around Current Frame Onion-skinning method)"
AnimVizMotionPaths.frame_before:	   int  "Number of frames to show before the current frame (only for Around Current Frame Onion-skinning method)"
AnimVizMotionPaths.frame_end:	   int  "End frame of range of paths to display/calculate (not for Around Current Frame Onion-skinning method)"
AnimVizMotionPaths.frame_start:	   int  "Starting frame of range of paths to display/calculate (not for Around Current Frame Onion-skinning method)"
AnimVizMotionPaths.frame_step:	   int  "Number of frames between paths shown (not for On Keyframes Onion-skinning method)"
AnimVizMotionPaths.show_frame_numbers:	   boolean  "Show frame numbers on Motion Paths"
AnimVizMotionPaths.show_keyframe_action_all:	   boolean  "For bone motion paths, search whole Action for keyframes instead of in group with matching name only (is slower)"
AnimVizMotionPaths.show_keyframe_highlight:	   boolean  "Emphasize position of keyframes on Motion Paths"
AnimVizMotionPaths.show_keyframe_numbers:	   boolean  "Show frame numbers of Keyframes on Motion Paths"
AnimVizMotionPaths.type:	   enum  "Type of range to show for Motion Paths"
AnimVizOnionSkinning.frame_after:	   int  "Number of frames to show after the current frame (only for Around Current Frame Onion-skinning method)"
AnimVizOnionSkinning.frame_before:	   int  "Number of frames to show before the current frame (only for Around Current Frame Onion-skinning method)"
AnimVizOnionSkinning.frame_end:	   int  "End frame of range of Ghosts to display (not for Around Current Frame Onion-skinning method)"
AnimVizOnionSkinning.frame_start:	   int  "Starting frame of range of Ghosts to display (not for Around Current Frame Onion-skinning method)"
AnimVizOnionSkinning.frame_step:	   int  "Number of frames between ghosts shown (not for On Keyframes Onion-skinning method)"
AnimVizOnionSkinning.show_only_selected:	   boolean  "For Pose-Mode drawing, only draw ghosts for selected bones"
AnimVizOnionSkinning.type:	   enum  "Method used for determining what ghosts get drawn"
MAKE PROPERTY OF A COLLECTION * Area.active_space:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Space currently being displayed in this area"
Area.regions:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Regions this area is subdivided in"
Area.show_menus:	   boolean  "Show menus in the header"
Area.spaces:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Spaces contained in this area, the first space is active"
Area.type:	   enum  "Space type"	   pointer  "Armatures active bone"	   pointer  "Armatures active edit bone"
BackgroundImage.image:	   pointer  "Image displayed and edited in this space"
BackgroundImage.image_user:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Parameters defining which layer, pass and frame of the image is displayed"
BackgroundImage.offset_x:	   float  "Offsets image horizontally from the world origin"
BackgroundImage.offset_y:	   float  "Offsets image vertically from the world origin"
BackgroundImage.show_expanded:	   boolean  "Show the expanded in the user interface"
BackgroundImage.size:	   float  "Scaling factor for the background image"
BackgroundImage.transparency:	   float  "Amount to blend the image against the background color"
BackgroundImage.view_axis:	   enum  "The axis to display the image on"	   float[3]  "Coordinates of the control point"
BezierSplinePoint.handle_left:	   float[3]  "Coordinates of the first handle"
BezierSplinePoint.handle_left_type:	   enum  "Handle types"
BezierSplinePoint.handle_right:	   float[3]  "Coordinates of the second handle"
BezierSplinePoint.handle_right_type:	   enum  "Handle types"
BezierSplinePoint.hide:	   boolean  "Visibility status"
BezierSplinePoint.radius:	   float,  "(read-only)    Radius for bevelling"
BezierSplinePoint.select_control_point:	   boolean  "Control point selection status"
BezierSplinePoint.select_left_handle:	   boolean  "Handle 1 selection status"
BezierSplinePoint.select_right_handle:	   boolean  "Handle 2 selection status"
BezierSplinePoint.tilt:	   float  "Tilt in 3D View"
BezierSplinePoint.weight:	   float  "Softbody goal weight"
BlenderRNA.structs:	   collection,  "(read-only)"	   string  "Boid rule name"
BoidRule.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)"
BoidRule.use_in_air:	   boolean  "Use rule when boid is flying"
BoidRule.use_on_land:	   boolean  "Use rule when boid is on land"
BoidRule|BoidRuleAverageSpeed.level:	   float  "How much velocitys z-component is kept constant"
BoidRule|BoidRuleAverageSpeed.speed:	   float  "Percentage of maximum speed"
BoidRule|BoidRuleAverageSpeed.wander:	   float  "How fast velocitys direction is randomized"
BoidRule|BoidRuleAvoid.fear_factor:	   float  "Avoid object if danger from it is above this threshold"
BoidRule|BoidRuleAvoid.object:	   pointer  "Object to avoid"
BoidRule|BoidRuleAvoid.use_predict:	   boolean  "Predict target movement"
BoidRule|BoidRuleAvoidCollision.look_ahead:	   float  "Time to look ahead in seconds"
BoidRule|BoidRuleAvoidCollision.use_avoid:	   boolean  "Avoid collision with other boids"
BoidRule|BoidRuleAvoidCollision.use_avoid_collision:	   boolean  "Avoid collision with deflector objects"
BoidRule|BoidRuleFight.distance:	   float  "Attack boids at max this distance"
BoidRule|BoidRuleFight.flee_distance:	   float  "Flee to this distance"
BoidRule|BoidRuleFollowLeader.distance:	   float  "Distance behind leader to follow"
BoidRule|BoidRuleFollowLeader.object:	   pointer  "Follow this object instead of a boid"
BoidRule|BoidRuleFollowLeader.queue_count:	   int  "How many boids in a line"
BoidRule|BoidRuleFollowLeader.use_line:	   boolean  "Follow leader in a line"
BoidRule|BoidRuleGoal.object:	   pointer  "Goal object"
BoidRule|BoidRuleGoal.use_predict:	   boolean  "Predict target movement"
BoidSettings.accuracy:	   float  "Accuracy of attack"
BoidSettings.active_boid_state:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
BoidSettings.active_boid_state_index:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
BoidSettings.aggression:	   float  "Boid will fight this times stronger enemy"
BoidSettings.air_acc_max:	   float  "Maximum acceleration in air (relative to maximum speed)"
BoidSettings.air_ave_max:	   float  "Maximum angular velocity in air (relative to 180 degrees)"
BoidSettings.air_personal_space:	   float  "Radius of boids personal space in air (% of particle size)"
BoidSettings.air_speed_max:	   float  "Maximum speed in air"
BoidSettings.air_speed_min:	   float  "Minimum speed in air (relative to maximum speed)"	   float  "Amount of rotation around velocity vector on turns"	   float  "Initial boid health when born"
BoidSettings.height:	   float  "Boid height relative to particle size"
BoidSettings.land_acc_max:	   float  "Maximum acceleration on land (relative to maximum speed)"
BoidSettings.land_ave_max:	   float  "Maximum angular velocity on land (relative to 180 degrees)"
BoidSettings.land_jump_speed:	   float  "Maximum speed for jumping"
BoidSettings.land_personal_space:	   float  "Radius of boids personal space on land (% of particle size)"
BoidSettings.land_smooth:	   float  "How smoothly the boids land"
BoidSettings.land_speed_max:	   float  "Maximum speed on land"
BoidSettings.land_stick_force:	   float  "How strong a force must be to start effecting a boid on land"
BoidSettings.range:	   float  "The maximum distance from which a boid can attack"
BoidSettings.states:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
BoidSettings.strength:	   float  "Maximum caused damage on attack per second"
BoidSettings.use_climb:	   boolean  "Allow boids to climb goal objects"
BoidSettings.use_flight:	   boolean  "Allow boids to move in air"
BoidSettings.use_land:	   boolean  "Allow boids to move on land"
BoidState.active_boid_rule:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
BoidState.active_boid_rule_index:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
BoidState.falloff:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   string  "Boid state name"
BoidState.rule_fuzzy:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
BoidState.rules:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
BoidState.ruleset_type:	   enum  "How the rules in the list are evaluated"
BoidState.volume:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Bone.bbone_in:	   float  "Length of first Bezier Handle (for B-Bones only)"
Bone.bbone_out:	   float  "Length of second Bezier Handle (for B-Bones only)"
Bone.bbone_segments:	   int  "Number of subdivisions of bone (for B-Bones only)"
Bone.children:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Bones which are children of this bone"
Bone.envelope_distance:	   float  "Bone deformation distance (for Envelope deform only)"
Bone.envelope_weight:	   float  "Bone deformation weight (for Envelope deform only)"
Bone.head:	   float[3]  "Location of head end of the bone relative to its parent"
Bone.head_local:	   float[3]  "Location of head end of the bone relative to armature"
Bone.head_radius:	   float  "Radius of head of bone (for Envelope deform only)"
Bone.hide:	   boolean  "Bone is not visible when it is not in Edit Mode (i.e. in Object or Pose Modes)"
Bone.hide_select:	   boolean  "Bone is able to be selected"
Bone.layers:	   boolean[32]  "Layers bone exists in"
Bone.matrix:	   float[9]  "3x3 bone matrix"
Bone.matrix_local:	   float[16]  "4x4 bone matrix relative to armature"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Bone.parent:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Parent bone (in same Armature)"	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Bone.show_wire:	   boolean  "Bone is always drawn as Wireframe regardless of viewport draw mode. Useful for non-obstructive custom bone shapes"
Bone.tail:	   float[3]  "Location of tail end of the bone"
Bone.tail_local:	   float[3]  "Location of tail end of the bone relative to armature"
Bone.tail_radius:	   float  "Radius of tail of bone (for Envelope deform only)"
Bone.use_connect:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    When bone has a parent, bones head is struck to the parents tail"
Bone.use_cyclic_offset:	   boolean  "When bone doesnt have a parent, it receives cyclic offset effects"
Bone.use_deform:	   boolean  "Bone does not deform any geometry"
Bone.use_envelope_multiply:	   boolean  "When deforming bone, multiply effects of Vertex Group weights with Envelope influence"
Bone.use_hinge:	   boolean  "Bone inherits rotation or scale from parent bone"
Bone.use_inherit_scale:	   boolean  "Bone inherits scaling from parent bone"
Bone.use_local_location:	   boolean  "Bone location is set in local space"
BoneGroup.color_set:	   enum  "Custom color set to use"
BoneGroup.colors:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Copy of the colors associated with the groups color set"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ClothCollisionSettings.collision_quality:	   int  "How many collision iterations should be done. (higher is better quality but slower)"
ClothCollisionSettings.distance_min:	   float  "Minimum distance between collision objects before collision response takes in"
ClothCollisionSettings.friction:	   float  "Friction force if a collision happened. (higher = less movement)"	   pointer  "Limit colliders to this Group"
ClothCollisionSettings.self_collision_quality:	   int  "How many self collision iterations should be done. (higher is better quality but slower)"
ClothCollisionSettings.self_distance_min:	   float  "0.5 means no distance at all, 1.0 is maximum distance"
ClothCollisionSettings.self_friction:	   float  "Friction/damping with self contact"
ClothCollisionSettings.use_collision:	   boolean  "Enable collisions with other objects"
ClothCollisionSettings.use_self_collision:	   boolean  "Enable self collisions"
ClothSettings.air_damping:	   float  "Air has normally some thickness which slows falling things down"
ClothSettings.bending_stiffness:	   float  "Wrinkle coefficient. (higher = less smaller but more big wrinkles)"
ClothSettings.bending_stiffness_max:	   float  "Maximum bending stiffness value"
ClothSettings.bending_vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group for fine control over bending stiffness"
ClothSettings.collider_friction:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ClothSettings.effector_weights:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ClothSettings.goal_default:	   float  "Default Goal (vertex target position) value, when no Vertex Group used"
ClothSettings.goal_friction:	   float  "Goal (vertex target position) friction"
ClothSettings.goal_max:	   float  "Goal maximum, vertex group weights are scaled to match this range"
ClothSettings.goal_min:	   float  "Goal minimum, vertex group weights are scaled to match this range"
ClothSettings.goal_spring:	   float  "Goal (vertex target position) spring stiffness"
ClothSettings.gravity:	   float[3]  "Gravity or external force vector"
ClothSettings.internal_friction:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ClothSettings.mass:	   float  "Mass of cloth material"
ClothSettings.mass_vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex Group for pinning of vertices"
ClothSettings.pin_stiffness:	   float  "Pin (vertex target position) spring stiffness"
ClothSettings.pre_roll:	   int  "Simulation starts on this frame"
ClothSettings.quality:	   int  "Quality of the simulation in steps per frame. (higher is better quality but slower)"
ClothSettings.rest_shape_key:	   pointer  "Shape key to use the rest spring lengths from"
ClothSettings.spring_damping:	   float  "Damping of cloth velocity. (higher = more smooth, less jiggling)"
ClothSettings.structural_stiffness:	   float  "Overall stiffness of structure"
ClothSettings.structural_stiffness_max:	   float  "Maximum structural stiffness value"
ClothSettings.structural_stiffness_vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group for fine control over structural stiffness"
ClothSettings.use_pin_cloth:	   boolean  "Enable pinning of cloth vertices to other objects/positions"
ClothSettings.use_stiffness_scale:	   boolean  "If enabled, stiffness can be scaled along a weight painted vertex group"
CollisionSettings.absorption:	   float  "How much of effector force gets lost during collision with this object (in percent)"
CollisionSettings.damping:	   float  "Amount of damping during collision"
CollisionSettings.damping_factor:	   float  "Amount of damping during particle collision"
CollisionSettings.damping_random:	   float  "Random variation of damping"
CollisionSettings.friction_factor:	   float  "Amount of friction during particle collision"
CollisionSettings.friction_random:	   float  "Random variation of friction"
CollisionSettings.permeability:	   float  "Chance that the particle will pass through the mesh"
CollisionSettings.stickness:	   float  "Amount of stickness to surface collision"
CollisionSettings.thickness_inner:	   float  "Inner face thickness"
CollisionSettings.thickness_outer:	   float  "Outer face thickness"
CollisionSettings.use:	   boolean  "Enable this objects as a collider for physics systems"
CollisionSettings.use_particle_kill:	   boolean  "Kill collided particles"
ColorRamp.elements:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ColorRamp.interpolation:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ColorRampElement.color:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ColorRampElement.position:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ConsoleLine.body:	   string  "Text in the line"
ConsoleLine.current_character:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   boolean  "Constraint is the one being edited"
Constraint.error_location:	   float,  "(read-only)    Amount of residual error in Blender space unit for constraints that work on position"
Constraint.error_rotation:	   float,  "(read-only)    Amount of residual error in radiant for constraints that work on orientation"
Constraint.influence:	   float  "Amount of influence constraint will have on the final solution"
Constraint.is_proxy_local:	   boolean  "Constraint was added in this proxy instance (i.e. did not belong to source Armature)"
Constraint.is_valid:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Constraint has invalid settings and will not be evaluated"
Constraint.mute:	   boolean  "Enable/Disable Constraint"	   string  "Constraint name"
Constraint.owner_space:	   enum  "Space that owner is evaluated in"
Constraint.show_expanded:	   boolean  "Constraints panel is expanded in UI"
Constraint.target_space:	   enum  "Space that target is evaluated in"
Constraint.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)"
ConstraintTarget.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|ActionConstraint.action:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|ActionConstraint.frame_end:	   int  "Last frame of the Action to use"
Constraint|ActionConstraint.frame_start:	   int  "First frame of the Action to use"
Constraint|ActionConstraint.max:	   float  "Maximum value for target channel range"
Constraint|ActionConstraint.min:	   float  "Minimum value for target channel range"
Constraint|ActionConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|ActionConstraint.transform_channel:	   enum  "Transformation channel from the target that is used to key the Action"
Constraint|ChildOfConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|ChildOfConstraint.use_location_x:	   boolean  "Use X Location of Parent"
Constraint|ChildOfConstraint.use_location_y:	   boolean  "Use Y Location of Parent"
Constraint|ChildOfConstraint.use_location_z:	   boolean  "Use Z Location of Parent"
Constraint|ChildOfConstraint.use_rotation_x:	   boolean  "Use X Rotation of Parent"
Constraint|ChildOfConstraint.use_rotation_y:	   boolean  "Use Y Rotation of Parent"
Constraint|ChildOfConstraint.use_rotation_z:	   boolean  "Use Z Rotation of Parent"
Constraint|ChildOfConstraint.use_scale_x:	   boolean  "Use X Scale of Parent"
Constraint|ChildOfConstraint.use_scale_y:	   boolean  "Use Y Scale of Parent"
Constraint|ChildOfConstraint.use_scale_z:	   boolean  "Use Z Scale of Parent"
Constraint|ClampToConstraint.main_axis:	   enum  "Main axis of movement"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|ClampToConstraint.use_cyclic:	   boolean  "Treat curve as cyclic curve (no clamping to curve bounding box"
Constraint|CopyLocationConstraint.head_tail:	   float  "Target along length of bone: Head=0, Tail=1"
Constraint|CopyLocationConstraint.invert_x:	   boolean  "Invert the X location"
Constraint|CopyLocationConstraint.invert_y:	   boolean  "Invert the Y location"
Constraint|CopyLocationConstraint.invert_z:	   boolean  "Invert the Z location"
Constraint|CopyLocationConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|CopyLocationConstraint.use_offset:	   boolean  "Add original location into copied location"
Constraint|CopyLocationConstraint.use_x:	   boolean  "Copy the targets X location"
Constraint|CopyLocationConstraint.use_y:	   boolean  "Copy the targets Y location"
Constraint|CopyLocationConstraint.use_z:	   boolean  "Copy the targets Z location"
Constraint|CopyRotationConstraint.invert_x:	   boolean  "Invert the X rotation"
Constraint|CopyRotationConstraint.invert_y:	   boolean  "Invert the Y rotation"
Constraint|CopyRotationConstraint.invert_z:	   boolean  "Invert the Z rotation"
Constraint|CopyRotationConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|CopyRotationConstraint.use_offset:	   boolean  "Add original rotation into copied rotation"
Constraint|CopyRotationConstraint.use_x:	   boolean  "Copy the targets X rotation"
Constraint|CopyRotationConstraint.use_y:	   boolean  "Copy the targets Y rotation"
Constraint|CopyRotationConstraint.use_z:	   boolean  "Copy the targets Z rotation"
Constraint|CopyScaleConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|CopyScaleConstraint.use_offset:	   boolean  "Add original scale into copied scale"
Constraint|CopyScaleConstraint.use_x:	   boolean  "Copy the targets X scale"
Constraint|CopyScaleConstraint.use_y:	   boolean  "Copy the targets Y scale"
Constraint|CopyScaleConstraint.use_z:	   boolean  "Copy the targets Z scale"
Constraint|CopyTransformsConstraint.head_tail:	   float  "Target along length of bone: Head=0, Tail=1"
Constraint|CopyTransformsConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|DampedTrackConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|DampedTrackConstraint.track_axis:	   enum  "Axis that points to the target object"
Constraint|FloorConstraint.floor_location:	   enum  "Location of target that object will not pass through"
Constraint|FloorConstraint.offset:	   float  "Offset of floor from object origin"
Constraint|FloorConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|FloorConstraint.use_rotation:	   boolean  "Use the targets rotation to determine floor"
Constraint|FloorConstraint.use_sticky:	   boolean  "Immobilize object while constrained"
Constraint|FollowPathConstraint.forward_axis:	   enum  "Axis that points forward along the path"
Constraint|FollowPathConstraint.offset:	   int  "Offset from the position corresponding to the time frame"
Constraint|FollowPathConstraint.offset_factor:	   float  "Percentage value defining target position along length of bone"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|FollowPathConstraint.up_axis:	   enum  "Axis that points upward"
Constraint|FollowPathConstraint.use_curve_follow:	   boolean  "Object will follow the heading and banking of the curve"
Constraint|FollowPathConstraint.use_curve_radius:	   boolean  "Objects scale by the curve radius"
Constraint|FollowPathConstraint.use_fixed_location:	   boolean  "Object will stay locked to a single point somewhere along the length of the curve regardless of time"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.chain_count:	   int  "How many bones are included in the IK effect - 0 uses all bones"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.distance:	   float  "Radius of limiting sphere"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.ik_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.iterations:	   int  "Maximum number of solving iterations"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.limit_mode:	   enum  "Distances in relation to sphere of influence to allow"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.lock_location_x:	   boolean  "Constraint position along X axis"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.lock_location_y:	   boolean  "Constraint position along Y axis"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.lock_location_z:	   boolean  "Constraint position along Z axis"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.lock_rotation_x:	   boolean  "Constraint rotation along X axis"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.lock_rotation_y:	   boolean  "Constraint rotation along Y axis"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.lock_rotation_z:	   boolean  "Constraint rotation along Z axis"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.orient_weight:	   float  "For Tree-IK: Weight of orientation control for this target"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.pole_angle:	   float  "Pole rotation offset"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.pole_subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.pole_target:	   pointer  "Object for pole rotation"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.reference_axis:	   enum  "Constraint axis Lock options relative to Bone or Target reference"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.use_location:	   boolean  "Chain follows position of target"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.use_rotation:	   boolean  "Chain follows rotation of target"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.use_stretch:	   boolean  "Enable IK Stretching"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.use_tail:	   boolean  "Include bones tail as last element in chain"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.use_target:	   boolean  "Disable for targetless IK"
Constraint|KinematicConstraint.weight:	   float  "For Tree-IK: Weight of position control for this target"
Constraint|LimitDistanceConstraint.distance:	   float  "Radius of limiting sphere"
Constraint|LimitDistanceConstraint.limit_mode:	   enum  "Distances in relation to sphere of influence to allow"
Constraint|LimitDistanceConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|LimitLocationConstraint.max_x:	   float  "Highest X value to allow"
Constraint|LimitLocationConstraint.max_y:	   float  "Highest Y value to allow"
Constraint|LimitLocationConstraint.max_z:	   float  "Highest Z value to allow"
Constraint|LimitLocationConstraint.min_x:	   float  "Lowest X value to allow"
Constraint|LimitLocationConstraint.min_y:	   float  "Lowest Y value to allow"
Constraint|LimitLocationConstraint.min_z:	   float  "Lowest Z value to allow"
Constraint|LimitLocationConstraint.use_max_x:	   boolean  "Use the maximum X value"
Constraint|LimitLocationConstraint.use_max_y:	   boolean  "Use the maximum Y value"
Constraint|LimitLocationConstraint.use_max_z:	   boolean  "Use the maximum Z value"
Constraint|LimitLocationConstraint.use_min_x:	   boolean  "Use the minimum X value"
Constraint|LimitLocationConstraint.use_min_y:	   boolean  "Use the minimum Y value"
Constraint|LimitLocationConstraint.use_min_z:	   boolean  "Use the minimum Z value"
Constraint|LimitLocationConstraint.use_transform_limit:	   boolean  "Transforms are affected by this constraint as well"
Constraint|LimitRotationConstraint.max_x:	   float  "Highest X value to allow"
Constraint|LimitRotationConstraint.max_y:	   float  "Highest Y value to allow"
Constraint|LimitRotationConstraint.max_z:	   float  "Highest Z value to allow"
Constraint|LimitRotationConstraint.min_x:	   float  "Lowest X value to allow"
Constraint|LimitRotationConstraint.min_y:	   float  "Lowest Y value to allow"
Constraint|LimitRotationConstraint.min_z:	   float  "Lowest Z value to allow"
Constraint|LimitRotationConstraint.use_limit_x:	   boolean  "Use the minimum X value"
Constraint|LimitRotationConstraint.use_limit_y:	   boolean  "Use the minimum Y value"
Constraint|LimitRotationConstraint.use_limit_z:	   boolean  "Use the minimum Z value"
Constraint|LimitRotationConstraint.use_transform_limit:	   boolean  "Transforms are affected by this constraint as well"
Constraint|LimitScaleConstraint.max_x:	   float  "Highest X value to allow"
Constraint|LimitScaleConstraint.max_y:	   float  "Highest Y value to allow"
Constraint|LimitScaleConstraint.max_z:	   float  "Highest Z value to allow"
Constraint|LimitScaleConstraint.min_x:	   float  "Lowest X value to allow"
Constraint|LimitScaleConstraint.min_y:	   float  "Lowest Y value to allow"
Constraint|LimitScaleConstraint.min_z:	   float  "Lowest Z value to allow"
Constraint|LimitScaleConstraint.use_max_x:	   boolean  "Use the maximum X value"
Constraint|LimitScaleConstraint.use_max_y:	   boolean  "Use the maximum Y value"
Constraint|LimitScaleConstraint.use_max_z:	   boolean  "Use the maximum Z value"
Constraint|LimitScaleConstraint.use_min_x:	   boolean  "Use the minimum X value"
Constraint|LimitScaleConstraint.use_min_y:	   boolean  "Use the minimum Y value"
Constraint|LimitScaleConstraint.use_min_z:	   boolean  "Use the minimum Z value"
Constraint|LimitScaleConstraint.use_transform_limit:	   boolean  "Transforms are affected by this constraint as well"
Constraint|LockedTrackConstraint.lock_axis:	   enum  "Axis that points upward"
Constraint|LockedTrackConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|LockedTrackConstraint.track_axis:	   enum  "Axis that points to the target object"
Constraint|MaintainVolumeConstraint.free_axis:	   enum  "The free scaling axis of the object"
Constraint|MaintainVolumeConstraint.volume:	   float  "Volume of the bone at rest"
Constraint|PivotConstraint.head_tail:	   float  "Target along length of bone: Head=0, Tail=1"
Constraint|PivotConstraint.offset:	   float[3]  "Offset of pivot from target (when set), or from owners location (when Fixed Position is off), or the absolute pivot point"
Constraint|PivotConstraint.rotation_range:	   enum  "Rotation range on which pivoting should occur"
Constraint|PivotConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object, defining the position of the pivot when defined"
Constraint|PivotConstraint.use_relative_location:	   boolean  "Offset will be an absolute point in space instead of relative to the target"
Constraint|PythonConstraint.has_script_error:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    The linked Python script has thrown an error"
Constraint|PythonConstraint.target_count:	   int  "Usually only 1-3 are needed"
Constraint|PythonConstraint.targets:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Target Objects"
Constraint|PythonConstraint.text:	   pointer  "The text object that contains the Python script"
Constraint|PythonConstraint.use_targets:	   boolean  "Use the targets indicated in the constraint panel"
Constraint|RigidBodyJointConstraint.axis_x:	   float  "Rotate pivot on X axis in degrees"
Constraint|RigidBodyJointConstraint.axis_y:	   float  "Rotate pivot on Y axis in degrees"
Constraint|RigidBodyJointConstraint.axis_z:	   float  "Rotate pivot on Z axis in degrees"
Constraint|RigidBodyJointConstraint.child:	   pointer  "Child object"
Constraint|RigidBodyJointConstraint.pivot_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|RigidBodyJointConstraint.pivot_x:	   float  "Offset pivot on X"
Constraint|RigidBodyJointConstraint.pivot_y:	   float  "Offset pivot on Y"
Constraint|RigidBodyJointConstraint.pivot_z:	   float  "Offset pivot on Z"
Constraint|RigidBodyJointConstraint.show_pivot:	   boolean  "Display the pivot point and rotation in 3D view"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|RigidBodyJointConstraint.use_linked_collision:	   boolean  "Disable collision between linked bodies"
Constraint|ShrinkwrapConstraint.distance:	   float  "Distance to Target"
Constraint|ShrinkwrapConstraint.shrinkwrap_type:	   enum  "Selects type of shrinkwrap algorithm for target position"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|ShrinkwrapConstraint.use_x:	   boolean  "Projection over X Axis"
Constraint|ShrinkwrapConstraint.use_y:	   boolean  "Projection over Y Axis"
Constraint|ShrinkwrapConstraint.use_z:	   boolean  "Projection over Z Axis"
Constraint|SplineIKConstraint.chain_count:	   int  "How many bones are included in the chain"
Constraint|SplineIKConstraint.joint_bindings:	   float[32]  "(EXPERIENCED USERS ONLY) The relative positions of the joints along the chain as percentages"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Curve that controls this relationship"
Constraint|SplineIKConstraint.use_chain_offset:	   boolean  "Offset the entire chain relative to the root joint"
Constraint|SplineIKConstraint.use_curve_radius:	   boolean  "Average radius of the endpoints is used to tweak the X and Z Scaling of the bones, on top of XZ Scale mode"
Constraint|SplineIKConstraint.use_even_divisions:	   boolean  "Ignore the relative lengths of the bones when fitting to the curve"
Constraint|SplineIKConstraint.use_y_stretch:	   boolean  "Stretch the Y axis of the bones to fit the curve"
Constraint|SplineIKConstraint.xz_scale_mode:	   enum  "Method used for determining the scaling of the X and Z axes of the bones"
Constraint|StretchToConstraint.bulge:	   float  "Factor between volume variation and stretching"
Constraint|StretchToConstraint.head_tail:	   float  "Target along length of bone: Head=0, Tail=1"
Constraint|StretchToConstraint.keep_axis:	   enum  "Axis to maintain during stretch"
Constraint|StretchToConstraint.rest_length:	   float  "Length at rest position"
Constraint|StretchToConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|StretchToConstraint.volume:	   enum  "Maintain the objects volume as it stretches"
Constraint|TrackToConstraint.head_tail:	   float  "Target along length of bone: Head=0, Tail=1"
Constraint|TrackToConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|TrackToConstraint.track_axis:	   enum  "Axis that points to the target object"
Constraint|TrackToConstraint.up_axis:	   enum  "Axis that points upward"
Constraint|TrackToConstraint.use_target_z:	   boolean  "Targets Z axis, not World Z axis, will constraint the Up direction"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.from_max_x:	   float  "Top range of X axis source motion"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.from_max_y:	   float  "Top range of Y axis source motion"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.from_max_z:	   float  "Top range of Z axis source motion"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.from_min_x:	   float  "Bottom range of X axis source motion"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.from_min_y:	   float  "Bottom range of Y axis source motion"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.from_min_z:	   float  "Bottom range of Z axis source motion"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.map_from:	   enum  "The transformation type to use from the target"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.map_to:	   enum  "The transformation type to affect of the constrained object"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.map_to_x_from:	   enum  "The source axis constrained objects X axis uses"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.map_to_y_from:	   enum  "The source axis constrained objects Y axis uses"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.map_to_z_from:	   enum  "The source axis constrained objects Z axis uses"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.subtarget:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Constraint|	   pointer  "Target Object"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.to_max_x:	   float  "Top range of X axis destination motion"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.to_max_y:	   float  "Top range of Y axis destination motion"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.to_max_z:	   float  "Top range of Z axis destination motion"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.to_min_x:	   float  "Bottom range of X axis destination motion"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.to_min_y:	   float  "Bottom range of Y axis destination motion"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.to_min_z:	   float  "Bottom range of Z axis destination motion"
Constraint|TransformConstraint.use_motion_extrapolate:	   boolean  "Extrapolate ranges"
Context.area:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Context.main:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Context.mode:	   enum,  "(read-only)"
Context.region:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Context.region_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Context.scene:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Context.screen:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Context.space_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Context.tool_settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Context.user_preferences:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Context.window:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
 + * Context.manager:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Controller.show_expanded:	   boolean  "Set controller expanded in the user interface"
Controller.states:	   int  "Set Controller state index (1 to 30)"
Controller.type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Controller.use_priority:	   boolean  "Mark controller for execution before all non-marked controllers (good for startup scripts)"
Controller|ExpressionController.expression:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Controller|PythonController.mode:	   enum  "Python script type (textblock or module - faster)"
Controller|PythonController.module:	   string  "Module name and function to run e.g. someModule.main. Internal texts and external python files can be used"
Controller|PythonController.text:	   pointer  "Text datablock with the python script"
Controller|PythonController.use_debug:	   boolean  "Continuously reload the module from disk for editing external modules without restarting"
CurveMap.extend:	   enum,  "(read-only)    Extrapolate the curve or extend it horizontally"
CurveMap.points:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
CurveMapPoint.handle_type:	   enum,  "(read-only)    Curve interpolation at this point: bezier or vector"
CurveMapPoint.location:	   float[2],  "(read-only)    X/Y coordinates of the curve point"	   boolean  "Selection state of the curve point"
CurveMapping.black_level:	   float[3]  "For RGB curves, the color that black is mapped to"
CurveMapping.clip_max_x:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
CurveMapping.clip_max_y:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
CurveMapping.clip_min_x:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
CurveMapping.clip_min_y:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
CurveMapping.curves:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
CurveMapping.use_clip:	   boolean  "Force the curve view to fit a defined boundary"
CurveMapping.white_level:	   float[3]  "For RGB curves, the color that white is mapped to"
TODO MOVE TO COLLECTION *	   pointer  "Active curve spline"
DopeSheet.filter_group:	   pointer  "Group that included Object should be a member of"
DopeSheet.show_armatures:	   boolean  "Include visualization of Armature related Animation data"
DopeSheet.show_cameras:	   boolean  "Include visualization of Camera related Animation data"
DopeSheet.show_curves:	   boolean  "Include visualization of Curve related Animation data"
DopeSheet.show_expanded_summary:	   boolean  "Collapse summary when shown, so all other channels get hidden. (DopeSheet Editors Only)"
DopeSheet.show_hidden:	   boolean  "Include channels from objects/bone that arent visible"
DopeSheet.show_lamps:	   boolean  "Include visualization of Lamp related Animation data"
DopeSheet.show_materials:	   boolean  "Include visualization of Material related Animation data"
DopeSheet.show_meshes:	   boolean  "Include visualization of Mesh related Animation data"
DopeSheet.show_metaballs:	   boolean  "Include visualization of Metaball related Animation data"
DopeSheet.show_missing_nla:	   boolean  "Include Animation Data blocks with no NLA data. (NLA Editor only)"
DopeSheet.show_nodes:	   boolean  "Include visualization of Node related Animation data"
DopeSheet.show_only_group_objects:	   boolean  "Only include channels from Objects in the specified Group"
DopeSheet.show_only_selected:	   boolean  "Only include channels relating to selected objects and data"
DopeSheet.show_particles:	   boolean  "Include visualization of Particle related Animation data"
DopeSheet.show_scenes:	   boolean  "Include visualization of Scene related Animation data"
DopeSheet.show_shapekeys:	   boolean  "Include visualization of ShapeKey related Animation data"
DopeSheet.show_summary:	   boolean  "Display an additional summary line. (DopeSheet Editors only)"
DopeSheet.show_textures:	   boolean  "Include visualization of Texture related Animation data"
DopeSheet.show_transforms:	   boolean  "Include visualization of Object-level Animation data (mostly Transforms)"
DopeSheet.show_worlds:	   boolean  "Include visualization of World related Animation data"
DopeSheet.source:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    ID-Block representing source data, currently ID_SCE (for Dopesheet), and ID_SC (for Grease Pencil)"
Driver.expression:	   string  "Expression to use for Scripted Expression"
Driver.is_valid:	   boolean  "Driver could not be evaluated in past, so should be skipped"
Driver.show_debug_info:	   boolean  "Show intermediate values for the driver calculations to allow debugging of drivers"
Driver.type:	   enum  "Driver type"
Driver.variables:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Properties acting as inputs for this driver"
DriverTarget.bone_target:	   string  "Name of PoseBone to use as target"
DriverTarget.data_path:	   string  "RNA Path (from ID-block) to property used"	   pointer  "ID-block that the specific property used can be found from (id_type property must be set first)"
DriverTarget.id_type:	   enum  "Type of ID-block that can be used"
DriverTarget.transform_type:	   enum  "Driver variable type"
DriverTarget.use_local_space_transform:	   boolean  "Use transforms in Local Space (as opposed to the worldspace default)"	   string  "Name to use in scripted expressions/functions. (No spaces or dots are allowed. Also, must not start with a symbol or digit)"
DriverVariable.targets:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Sources of input data for evaluating this variable"
DriverVariable.type:	   enum  "Driver variable type"
DupliObject.matrix:	   float[16]  "Object duplicate transformation matrix"
DupliObject.matrix_original:	   float[16]  "The original matrix of this object before it was duplicated"
DupliObject.object:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Object being duplicated"
EditBone.bbone_in:	   float  "Length of first Bezier Handle (for B-Bones only)"
EditBone.bbone_out:	   float  "Length of second Bezier Handle (for B-Bones only)"
EditBone.bbone_segments:	   int  "Number of subdivisions of bone (for B-Bones only)"
EditBone.envelope_distance:	   float  "Bone deformation distance (for Envelope deform only)"
EditBone.envelope_weight:	   float  "Bone deformation weight (for Envelope deform only)"
EditBone.head:	   float[3]  "Location of head end of the bone"
EditBone.head_radius:	   float  "Radius of head of bone (for Envelope deform only)"
EditBone.hide:	   boolean  "Bone is not visible when in Edit Mode"
EditBone.hide_select:	   boolean  "Bone is able to be selected"
EditBone.layers:	   boolean[32]  "Layers bone exists in"
EditBone.lock:	   boolean  "Bone is not able to be transformed when in Edit Mode"
EditBone.matrix:	   float[16],  "(read-only)    Read-only matrix calculated from the roll (armature space)"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
EditBone.parent:	   pointer  "Parent edit bone (in same Armature)"
EditBone.roll:	   float  "Bone rotation around head-tail axis"	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
EditBone.select_head:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
EditBone.select_tail:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
EditBone.show_wire:	   boolean  "Bone is always drawn as Wireframe regardless of viewport draw mode. Useful for non-obstructive custom bone shapes"
EditBone.tail:	   float[3]  "Location of tail end of the bone"
EditBone.tail_radius:	   float  "Radius of tail of bone (for Envelope deform only)"
EditBone.use_connect:	   boolean  "When bone has a parent, bones head is struck to the parents tail"
EditBone.use_cyclic_offset:	   boolean  "When bone doesnt have a parent, it receives cyclic offset effects"
EditBone.use_deform:	   boolean  "Bone does not deform any geometry"
EditBone.use_envelope_multiply:	   boolean  "When deforming bone, multiply effects of Vertex Group weights with Envelope influence"
EditBone.use_hinge:	   boolean  "Bone inherits rotation or scale from parent bone"
EditBone.use_inherit_scale:	   boolean  "Bone inherits scaling from parent bone"
EditBone.use_local_location:	   boolean  "Bone location is set in local space"
EffectorWeights.all:	   float  "All effectors weight"
EffectorWeights.apply_to_hair_growing:	   boolean  "Use force fields when growing hair"
EffectorWeights.boid:	   float  "Boid effector weight"
EffectorWeights.charge:	   float  "Charge effector weight"
EffectorWeights.curve_guide:	   float  "Curve guide effector weight"
EffectorWeights.drag:	   float  "Drag effector weight"
EffectorWeights.force:	   float  "Force effector weight"
EffectorWeights.gravity:	   float  "Global gravity weight"	   pointer  "Limit effectors to this Group"
EffectorWeights.harmonic:	   float  "Harmonic effector weight"
EffectorWeights.lennardjones:	   float  "Lennard-Jones effector weight"
EffectorWeights.magnetic:	   float  "Magnetic effector weight"
EffectorWeights.texture:	   float  "Texture effector weight"
EffectorWeights.turbulence:	   float  "Turbulence effector weight"
EffectorWeights.vortex:	   float  "Vortex effector weight"
EffectorWeights.wind:	   float  "Wind effector weight"
EnumPropertyItem.description:	   string,  "(read-only)    Description of the items purpose"
EnumPropertyItem.identifier:	   string,  "(read-only)    Unique name used in the code and scripting"	   string,  "(read-only)    Human readable name"
EnumPropertyItem.value:	   int,  "(read-only)    Value of the item"
EnvironmentMap.clip_end:	   float  "Objects further than this are not visible to map"
EnvironmentMap.clip_start:	   float  "Objects nearer than this are not visible to map"
EnvironmentMap.depth:	   int  "Number of times a map will be rendered recursively (mirror effects.)"
EnvironmentMap.layers_ignore:	   boolean[20]  "Hide objects on these layers when generating the Environment Map"
EnvironmentMap.mapping:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
EnvironmentMap.resolution:	   int  "Pixel resolution of the rendered environment map"
EnvironmentMap.source:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
EnvironmentMap.viewpoint_object:	   pointer  "Object to use as the environment maps viewpoint location"
EnvironmentMap.zoom:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Event.ascii:	   string,  "(read-only)    Single ASCII character for this event"
 + * Event.alt:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    True when the Alt/Option key is held"
 + * Event.oskey:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    True when the Cmd key is held"
 + * Event.ctrl:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    True when the Ctrl key is held"
 + * Event.shift:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    True when the Shift key is held"
Event.mouse_prev_x:	   int,  "(read-only)    The window relative vertical location of the mouse"
Event.mouse_prev_y:	   int,  "(read-only)    The window relative horizontal location of the mouse"
Event.mouse_region_x:	   int,  "(read-only)    The region relative vertical location of the mouse"
Event.mouse_region_y:	   int,  "(read-only)    The region relative horizontal location of the mouse"
Event.mouse_x:	   int,  "(read-only)    The window relative vertical location of the mouse"
Event.mouse_y:	   int,  "(read-only)    The window relative horizontal location of the mouse"
Event.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)"
Event.value:	   enum,  "(read-only)    The type of event, only applies to some"
FCurve.array_index:	   int  "Index to the specific property affected by F-Curve if applicable"
FCurve.color:	   float[3]  "Color of the F-Curve in the Graph Editor"
FCurve.color_mode:	   enum  "Method used to determine color of F-Curve in Graph Editor"
FCurve.data_path:	   string  "RNA Path to property affected by F-Curve"
FCurve.driver:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Channel Driver (only set for Driver F-Curves)"
FCurve.extrapolation:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   pointer  "Action Group that this F-Curve belongs to"
FCurve.hide:	   boolean  "F-Curve and its keyframes are hidden in the Graph Editor graphs"
FCurve.is_valid:	   boolean  "False when F-Curve could not be evaluated in past, so should be skipped when evaluating"
FCurve.keyframe_points:	   collection,  "(read-only)    User-editable keyframes"
FCurve.lock:	   boolean  "F-Curves settings cannot be edited"
FCurve.modifiers:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Modifiers affecting the shape of the F-Curve"
FCurve.mute:	   boolean  "F-Curve is not evaluated"
FCurve.sampled_points:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Sampled animation data"	   boolean  "F-Curve is selected for editing"
FCurve.use_auto_handle_clamp:	   boolean  "All auto-handles for F-Curve are clamped"	   pointer  "Active F-Curve Modifier"	   float[2]  "Point coordinates"	   boolean  "Selection status"
REMOVE *	   boolean  "F-Curve Modifier is the one being edited"
FModifier.is_valid:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    F-Curve Modifier has invalid settings and will not be evaluated"
FModifier.mute:	   boolean  "F-Curve Modifier will not be evaluated"
FModifier.show_expanded:	   boolean  "F-Curve Modifiers panel is expanded in UI"
FModifier.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)    F-Curve Modifier Type"
FModifierEnvelopeControlPoint.frame:	   float  "Frame this control-point occurs on"
FModifierEnvelopeControlPoint.max:	   float  "Upper bound of envelope at this control-point"
FModifierEnvelopeControlPoint.min:	   float  "Lower bound of envelope at this control-point"
FModifier|FModifierCycles.cycles_after:	   float  "Maximum number of cycles to allow after last keyframe. (0 = infinite)"
FModifier|FModifierCycles.cycles_before:	   float  "Maximum number of cycles to allow before first keyframe. (0 = infinite)"
FModifier|FModifierCycles.mode_after:	   enum  "Cycling mode to use after last keyframe"
FModifier|FModifierCycles.mode_before:	   enum  "Cycling mode to use before first keyframe"
FModifier|FModifierEnvelope.control_points:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Control points defining the shape of the envelope"
FModifier|FModifierEnvelope.default_max:	   float  "Upper distance from Reference Value for 1:1 default influence"
FModifier|FModifierEnvelope.default_min:	   float  "Lower distance from Reference Value for 1:1 default influence"
FModifier|FModifierEnvelope.reference_value:	   float  "Value that envelopes influence is centered around / based on"
FModifier|FModifierFunctionGenerator.amplitude:	   float  "Scale factor determining the maximum/minimum values"
FModifier|FModifierFunctionGenerator.function_type:	   enum  "Type of built-in function to use"
FModifier|FModifierFunctionGenerator.phase_multiplier:	   float  "Scale factor determining the speed of the function"
FModifier|FModifierFunctionGenerator.phase_offset:	   float  "Constant factor to offset time by for function"
FModifier|FModifierFunctionGenerator.use_additive:	   boolean  "Values generated by this modifier are applied on top of the existing values instead of overwriting them"
FModifier|FModifierFunctionGenerator.value_offset:	   float  "Constant factor to offset values by"
FModifier|FModifierGenerator.coefficients:	   float[32]  "Coefficients for x (starting from lowest power of x^0)"
FModifier|FModifierGenerator.mode:	   enum  "Type of generator to use"
FModifier|FModifierGenerator.poly_order:	   int  "The highest power of x for this polynomial. (number of coefficients - 1)"
FModifier|FModifierGenerator.use_additive:	   boolean  "Values generated by this modifier are applied on top of the existing values instead of overwriting them"
FModifier|FModifierLimits.max_x:	   float  "Highest X value to allow"
FModifier|FModifierLimits.max_y:	   float  "Highest Y value to allow"
FModifier|FModifierLimits.min_x:	   float  "Lowest X value to allow"
FModifier|FModifierLimits.min_y:	   float  "Lowest Y value to allow"
FModifier|FModifierLimits.use_max_x:	   boolean  "Use the maximum X value"
FModifier|FModifierLimits.use_max_y:	   boolean  "Use the maximum Y value"
FModifier|FModifierLimits.use_min_x:	   boolean  "Use the minimum X value"
FModifier|FModifierLimits.use_min_y:	   boolean  "Use the minimum Y value"
FModifier|FModifierNoise.blend_type:	   enum  "Method of modifying the existing F-Curve"
FModifier|FModifierNoise.depth:	   int  "Amount of fine level detail present in the noise"
FModifier|FModifierNoise.phase:	   float  "A random seed for the noise effect"
FModifier|FModifierNoise.scale:	   float  "Scaling (in time) of the noise"
FModifier|FModifierNoise.strength:	   float  "Amplitude of the noise - the amount that it modifies the underlying curve"
FModifier|FModifierStepped.frame_end:	   float  "Frame that modifiers influence ends (if applicable)"
FModifier|FModifierStepped.frame_offset:	   float  "Reference number of frames before frames get held. Use to get hold for 1-3 vs 5-7 holding patterns"
FModifier|FModifierStepped.frame_start:	   float  "Frame that modifiers influence starts (if applicable)"
FModifier|FModifierStepped.frame_step:	   float  "Number of frames to hold each value"
FModifier|FModifierStepped.use_frame_end:	   boolean  "Restrict modifier to only act before its end frame"
FModifier|FModifierStepped.use_frame_start:	   boolean  "Restrict modifier to only act after its start frame"
FieldSettings.apply_to_location:	   boolean  "Effect particles location"
FieldSettings.apply_to_rotation:	   boolean  "Effect particles dynamic rotation"
FieldSettings.distance_max:	   float  "Maximum distance for the field to work"
FieldSettings.distance_min:	   float  "Minimum distance for the fields fall-off"
FieldSettings.falloff_power:	   float  "Falloff power (real gravitational falloff = 2)"
FieldSettings.falloff_type:	   enum  "Fall-off shape"
FieldSettings.flow:	   float  "Convert effector force into air flow velocity"
FieldSettings.guide_clump_amount:	   float  "Amount of clumping"
FieldSettings.guide_clump_shape:	   float  "Shape of clumping"
FieldSettings.guide_free:	   float  "Guide-free time from particle lifes end"
FieldSettings.guide_kink_amplitude:	   float  "The amplitude of the offset"
FieldSettings.guide_kink_axis:	   enum  "Which axis to use for offset"
FieldSettings.guide_kink_frequency:	   float  "The frequency of the offset (1/total length)"
FieldSettings.guide_kink_shape:	   float  "Adjust the offset to the beginning/end"
FieldSettings.guide_kink_type:	   enum  "Type of periodic offset on the curve"
FieldSettings.guide_minimum:	   float  "The distance from which particles are affected fully"
FieldSettings.harmonic_damping:	   float  "Damping of the harmonic force"
FieldSettings.inflow:	   float  "Inwards component of the vortex force"
FieldSettings.linear_drag:	   float  "Drag component proportional to velocity"
FieldSettings.noise:	   float  "Noise of the force"
FieldSettings.quadratic_drag:	   float  "Drag component proportional to the square of velocity"
FieldSettings.radial_falloff:	   float  "Radial falloff power (real gravitational falloff = 2)"
FieldSettings.radial_max:	   float  "Maximum radial distance for the field to work"
FieldSettings.radial_min:	   float  "Minimum radial distance for the fields fall-off"
FieldSettings.rest_length:	   float  "Rest length of the harmonic force"
FieldSettings.seed:	   int  "Seed of the noise"
FieldSettings.shape:	   enum  "Which direction is used to calculate the effector force"
FieldSettings.size:	   float  "Size of the noise"
FieldSettings.strength:	   float  "Strength of force field"
FieldSettings.texture:	   pointer  "Texture to use as force"
FieldSettings.texture_mode:	   enum  "How the texture effect is calculated (RGB & Curl need a RGB texture else Gradient will be used instead)"
FieldSettings.texture_nabla:	   float  "Defines size of derivative offset used for calculating gradient and curl"
FieldSettings.type:	   enum  "Type of field"
FieldSettings.use_2d_force:	   boolean  "Apply force only in 2d"
FieldSettings.use_absorption:	   boolean  "Force gets absorbed by collision objects"
FieldSettings.use_global_coords:	   boolean  "Use effector/global coordinates for turbulence"
FieldSettings.use_guide_path_add:	   boolean  "Based on distance/falloff it adds a portion of the entire path"
FieldSettings.use_guide_path_weight:	   boolean  "Use curve weights to influence the particle influence along the curve"
FieldSettings.use_max_distance:	   boolean  "Use a maximum distance for the field to work"
FieldSettings.use_min_distance:	   boolean  "Use a minimum distance for the fields fall-off"
FieldSettings.use_multiple_springs:	   boolean  "Every point is effected by multiple springs"
FieldSettings.use_object_coords:	   boolean  "Use object/global coordinates for texture"
FieldSettings.use_radial_max:	   boolean  "Use a maximum radial distance for the field to work"
FieldSettings.use_radial_min:	   boolean  "Use a minimum radial distance for the fields fall-off"
FieldSettings.use_root_coords:	   boolean  "Texture coordinates from root particle locations"
FieldSettings.z_direction:	   enum  "Effect in full or only positive/negative Z direction"	   string  "Directory displayed in the file browser"
FileSelectParams.display_type:	   enum  "Display mode for the file list"
FileSelectParams.filename:	   string  "Active file in the file browser"
FileSelectParams.show_hidden:	   boolean  "Hide hidden dot files"
FileSelectParams.sort_method:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
FileSelectParams.title:	   string,  "(read-only)    Title for the file browser"
FileSelectParams.use_filter:	   boolean  "Enable filtering of files"
FileSelectParams.use_filter_blender:	   boolean  "Show .blend files"
FileSelectParams.use_filter_folder:	   boolean  "Show folders"
FileSelectParams.use_filter_font:	   boolean  "Show font files"
FileSelectParams.use_filter_image:	   boolean  "Show image files"
FileSelectParams.use_filter_movie:	   boolean  "Show movie files"
FileSelectParams.use_filter_script:	   boolean  "Show script files"
FileSelectParams.use_filter_sound:	   boolean  "Show sound files"
FileSelectParams.use_filter_text:	   boolean  "Show text files"
FluidSettings.type:	   enum  "Type of participation in the fluid simulation"
FluidSettings|ControlFluidSettings.attraction_radius:	   float  "Specifies the force field radius around the control object"
FluidSettings|ControlFluidSettings.attraction_strength:	   float  "Force strength for directional attraction towards the control object"
FluidSettings|ControlFluidSettings.end_time:	   float  "Specifies time when the control particles are deactivated"
FluidSettings|ControlFluidSettings.quality:	   float  "Specifies the quality which is used for object sampling. (higher = better but slower)"
FluidSettings|ControlFluidSettings.start_time:	   float  "Specifies time when the control particles are activated"
FluidSettings|ControlFluidSettings.use:	   boolean  "Object contributes to the fluid simulation"
FluidSettings|ControlFluidSettings.use_reverse_frames:	   boolean  "Reverse control object movement"
FluidSettings|ControlFluidSettings.velocity_radius:	   float  "Specifies the force field radius around the control object"
FluidSettings|ControlFluidSettings.velocity_strength:	   float  "Force strength of how much of the control objects velocity is influencing the fluid velocity"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.compressibility:	   float  "Allowed compressibility due to gravitational force for standing fluid. (directly affects simulation step size)"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.end_time:	   float  "Simulation time of the last blender frame (in seconds)"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.filepath:	   string  "Directory (and/or filename prefix) to store baked fluid simulation files in"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.generate_particles:	   float  "Amount of particles to generate (0=off, 1=normal, >1=more)"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.gravity:	   float[3]  "Gravity in X, Y and Z direction"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.grid_levels:	   int  "Number of coarsened grids to use (-1 for automatic)"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.memory_estimate:	   string,  "(read-only)    Estimated amount of memory needed for baking the domain"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.partial_slip_factor:	   float  "Amount of mixing between no- and free-slip, 0 is no slip and 1 is free slip"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.preview_resolution:	   int  "Preview resolution in X,Y and Z direction"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.render_display_mode:	   enum  "How to display the mesh for rendering"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.resolution:	   int  "Domain resolution in X,Y and Z direction"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.simulation_scale:	   float  "Size of the simulation domain in metres"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.slip_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.start_time:	   float  "Simulation time of the first blender frame (in seconds)"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.surface_smooth:	   float  "Amount of surface smoothing. A value of 0 is off, 1 is normal smoothing and more than 1 is extra smoothing"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.surface_subdivisions:	   int  "Number of isosurface subdivisions. This is necessary for the inclusion of particles into the surface generation. Warning - can lead to longer computation times!"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.tracer_particles:	   int  "Number of tracer particles to generate"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.use_reverse_frames:	   boolean  "Reverse fluid frames"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.use_speed_vectors:	   boolean  "Generate speed vectors for vector blur"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.use_time_override:	   boolean  "Use a custom start and end time (in seconds) instead of the scenes timeline"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.viewport_display_mode:	   enum  "How to display the mesh in the viewport"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.viscosity_base:	   float  "Viscosity setting: value that is multiplied by 10 to the power of (exponent*-1)"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.viscosity_exponent:	   int  "Negative exponent for the viscosity value (to simplify entering small values e.g. 5*10^-6.)"
FluidSettings|DomainFluidSettings.viscosity_preset:	   enum  "Set viscosity of the fluid to a preset value, or use manual input"
FluidSettings|FluidFluidSettings.initial_velocity:	   float[3]  "Initial velocity of fluid"
FluidSettings|FluidFluidSettings.use:	   boolean  "Object contributes to the fluid simulation"
FluidSettings|FluidFluidSettings.use_animated_mesh:	   boolean  "Export this mesh as an animated one. Slower, only use if really necessary (e.g. armatures or parented objects), animated pos/rot/scale IPOs do not require it"
FluidSettings|FluidFluidSettings.volume_initialization:	   enum  "Volume initialization type"
FluidSettings|InflowFluidSettings.inflow_velocity:	   float[3]  "Initial velocity of fluid"
FluidSettings|InflowFluidSettings.use:	   boolean  "Object contributes to the fluid simulation"
FluidSettings|InflowFluidSettings.use_animated_mesh:	   boolean  "Export this mesh as an animated one. Slower, only use if really necessary (e.g. armatures or parented objects), animated pos/rot/scale IPOs do not require it"
FluidSettings|InflowFluidSettings.use_local_coords:	   boolean  "Use local coordinates for inflow. (e.g. for rotating objects)"
FluidSettings|InflowFluidSettings.volume_initialization:	   enum  "Volume initialization type"
FluidSettings|ObstacleFluidSettings.impact_factor:	   float  "This is an unphysical value for moving objects - it controls the impact an obstacle has on the fluid, =0 behaves a bit like outflow (deleting fluid), =1 is default, while >1 results in high forces. Can be used to tweak total mass"
FluidSettings|ObstacleFluidSettings.partial_slip_factor:	   float  "Amount of mixing between no- and free-slip, 0 is no slip and 1 is free slip"
FluidSettings|ObstacleFluidSettings.slip_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
FluidSettings|ObstacleFluidSettings.use:	   boolean  "Object contributes to the fluid simulation"
FluidSettings|ObstacleFluidSettings.use_animated_mesh:	   boolean  "Export this mesh as an animated one. Slower, only use if really necessary (e.g. armatures or parented objects), animated pos/rot/scale IPOs do not require it"
FluidSettings|ObstacleFluidSettings.volume_initialization:	   enum  "Volume initialization type"
FluidSettings|OutflowFluidSettings.use:	   boolean  "Object contributes to the fluid simulation"
FluidSettings|OutflowFluidSettings.use_animated_mesh:	   boolean  "Export this mesh as an animated one. Slower, only use if really necessary (e.g. armatures or parented objects), animated pos/rot/scale IPOs do not require it"
FluidSettings|OutflowFluidSettings.volume_initialization:	   enum  "Volume initialization type"
FluidSettings|ParticleFluidSettings.alpha_influence:	   float  "Amount of particle alpha change, inverse of size influence: 0=off (all same alpha), 1=full. (large particles get lower alphas, smaller ones higher values)"
FluidSettings|ParticleFluidSettings.filepath:	   string  "Directory (and/or filename prefix) to store and load particles from"
FluidSettings|ParticleFluidSettings.particle_influence:	   float  "Amount of particle size scaling: 0=off (all same size), 1=full (range 0.2-2.0), >1=stronger"
FluidSettings|ParticleFluidSettings.show_tracer:	   boolean  "Show tracer particles"
FluidSettings|ParticleFluidSettings.use_drops:	   boolean  "Show drop particles"
FluidSettings|ParticleFluidSettings.use_floats:	   boolean  "Show floating foam particles"
Function.description:	   string,  "(read-only)    Description of the Functions purpose"
Function.identifier:	   string,  "(read-only)    Unique name used in the code and scripting"
Function.is_registered:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Function is registered as callback as part of type registration"
Function.is_registered_optional:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Function is optionally registered as callback part of type registration"
Function.parameters:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Parameters for the function"
Function.use_self:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Function does not pass its self as an argument (becomes a class method in python)"
GPencilFrame.frame_number:	   int  "The frame on which this sketch appears"
GPencilFrame.is_edited:	   boolean  "Frame is being edited (painted on)"	   boolean  "Frame is selected for editing in the DopeSheet"
GPencilFrame.strokes:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Freehand curves defining the sketch on this frame"	   boolean  "Set active layer for editing"
GPencilLayer.active_frame:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Frame currently being displayed for this layer"
GPencilLayer.alpha:	   float  "Layer Opacity"
GPencilLayer.color:	   float[3]  "Color for all strokes in this layer"
GPencilLayer.frames:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Sketches for this layer on different frames"
GPencilLayer.ghost_range_max:	   int  "Maximum number of frames on either side of the active frame to show (0 = show the first available sketch on either side)"
GPencilLayer.hide:	   boolean  "Set layer Visibility"	   string  "Layer name"
GPencilLayer.line_width:	   int  "Thickness of strokes (in pixels)"
GPencilLayer.lock:	   boolean  "Protect layer from further editing and/or frame changes"
GPencilLayer.lock_frame:	   boolean  "Lock current frame displayed by layer"	   boolean  "Layer is selected for editing in the DopeSheet"
GPencilLayer.show_points:	   boolean  "Draw the points which make up the strokes (for debugging purposes)"
GPencilLayer.use_onion_skinning:	   boolean  "Ghost frames on either side of frame"
GPencilStroke.points:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Stroke data points"	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
GPencilStrokePoint.pressure:	   float  "Pressure of tablet at point when drawing it"
GameObjectSettings.actuators:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Game engine actuators to act on events"
GameObjectSettings.collision_bounds_type:	   enum  "Selects the collision type"
GameObjectSettings.collision_margin:	   float  "Extra margin around object for collision detection, small amount required for stability"
GameObjectSettings.controllers:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Game engine controllers to process events, connecting sensor to actuators"
GameObjectSettings.damping:	   float  "General movement damping"
GameObjectSettings.form_factor:	   float  "Form factor scales the inertia tensor"
GameObjectSettings.friction_coefficients:	   float[3]  "Relative friction coefficient in the in the X, Y and Z directions, when anisotropic friction is enabled"
GameObjectSettings.lock_location_x:	   boolean  "Disable simulation of linear motion along the X axis"
GameObjectSettings.lock_location_y:	   boolean  "Disable simulation of linear motion along the Y axis"
GameObjectSettings.lock_location_z:	   boolean  "Disable simulation of linear motion along the Z axis"
GameObjectSettings.lock_rotation_x:	   boolean  "Disable simulation of angular  motion along the X axis"
GameObjectSettings.lock_rotation_y:	   boolean  "Disable simulation of angular  motion along the Y axis"
GameObjectSettings.lock_rotation_z:	   boolean  "Disable simulation of angular  motion along the Z axis"
GameObjectSettings.mass:	   float  "Mass of the object"
GameObjectSettings.physics_type:	   enum  "Selects the type of physical representation"	   collection,  "(read-only)    Game engine properties"
GameObjectSettings.radius:	   float  "Radius of bounding sphere and material physics"
GameObjectSettings.rotation_damping:	   float  "General rotation damping"
GameObjectSettings.sensors:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Game engine sensor to detect events"
GameObjectSettings.show_actuators:	   boolean  "Shows actuators for this object in the user interface"
GameObjectSettings.show_controllers:	   boolean  "Shows controllers for this object in the user interface"
GameObjectSettings.show_debug_state:	   boolean  "Print state debug info in the game engine"
GameObjectSettings.show_sensors:	   boolean  "Shows sensors for this object in the user interface"
GameObjectSettings.show_state_panel:	   boolean  "Show state panel"
GameObjectSettings.soft_body:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Settings for Bullet soft body simulation"
GameObjectSettings.states_initial:	   boolean[30]  "Initial state when the game starts"
GameObjectSettings.states_visible:	   boolean[30]  "State determining which controllers are displayed"
GameObjectSettings.use_activity_culling:	   boolean  "Disable simulation of angular  motion along the Z axis"
GameObjectSettings.use_actor:	   boolean  "Object is detected by the Near and Radar sensor"
GameObjectSettings.use_all_states:	   boolean  "Set all state bits"
GameObjectSettings.use_anisotropic_friction:	   boolean  "Enable anisotropic friction"
GameObjectSettings.use_collision_bounds:	   boolean  "Specify a collision bounds type other than the default"
GameObjectSettings.use_collision_compound:	   boolean  "Add children to form a compound collision object"
GameObjectSettings.use_ghost:	   boolean  "Object does not restitute collisions, like a ghost"
GameObjectSettings.use_material_physics:	   boolean  "Use physics settings in materials"
GameObjectSettings.use_rotate_from_normal:	   boolean  "Use face normal to rotate object, so that it points away from the surface"
GameObjectSettings.use_sleep:	   boolean  "Disable auto (de)activation in physics simulation"
GameObjectSettings.used_states:	   boolean[30],  "(read-only)    States which are being used by controllers"
GameObjectSettings.velocity_max:	   float  "Clamp velocity to this maximum speed"
GameObjectSettings.velocity_min:	   float  "Clamp velocity to this minimum speed (except when totally still)"	   string  "Available as GameObject attributes in the game engines python API"
GameProperty.show_debug:	   boolean  "Print debug information for this property"
GameProperty.type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
GameProperty|GameBooleanProperty.value:	   boolean  "Property value"
GameProperty|GameFloatProperty.value:	   float  "Property value"
GameProperty|GameIntProperty.value:	   int  "Property value"
GameProperty|GameStringProperty.value:	   string  "Property value"
GameProperty|GameTimerProperty.value:	   float  "Property value"
GameSoftBodySettings.cluster_iterations:	   int  "Specify the number of cluster iterations"
GameSoftBodySettings.collision_margin:	   float  "Collision margin for soft body. Small value makes the algorithm unstable"
GameSoftBodySettings.dynamic_friction:	   float  "Dynamic Friction"
GameSoftBodySettings.linear_stiffness:	   float  "Linear stiffness of the soft body links"
GameSoftBodySettings.location_iterations:	   int  "Position solver iterations"
GameSoftBodySettings.shape_threshold:	   float  "Shape matching threshold"
GameSoftBodySettings.use_bending_constraints:	   boolean  "Enable bending constraints"
GameSoftBodySettings.use_cluster_rigid_to_softbody:	   boolean  "Enable cluster collision between soft and rigid body"
GameSoftBodySettings.use_cluster_soft_to_softbody:	   boolean  "Enable cluster collision between soft and soft body"
GameSoftBodySettings.use_shape_match:	   boolean  "Enable soft body shape matching goal"
GameSoftBodySettings.weld_threshold:	   float  "Welding threshold: distance between nearby vertices to be considered equal => set to 0.0 to disable welding test and speed up scene loading (ok if the mesh has no duplicates)"
Header.bl_idname:	   string  "If this is set, the header gets a custom ID, otherwise it takes the name of the class used to define the panel. For example, if the class name is OBJECT_HT_hello, and bl_idname is not set by the script, then bl_idname = OBJECT_HT_hello"
Header.bl_space_type:	   enum  "The space where the header is going to be used in."
Header.layout:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Defines the structure of the header in the UI."
Histogram.mode:	   enum  "Channels to display when drawing the histogram"
ID.library:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Library file the datablock is linked from"	   string  "Unique datablock ID name"
ID.tag:	   boolean  "Tools can use this to tag data, (initial state is undefined)"
ID.use_fake_user:	   boolean  "Saves this datablock even if it has no users"
ID.users:	   int,  "(read-only)    Number of times this datablock is referenced"
IDProperty.collection:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
IDProperty.double:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDProperty.double_array:	   float[1]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDProperty.float:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDProperty.float_array:	   float[1]  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   pointer,  "(read-only)"	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDProperty.int_array:	   int[1]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDProperty.string:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   string  "Unique name used in the code and scripting"
IDPropertyGroup|	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.active_blacklisted_slave_index:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.active_job_index:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.active_slave_index:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.chunks:	   int  "Number of frame to dispatch to each slave in one chunk"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.job_category:	   string  "Category of the job"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.job_id:	   string  "id of the last sent render job"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.job_name:	   string  "Name of the job"
IDPropertyGroup|	   collection,  "(read-only)"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.mode:	   enum  "Mode of operation of this instance"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.path:	   string  "Path for temporary files"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.priority:	   int  "Priority of the job"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.server_address:	   string  "IP or name of the master render server"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.server_port:	   int  "port of the master render server"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.slaves:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.slaves_blacklist:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.use_master_broadcast:	   boolean  "broadcast master server address on local network"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.use_master_clear:	   boolean  "delete saved files on exit"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.use_slave_clear:	   boolean  "delete downloaded files on exit"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.use_slave_output_log:	   boolean  "Output render text log to console as well as sending it to the master"
IDPropertyGroup|NetRenderSettings.use_slave_thumb:	   boolean  "Generate thumbnails on slaves instead of master"
IDPropertyGroup|	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDPropertyGroup|	   string  "the name of a file or directory within a file list"
IDPropertyGroup|OperatorMousePath.loc:	   float[2]  "Mouse location"
IDPropertyGroup|OperatorMousePath.time:	   float  "Time of mouse location"
IDPropertyGroup|OperatorStrokeElement.location:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDPropertyGroup|OperatorStrokeElement.mouse:	   float[2]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDPropertyGroup|OperatorStrokeElement.pen_flip:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDPropertyGroup|OperatorStrokeElement.pressure:	   float  "Tablet pressure"
IDPropertyGroup|OperatorStrokeElement.time:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDPropertyGroup|	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDPropertyGroup|PoseTemplateSettings.active_template_index:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IDPropertyGroup|PoseTemplateSettings.templates:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
IDPropertyGroup|PoseTemplateSettings.use_generate_deform_rig:	   boolean  "Create a copy of the metarig, constrainted by the generated rig"
ID|Action.fcurves:	   collection,  "(read-only)    The individual F-Curves that make up the Action"
ID|Action.groups:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Convenient groupings of F-Curves"
ID|Action.pose_markers:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Markers specific to this Action, for labeling poses"
ID|Armature.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|Armature.bones:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Armature.draw_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Armature.edit_bones:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Armature.ghost_frame_end:	   int  "End frame of range of Ghosts to display (not for Around Current Frame Onion-skinning method)"
ID|Armature.ghost_frame_start:	   int  "Starting frame of range of Ghosts to display (not for Around Current Frame Onion-skinning method)"
ID|Armature.ghost_size:	   int  "Frame step for Ghosts (not for On Keyframes Onion-skinning method)"
ID|Armature.ghost_step:	   int  "Number of frame steps on either side of current frame to show as ghosts (only for Around Current Frame Onion-skinning method)"
ID|Armature.ghost_type:	   enum  "Method of Onion-skinning for active Action"
ID|Armature.layers:	   boolean[32]  "Armature layer visibility"
ID|Armature.layers_protected:	   boolean[32]  "Protected layers in Proxy Instances are restored to Proxy settings on file reload and undo"
ID|Armature.pose_position:	   enum  "Show armature in binding pose or final posed state"
ID|Armature.show_axes:	   boolean  "Draw bone axes"
ID|Armature.show_bone_custom_shapes:	   boolean  "Draw bones with their custom shapes"
ID|Armature.show_group_colors:	   boolean  "Draw bone group colors"
ID|Armature.show_names:	   boolean  "Draw bone names"
ID|Armature.show_only_ghost_selected:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Armature.use_auto_ik:	   boolean  "Add temporaral IK constraints while grabbing bones in Pose Mode"
ID|Armature.use_deform_delay:	   boolean  "Dont deform children when manipulating bones in Pose Mode"
ID|Armature.use_deform_envelopes:	   boolean  "Enable Bone Envelopes when defining deform"
ID|Armature.use_deform_preserve_volume:	   boolean  "Enable deform rotation with Quaternions"
ID|Armature.use_deform_vertex_groups:	   boolean  "Enable Vertex Groups when defining deform"
ID|Armature.use_mirror_x:	   boolean  "Apply changes to matching bone on opposite side of X-Axis"
ID|Brush.auto_smooth_factor:	   float  "Amount of smoothing to automatically apply to each stroke"
ID|Brush.blend:	   enum  "Brush blending mode"
ID|Brush.clone_alpha:	   float  "Opacity of clone image display"
ID|Brush.clone_image:	   pointer  "Image for clone tool"
ID|Brush.clone_offset:	   float[2]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Brush.color:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Brush.crease_pinch_factor:	   float  "How much the crease brush pinches"
ID|Brush.cursor_color_add:	   float[3]  "Color of cursor when adding"
ID|Brush.cursor_color_subtract:	   float[3]  "Color of cursor when subtracting"
ID|Brush.curve:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Editable falloff curve"
ID|Brush.direction:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Brush.icon_filepath:	   string  "File path to brush icon"
ID|Brush.imagepaint_tool:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Brush.jitter:	   float  "Jitter the position of the brush while painting"
ID|Brush.normal_weight:	   float  "How much grab will pull vertexes out of surface during a grab"
ID|Brush.plane_offset:	   float  "Adjusts plane on which the brush acts towards or away from the object surface"
ID|Brush.plane_trim:	   float  "If a vertex is further from offset plane than this then it is not affected"
ID|Brush.rate:	   float  "Interval between paints for Airbrush"
ID|Brush.sculpt_plane:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Brush.sculpt_tool:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Brush.size:	   int  "Radius of the brush in pixels"
ID|Brush.smooth_stroke_factor:	   float  "Higher values give a smoother stroke"
ID|Brush.smooth_stroke_radius:	   int  "Minimum distance from last point before stroke continues"
ID|Brush.spacing:	   int  "Spacing between brush daubs as a percentage of brush diameter"
ID|Brush.strength:	   float  "How powerful the effect of the brush is when applied"
ID|Brush.stroke_method:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Brush.texture:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Brush.texture_angle_source_no_random:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Brush.texture_angle_source_random:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Brush.texture_overlay_alpha:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Brush.texture_sample_bias:	   float  "Value added to texture samples"
ID|Brush.texture_slot:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|Brush.unprojected_radius:	   float  "Radius of brush in Blender units"
ID|Brush.use_accumulate:	   boolean  "Accumulate stroke dabs on top of each other"
ID|Brush.use_adaptive_space:	   boolean  "Space daubs according to surface orientation instead of screen space"
ID|Brush.use_airbrush:	   boolean  "Keep applying paint effect while holding mouse (spray)"
ID|Brush.use_alpha:	   boolean  "When this is disabled, lock alpha while painting"
ID|Brush.use_anchor:	   boolean  "Keep the brush anchored to the initial location"
ID|Brush.use_custom_icon:	   boolean  "Set the brush icon from an image file"
ID|Brush.use_edge_to_edge:	   boolean  "Drag anchor brush from edge-to-edge"
ID|Brush.use_frontface:	   boolean  "Brush only affects vertexes that face the viewer"
ID|Brush.use_inverse_smooth_pressure:	   boolean  "Lighter pressure causes more smoothing to be applied"
ID|Brush.use_locked_size:	   boolean  "When locked brush stays same size relative to object; when unlocked brush size is given in pixels"
ID|Brush.use_offset_pressure:	   boolean  "Enable tablet pressure sensitivity for offset"
ID|Brush.use_original_normal:	   boolean  "When locked keep using normal of surface where stroke was initiated"
ID|Brush.use_paint_sculpt:	   boolean  "Use this brush in sculpt mode"
ID|Brush.use_paint_texture:	   boolean  "Use this brush in texture paint mode"
ID|Brush.use_paint_vertex:	   boolean  "Use this brush in vertex paint mode"
ID|Brush.use_paint_weight:	   boolean  "Use this brush in weight paint mode"
ID|Brush.use_persistent:	   boolean  "Sculpts on a persistent layer of the mesh"
ID|Brush.use_plane_trim:	   boolean  "Enable Plane Trim"
ID|Brush.use_pressure_jitter:	   boolean  "Enable tablet pressure sensitivity for jitter"
ID|Brush.use_pressure_size:	   boolean  "Enable tablet pressure sensitivity for size"
ID|Brush.use_pressure_spacing:	   boolean  "Enable tablet pressure sensitivity for spacing"
ID|Brush.use_pressure_strength:	   boolean  "Enable tablet pressure sensitivity for strength"
ID|Brush.use_rake:	   boolean  "Rotate the brush texture to match the stroke direction"
ID|Brush.use_random_rotation:	   boolean  "Rotate the brush texture at random"
ID|Brush.use_restore_mesh:	   boolean  "Allows a single dot to be carefully positioned"
ID|Brush.use_smooth_stroke:	   boolean  "Brush lags behind mouse and follows a smoother path"
ID|Brush.use_space:	   boolean  "Limit brush application to the distance specified by spacing"
ID|Brush.use_space_atten:	   boolean  "Automatically adjusts strength to give consistent results for different spacings"
ID|Brush.use_texture_overlay:	   boolean  "Show texture in viewport"
ID|Brush.use_wrap:	   boolean  "Enable torus wrapping while painting"
ID|Brush.vertexpaint_tool:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Camera.angle:	   float  "Perspective Camera lens field of view in degrees"
ID|Camera.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|Camera.clip_end:	   float  "Camera far clipping distance"
ID|Camera.clip_start:	   float  "Camera near clipping distance"
ID|Camera.dof_distance:	   float  "Distance to the focus point for depth of field"
ID|Camera.dof_object:	   pointer  "Use this object to define the depth of field focal point"
ID|Camera.draw_size:	   float  "Apparent size of the Camera object in the 3D View"
ID|Camera.lens:	   float  "Perspective Camera lens value in millimeters"
ID|Camera.lens_unit:	   enum  "Unit to edit lens in for the user interface"
ID|Camera.ortho_scale:	   float  "Orthographic Camera scale (similar to zoom)"
ID|Camera.passepartout_alpha:	   float  "Opacity (alpha) of the darkened overlay in Camera view"
ID|Camera.shift_x:	   float  "Perspective Camera horizontal shift"
ID|Camera.shift_y:	   float  "Perspective Camera vertical shift"
ID|Camera.show_limits:	   boolean  "Draw the clipping range and focus point on the camera"
ID|Camera.show_mist:	   boolean  "Draw a line from the Camera to indicate the mist area"
ID|Camera.show_name:	   boolean  "Show the active Cameras name in Camera view"
ID|Camera.show_passepartout:	   boolean  "Show a darkened overlay outside the image area in Camera view"
ID|Camera.show_title_safe:	   boolean  "Show indicators for the title safe zone in Camera view"
ID|Camera.type:	   enum  "Camera types"
ID|Camera.use_panorama:	   boolean  "Render the scene with a cylindrical camera for pseudo-fisheye lens effects"
ID|Curve.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|Curve.bevel_depth:	   float  "Bevel depth when not using a bevel object"
ID|Curve.bevel_object:	   pointer  "Curve object name that defines the bevel shape"
ID|Curve.bevel_resolution:	   int  "Bevel resolution when depth is non-zero and no specific bevel object has been defined"
ID|Curve.dimensions:	   enum  "Select 2D or 3D curve type"
ID|Curve.eval_time:	   float  "Parametric position along the length of the curve that Objects following it should be at. Position is evaluated by dividing by the Path Length value"
ID|Curve.extrude:	   float  "Amount of curve extrusion when not using a bevel object"
ID|Curve.materials:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Curve.offset:	   float  "Scale the original width (1.0) based on given factor"
ID|Curve.path_duration:	   int  "The number of frames that are needed to traverse the path, defining the maximum value for the Evaluation Time setting"
ID|Curve.render_resolution_u:	   int  "Surface resolution in U direction used while rendering. Zero skips this property"
ID|Curve.render_resolution_v:	   int  "Surface resolution in V direction used while rendering. Zero skips this property"
ID|Curve.resolution_u:	   int  "Surface resolution in U direction"
ID|Curve.resolution_v:	   int  "Surface resolution in V direction"
ID|Curve.shape_keys:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|Curve.show_handles:	   boolean  "Display bezier handles in editmode"
ID|Curve.show_normal_face:	   boolean  "Display 3D curve normals in editmode"
ID|Curve.splines:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Collection of splines in this curve data object"
ID|Curve.taper_object:	   pointer  "Curve object name that defines the taper (width)"
ID|Curve.texspace_location:	   float[3]  "Texture space location"
ID|Curve.texspace_size:	   float[3]  "Texture space size"
ID|Curve.twist_mode:	   enum  "The type of tilt calculation for 3D Curves"
ID|Curve.twist_smooth:	   float  "Smoothing iteration for tangents"
ID|Curve.use_auto_texspace:	   boolean  "Adjusts active objects texture space automatically when transforming object"
ID|Curve.use_deform_bounds:	   boolean  "Use the mesh bounds to clamp the deformation"
ID|Curve.use_fill_back:	   boolean  "Draw filled back for extruded/beveled curves"
ID|Curve.use_fill_deform:	   boolean  "Fill curve after applying deformation"
ID|Curve.use_fill_front:	   boolean  "Draw filled front for extruded/beveled curves"
ID|Curve.use_map_on_length:	   boolean  "Generate texture mapping coordinates following the curve direction, rather than the local bounding box"
ID|Curve.use_path:	   boolean  "Enable the curve to become a translation path"
ID|Curve.use_path_follow:	   boolean  "Make curve path children to rotate along the path"
ID|Curve.use_radius:	   boolean  "Option for paths: apply the curve radius with path following it and deforming"
ID|Curve.use_stretch:	   boolean  "Option for curve-deform: makes deformed child to stretch along entire path"
ID|Curve.use_time_offset:	   boolean  "Children will use TimeOffs value as path distance offset"
ID|Curve|SurfaceCurve.use_map_on_length:	   boolean  "Generate texture mapping coordinates following the curve direction, rather than the local bounding box"
MAKE COLLECTION ATTR * ID|Curve|TextCurve.active_textbox:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.align:	   enum  "Text align from the object center"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.body:	   string  "contents of this text object"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.body_format:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Stores the style of each character"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.edit_format:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Editing settings character formatting"
ID|Curve|	   string  "Use Blender Objects as font characters. Give font objects a common name followed by the character it represents, eg. familya, familyb etc, and turn on Verts Duplication"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.follow_curve:	   pointer  "Curve deforming text object"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.font:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.offset_x:	   float  "Horizontal offset from the object origin"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.offset_y:	   float  "Vertical offset from the object origin"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.shear:	   float  "Italic angle of the characters"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.size:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.small_caps_scale:	   float  "Scale of small capitals"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.space_character:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.space_line:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.space_word:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.text_boxes:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.underline_height:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.underline_position:	   float  "Vertical position of underline"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.use_fast_edit:	   boolean  "Dont fill polygons while editing"
ID|Curve|TextCurve.use_map_on_length:	   boolean  "Generate texture mapping coordinates following the curve direction, rather than the local bounding box"
ID|GreasePencil.draw_mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|GreasePencil.layers:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|GreasePencil.use_stroke_endpoints:	   boolean  "Only use the first and last parts of the stroke for snapping"
ID|Group.dupli_offset:	   float[3]  "Offset from the origin to use when instancing as DupliGroup"
ID|Group.layers:	   boolean[20]  "Layers visible when this groups is instanced as a dupli"
ID|Group.objects:	   collection,  "(read-only)    A collection of this groups objects"
ID|Image.bindcode:	   int,  "(read-only)    OpenGL bindcode"
ID|Image.depth:	   int,  "(read-only)    Image bit depth"
ID|Image.display_aspect:	   float[2]  "Display Aspect for this image, does not affect rendering"
ID|Image.field_order:	   enum  "Order of video fields. Select which lines are displayed first"
ID|Image.file_format:	   enum  "Format used for re-saving this file"
ID|Image.filepath:	   string  "Image/Movie file name"
ID|Image.filepath_raw:	   string  "Image/Movie file name (without data refreshing)"
ID|Image.fps:	   int  "Speed of the animation in frames per second"
ID|Image.frame_end:	   int  "End frame of an animated texture"
ID|Image.frame_start:	   int  "Start frame of an animated texture"
ID|Image.generated_height:	   int  "Generated image height"
ID|Image.generated_type:	   enum  "Generated image type"
ID|Image.generated_width:	   int  "Generated image width"
ID|Image.has_data:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    True if this image has data"
ID|Image.is_dirty:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Image has changed and is not saved"
ID|Image.mapping:	   enum  "Mapping type to use for this image in the game engine"
ID|Image.packed_file:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|Image.size:	   int[2],  "(read-only)    Width and height in pixels, zero when image data cant be loaded"
ID|Image.source:	   enum  "Where the image comes from"
ID|Image.tiles_x:	   int  "Degree of repetition in the X direction"
ID|Image.tiles_y:	   int  "Degree of repetition in the Y direction"
ID|Image.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)    How to generate the image"
ID|Image.use_animation:	   boolean  "Use as animated texture in the game engine"
ID|Image.use_clamp_x:	   boolean  "Disable texture repeating horizontally"
ID|Image.use_clamp_y:	   boolean  "Disable texture repeating vertically"
ID|Image.use_fields:	   boolean  "Use fields of the image"
ID|Image.use_premultiply:	   boolean  "Convert RGB from key alpha to premultiplied alpha"
ID|Image.use_tiles:	   boolean  "Use of tilemode for faces (default shift-LMB to pick the tile for selected faces)"
ID|Key.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|Key.keys:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Shape keys"
ID|Key.reference_key:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|Key.slurph:	   int  "Creates a delay in amount of frames in applying keypositions, first vertex goes first"
ID|Key.use_relative:	   boolean  "Makes shape keys relative"
ID|Key.user:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Datablock using these shape keys"
ID|Lamp.active_texture:	   pointer  "Active texture slot being displayed"
ID|Lamp.active_texture_index:	   int  "Index of active texture slot"
ID|Lamp.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|Lamp.color:	   float[3]  "Light color"
ID|Lamp.distance:	   float  "Falloff distance - the light is at half the original intensity at this point"
ID|	   float  "Amount of light that the lamp emits"
ID|Lamp.texture_slots:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Texture slots defining the mapping and influence of textures"
ID|Lamp.type:	   enum  "Type of Lamp"
ID|Lamp.use_diffuse:	   boolean  "Lamp does diffuse shading"
ID|Lamp.use_negative:	   boolean  "Lamp casts negative light"
ID|Lamp.use_own_layer:	   boolean  "Illuminates objects only on the same layer the lamp is on"
ID|Lamp.use_specular:	   boolean  "Lamp creates specular highlights"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.gamma:	   float  "Light gamma correction value"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.shadow_adaptive_threshold:	   float  "Threshold for Adaptive Sampling (Raytraced shadows)"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.shadow_color:	   float[3]  "Color of shadows cast by the lamp"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.shadow_method:	   enum  "Method to compute lamp shadow with"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.shadow_ray_sample_method:	   enum  "Method for generating shadow samples: Adaptive QMC is fastest, Constant QMC is less noisy but slower"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.shadow_ray_samples_x:	   int  "Amount of samples taken extra (samples x samples)"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.shadow_ray_samples_y:	   int  "Amount of samples taken extra (samples x samples)"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.shadow_soft_size:	   float  "Light size for ray shadow sampling (Raytraced shadows)"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.shape:	   enum  "Shape of the area lamp"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.size:	   float  "Size of the area of the area Lamp, X direction size for Rectangle shapes"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.size_y:	   float  "Size of the area of the area Lamp in the Y direction for Rectangle shapes"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.use_dither:	   boolean  "Use 2x2 dithering for sampling  (Constant Jittered sampling)"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.use_jitter:	   boolean  "Use noise for sampling  (Constant Jittered sampling)"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.use_only_shadow:	   boolean  "Causes light to cast shadows only without illuminating objects"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.use_shadow_layer:	   boolean  "Causes only objects on the same layer to cast shadows"
ID|Lamp|AreaLamp.use_umbra:	   boolean  "Emphasize parts that are fully shadowed (Constant Jittered sampling)"
ID|Lamp|PointLamp.falloff_curve:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Custom Lamp Falloff Curve"
ID|Lamp|PointLamp.falloff_type:	   enum  "Intensity Decay with distance"
ID|Lamp|PointLamp.linear_attenuation:	   float  "Linear distance attenuation"
ID|Lamp|PointLamp.quadratic_attenuation:	   float  "Quadratic distance attenuation"
ID|Lamp|PointLamp.shadow_adaptive_threshold:	   float  "Threshold for Adaptive Sampling (Raytraced shadows)"
ID|Lamp|PointLamp.shadow_color:	   float[3]  "Color of shadows cast by the lamp"
ID|Lamp|PointLamp.shadow_method:	   enum  "Method to compute lamp shadow with"
ID|Lamp|PointLamp.shadow_ray_sample_method:	   enum  "Method for generating shadow samples: Adaptive QMC is fastest, Constant QMC is less noisy but slower"
ID|Lamp|PointLamp.shadow_ray_samples:	   int  "Amount of samples taken extra (samples x samples)"
ID|Lamp|PointLamp.shadow_soft_size:	   float  "Light size for ray shadow sampling (Raytraced shadows)"
ID|Lamp|PointLamp.use_only_shadow:	   boolean  "Causes light to cast shadows only without illuminating objects"
ID|Lamp|PointLamp.use_shadow_layer:	   boolean  "Causes only objects on the same layer to cast shadows"
ID|Lamp|PointLamp.use_sphere:	   boolean  "Sets light intensity to zero beyond lamp distance"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.compression_threshold:	   float  "Deep shadow map compression threshold"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.falloff_curve:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Custom Lamp Falloff Curve"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.falloff_type:	   enum  "Intensity Decay with distance"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.halo_intensity:	   float  "Brightness of the spotlights halo cone  (Buffer Shadows)"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.halo_step:	   int  "Volumetric halo sampling frequency"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.linear_attenuation:	   float  "Linear distance attenuation"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.quadratic_attenuation:	   float  "Quadratic distance attenuation"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_adaptive_threshold:	   float  "Threshold for Adaptive Sampling (Raytraced shadows)"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_buffer_bias:	   float  "Shadow buffer sampling bias"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_buffer_clip_end:	   float  "Shadow map clip end beyond which objects will not generate shadows"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_buffer_clip_start:	   float  "Shadow map clip start: objects closer will not generate shadows"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_buffer_samples:	   int  "Number of shadow buffer samples"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_buffer_size:	   int  "Resolution of the shadow buffer, higher values give crisper shadows but use more memory"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_buffer_soft:	   float  "Size of shadow buffer sampling area"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_buffer_type:	   enum  "Type of shadow buffer"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_color:	   float[3]  "Color of shadows cast by the lamp"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_filter_type:	   enum  "Type of shadow filter (Buffer Shadows)"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_method:	   enum  "Method to compute lamp shadow with"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_ray_sample_method:	   enum  "Method for generating shadow samples: Adaptive QMC is fastest, Constant QMC is less noisy but slower"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_ray_samples:	   int  "Amount of samples taken extra (samples x samples)"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_sample_buffers:	   enum  "Number of shadow buffers to render for better AA, this increases memory usage"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.shadow_soft_size:	   float  "Light size for ray shadow sampling (Raytraced shadows)"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.show_cone:	   boolean  "Draw transparent cone in 3D view to visualize which objects are contained in it"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.spot_blend:	   float  "The softness of the spotlight edge"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.spot_size:	   float  "Angle of the spotlight beam in degrees"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.use_auto_clip_end:	   boolean  "Automatic calculation of clipping-end, based on visible vertices"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.use_auto_clip_start:	   boolean  "Automatic calculation of clipping-start, based on visible vertices"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.use_halo:	   boolean  "Renders spotlight with a volumetric halo (Buffer Shadows)"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.use_only_shadow:	   boolean  "Causes light to cast shadows only without illuminating objects"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.use_shadow_layer:	   boolean  "Causes only objects on the same layer to cast shadows"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.use_sphere:	   boolean  "Sets light intensity to zero beyond lamp distance"
ID|Lamp|SpotLamp.use_square:	   boolean  "Casts a square spot light shape"
ID|Lamp|SunLamp.shadow_adaptive_threshold:	   float  "Threshold for Adaptive Sampling (Raytraced shadows)"
ID|Lamp|SunLamp.shadow_color:	   float[3]  "Color of shadows cast by the lamp"
ID|Lamp|SunLamp.shadow_method:	   enum  "Method to compute lamp shadow with"
ID|Lamp|SunLamp.shadow_ray_sample_method:	   enum  "Method for generating shadow samples: Adaptive QMC is fastest, Constant QMC is less noisy but slower"
ID|Lamp|SunLamp.shadow_ray_samples:	   int  "Amount of samples taken extra (samples x samples)"
ID|Lamp|SunLamp.shadow_soft_size:	   float  "Light size for ray shadow sampling (Raytraced shadows)"
ID|Lamp|	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Sky related settings for sun lamps"
ID|Lamp|SunLamp.use_only_shadow:	   boolean  "Causes light to cast shadows only without illuminating objects"
ID|Lamp|SunLamp.use_shadow_layer:	   boolean  "Causes only objects on the same layer to cast shadows"
ID|Lattice.interpolation_type_u:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Lattice.interpolation_type_v:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Lattice.interpolation_type_w:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Lattice.points:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Points of the lattice"
ID|Lattice.points_u:	   int  "Points in U direction (cant be changed when there are shape keys)"
ID|Lattice.points_v:	   int  "Points in V direction (cant be changed when there are shape keys)"
ID|Lattice.points_w:	   int  "Points in W direction (cant be changed when there are shape keys)"
ID|Lattice.shape_keys:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|Lattice.use_outside:	   boolean  "Only draw, and take into account, the outer vertices"
ID|Lattice.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group to apply the influence of the lattice"
ID|Library.filepath:	   string  "Path to the library .blend file"
ID|Library.parent:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|Material.active_node_material:	   pointer  "Active node material"
ID|Material.active_texture:	   pointer  "Active texture slot being displayed"
ID|Material.active_texture_index:	   int  "Index of active texture slot"
ID|Material.alpha:	   float  "Alpha transparency of the material"
ID|Material.ambient:	   float  "Amount of global ambient color the material receives"
ID|Material.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|Material.darkness:	   float  "Minnaert darkness"
ID|Material.diffuse_color:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Material.diffuse_fresnel:	   float  "Power of Fresnel"
ID|Material.diffuse_fresnel_factor:	   float  "Blending factor of Fresnel"
ID|Material.diffuse_intensity:	   float  "Amount of diffuse reflection"
ID|Material.diffuse_ramp:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Color ramp used to affect diffuse shading"
ID|Material.diffuse_ramp_blend:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Material.diffuse_ramp_factor:	   float  "Blending factor (also uses alpha in Colorband)"
ID|Material.diffuse_ramp_input:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Material.diffuse_shader:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Material.diffuse_toon_size:	   float  "Size of diffuse toon area"
ID|Material.diffuse_toon_smooth:	   float  "Smoothness of diffuse toon area"
ID|Material.emit:	   float  "Amount of light to emit"
ID|Material.halo:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Halo settings for the material"
ID|Material.invert_z:	   boolean  "Renders materials faces with an inverted Z buffer (scanline only)"
ID|Material.light_group:	   pointer  "Limit lighting to lamps in this Group"
ID|Material.mirror_color:	   float[3]  "Mirror color of the material"
ID|Material.node_tree:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Node tree for node based materials"
ID|Material.offset_z:	   float  "Gives faces an artificial offset in the Z buffer for Z transparency"
ID|Material.physics:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Game physics settings"
ID|Material.preview_render_type:	   enum  "Type of preview render"
ID|Material.raytrace_mirror:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Raytraced reflection settings for the material"
ID|Material.raytrace_transparency:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Raytraced transparency settings for the material"
ID|Material.roughness:	   float  "Oren-Nayar Roughness"
ID|Material.shadow_buffer_bias:	   float  "Factor to multiply shadow buffer bias with (0 is ignore.)"
ID|Material.shadow_cast_alpha:	   float  "Shadow casting alpha, in use for Irregular and Deep shadow buffer"
ID|Material.shadow_ray_bias:	   float  "Shadow raytracing bias to prevent terminator problems on shadow boundary"
ID|Material.specular_alpha:	   float  "Alpha transparency for specular areas"
ID|Material.specular_color:	   float[3]  "Specular color of the material"
ID|Material.specular_hardness:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Material.specular_intensity:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Material.specular_ior:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Material.specular_ramp:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Color ramp used to affect specular shading"
ID|Material.specular_ramp_blend:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Material.specular_ramp_factor:	   float  "Blending factor (also uses alpha in Colorband)"
ID|Material.specular_ramp_input:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Material.specular_shader:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Material.specular_slope:	   float  "The standard deviation of surface slope"
ID|Material.specular_toon_size:	   float  "Size of specular toon area"
ID|Material.specular_toon_smooth:	   float  "Smoothness of specular toon area"
ID|Material.strand:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Strand settings for the material"
ID|Material.subsurface_scattering:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Subsurface scattering settings for the material"
ID|Material.texture_slots:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Texture slots defining the mapping and influence of textures"
ID|Material.translucency:	   float  "Amount of diffuse shading on the back side"
ID|Material.transparency_method:	   enum  "Method to use for rendering transparency"
ID|Material.type:	   enum  "Material type defining how the object is rendered"
ID|Material.use_cast_approximate:	   boolean  "Allow this material to cast shadows when using approximate ambient occlusion."
ID|Material.use_cast_buffer_shadows:	   boolean  "Allow this material to cast shadows from shadow buffer lamps"
ID|Material.use_cast_shadows_only:	   boolean  "Makes objects with this material appear invisible, only casting shadows (not rendered)"
ID|Material.use_cubic:	   boolean  "Use cubic interpolation for diffuse values, for smoother transitions"
ID|Material.use_diffuse_ramp:	   boolean  "Toggle diffuse ramp operations"
ID|Material.use_face_texture:	   boolean  "Replaces the objects base color with color from face assigned image textures"
ID|Material.use_face_texture_alpha:	   boolean  "Replaces the objects base alpha value with alpha from face assigned image textures"
ID|Material.use_full_oversampling:	   boolean  "Force this material to render full shading/textures for all anti-aliasing samples"
ID|Material.use_light_group_exclusive:	   boolean  "Material uses the light group exclusively - these lamps are excluded from other scene lighting"
ID|Material.use_mist:	   boolean  "Use mist with this material (in world settings)"
ID|Material.use_nodes:	   boolean  "Use shader nodes to render the material"
ID|Material.use_object_color:	   boolean  "Modulate the result with a per-object color"
ID|Material.use_only_shadow:	   boolean  "Renders shadows as the materials alpha value, making materials transparent except for shadowed areas"
ID|Material.use_ray_shadow_bias:	   boolean  "Prevents raytraced shadow errors on surfaces with smooth shaded normals (terminator problem)"
ID|Material.use_raytrace:	   boolean  "Include this material and geometry that uses it in ray tracing calculations"
ID|Material.use_shadeless:	   boolean  "Makes this material insensitive to light or shadow"
ID|Material.use_shadows:	   boolean  "Allows this material to receive shadows"
ID|Material.use_sky:	   boolean  "Renders this material with zero alpha, with sky background in place (scanline only)"
ID|Material.use_specular_ramp:	   boolean  "Toggle specular ramp operations"
ID|Material.use_tangent_shading:	   boolean  "Use the materials tangent vector instead of the normal for shading - for anisotropic shading effects"
ID|Material.use_textures:	   boolean[18]  "Enable/Disable each texture"
ID|Material.use_transparency:	   boolean  "Render material as transparent"
ID|Material.use_transparent_shadows:	   boolean  "Allow this object to receive transparent shadows casted through other objects"
ID|Material.use_vertex_color_light:	   boolean  "Add vertex colors as additional lighting"
ID|Material.use_vertex_color_paint:	   boolean  "Replaces object base color with vertex colors (multiplies with texture face face assigned textures)"
ID|Material.volume:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Volume settings for the material"
ID|Mesh.active_uv_texture:	   pointer  "Active UV texture"
ID|Mesh.active_uv_texture_index:	   int  "Active UV texture index"
ID|Mesh.active_vertex_color:	   pointer  "Active vertex color layer"
ID|Mesh.active_vertex_color_index:	   int  "Active vertex color index"
ID|Mesh.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|Mesh.auto_smooth_angle:	   int  "Defines maximum angle between face normals that Auto Smooth will operate on"
ID|Mesh.edges:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Edges of the mesh"
ID|Mesh.faces:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Faces of the mesh"
ID|Mesh.layers_float:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Mesh.layers_int:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Mesh.layers_string:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Mesh.materials:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Mesh.shape_keys:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|Mesh.show_all_edges:	   boolean  "Displays all edges for wireframe in all view modes in the 3D view"
ID|Mesh.show_double_sided:	   boolean  "Render/display the mesh with double or single sided lighting"
ID|Mesh.show_edge_bevel_weight:	   boolean  "Displays weights created for the Bevel modifier"
ID|Mesh.show_edge_crease:	   boolean  "Displays creases created for subsurf weighting"
ID|Mesh.show_edge_seams:	   boolean  "Displays UV unwrapping seams"
ID|Mesh.show_edge_sharp:	   boolean  "Displays sharp edges, used with the EdgeSplit modifier"
ID|Mesh.show_edges:	   boolean  "Displays selected edges using highlights in the 3D view and UV editor"
ID|Mesh.show_extra_edge_angle:	   boolean  "Displays the angles in the selected edges in degrees, Using global values when set in the transform panel"
ID|Mesh.show_extra_edge_length:	   boolean  "Displays selected edge lengths, Using global values when set in the transform panel"
ID|Mesh.show_extra_face_area:	   boolean  "Displays the area of selected faces, Using global values when set in the transform panel"
ID|Mesh.show_faces:	   boolean  "Displays all faces as shades in the 3D view and UV editor"
ID|Mesh.show_normal_face:	   boolean  "Displays face normals as lines"
ID|Mesh.show_normal_vertex:	   boolean  "Displays vertex normals as lines"
ID|Mesh.sticky:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Sticky texture coordinates"
ID|Mesh.texco_mesh:	   pointer  "Derive texture coordinates from another mesh"
ID|Mesh.texspace_location:	   float[3]  "Texture space location"
ID|Mesh.texspace_size:	   float[3]  "Texture space size"
ID|Mesh.texture_mesh:	   pointer  "Use another mesh for texture indices (vertex indices must be aligned)"
ID|Mesh.total_edge_sel:	   int,  "(read-only)    Selected edge count in editmode"
ID|Mesh.total_face_sel:	   int,  "(read-only)    Selected face count in editmode"
ID|Mesh.total_vert_sel:	   int,  "(read-only)    Selected vertex count in editmode"
ID|Mesh.use_auto_smooth:	   boolean  "Treats all set-smoothed faces with angles less than the specified angle as smooth during render"
ID|Mesh.use_auto_texspace:	   boolean  "Adjusts active objects texture space automatically when transforming object"
ID|Mesh.use_mirror_topology:	   boolean  "Use topology based mirroring"
ID|Mesh.use_mirror_x:	   boolean  "X Axis mirror editing"
ID|Mesh.use_paint_mask:	   boolean  "Face selection masking for painting"
ID|Mesh.uv_texture_clone:	   pointer  "UV texture to be used as cloning source"
ID|Mesh.uv_texture_clone_index:	   int  "Clone UV texture index"
ID|Mesh.uv_texture_stencil:	   pointer  "UV texture to mask the painted area"
ID|Mesh.uv_texture_stencil_index:	   int  "Mask UV texture index"
ID|Mesh.uv_textures:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Mesh.vertex_colors:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Mesh.vertices:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Vertices of the mesh"
TODO MOVE TO ELEMENTS * ID|MetaBall.active_element:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Last selected element"
ID|MetaBall.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|MetaBall.elements:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Meta elements"
ID|MetaBall.materials:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|MetaBall.render_resolution:	   float  "Polygonization resolution in rendering"
ID|MetaBall.resolution:	   float  "Polygonization resolution in the 3D viewport"
ID|MetaBall.texspace_location:	   float[3]  "Texture space location"
ID|MetaBall.texspace_size:	   float[3]  "Texture space size"
ID|MetaBall.threshold:	   float  "Influence of meta elements"
ID|MetaBall.update_method:	   enum  "Metaball edit update behavior"
ID|MetaBall.use_auto_texspace:	   boolean  "Adjusts active objects texture space automatically when transforming object"
ID|NodeTree.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|NodeTree.grease_pencil:	   pointer  "Grease Pencil datablock"
ID|NodeTree.nodes:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Object.active_material:	   pointer  "Active material being displayed"
ID|Object.active_material_index:	   int  "Index of active material slot"
ID|Object.active_particle_system:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Active particle system being displayed"
ID|Object.active_particle_system_index:	   int  "Index of active particle system slot"
ID|Object.active_shape_key:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Current shape key"
ID|Object.active_shape_key_index:	   int  "Current shape key index"
ID|Object.active_vertex_group:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Vertex groups of the object"
ID|Object.active_vertex_group_index:	   int  "Active index in vertex group array"
ID|Object.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|Object.animation_visualisation:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|Object.bound_box:	   float[24],  "(read-only)    Objects bound box in object-space coordinates"
ID|Object.collision:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Settings for using the objects as a collider in physics simulation"
ID|Object.color:	   float[4]  "Object color and alpha, used when faces have the ObColor mode enabled"
ID|Object.constraints:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Constraints affecting the transformation of the object"
ID|	   pointer  "Object data"
ID|Object.delta_location:	   float[3]  "Extra translation added to the location of the object"
ID|Object.delta_rotation_euler:	   float[3]  "Extra rotation added to the rotation of the object (when using Euler rotations)"
ID|Object.delta_rotation_quaternion:	   float[4]  "Extra rotation added to the rotation of the object (when using Quaternion rotations)"
ID|Object.delta_scale:	   float[3]  "Extra scaling added to the scale of the object"
ID|Object.dimensions:	   float[3]  "Absolute bounding box dimensions of the object"
ID|Object.draw_bounds_type:	   enum  "Object boundary display type"
ID|Object.draw_type:	   enum  "Maximum draw type to display object with in viewport"
ID|Object.dupli_faces_scale:	   float  "Scale the DupliFace objects"
ID|Object.dupli_frames_end:	   int  "End frame for DupliFrames"
ID|Object.dupli_frames_off:	   int  "Recurring frames to exclude from the Dupliframes"
ID|Object.dupli_frames_on:	   int  "Number of frames to use between DupOff frames"
ID|Object.dupli_frames_start:	   int  "Start frame for DupliFrames"
ID|Object.dupli_group:	   pointer  "Instance an existing group"
ID|Object.dupli_list:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Object duplis"
ID|Object.dupli_type:	   enum  "If not None, object duplication method to use"
ID|Object.empty_draw_size:	   float  "Size of display for empties in the viewport"
ID|Object.empty_draw_type:	   enum  "Viewport display style for empties"
ID|Object.field:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Settings for using the objects as a field in physics simulation"
ID|	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Game engine related settings for the object"
ID|Object.grease_pencil:	   pointer  "Grease Pencil datablock"
ID|Object.hide:	   boolean  "Restrict visibility in the viewport"
ID|Object.hide_render:	   boolean  "Restrict renderability"
ID|Object.hide_select:	   boolean  "Restrict selection in the viewport"
ID|Object.is_duplicator:	   boolean,  "(read-only)"
ID|Object.layers:	   boolean[20]  "Layers the object is on"
ID|Object.location:	   float[3]  "Location of the object"
ID|Object.lock_location:	   boolean[3]  "Lock editing of location in the interface"
ID|Object.lock_rotation:	   boolean[3]  "Lock editing of rotation in the interface"
ID|Object.lock_rotation_w:	   boolean  "Lock editing of angle component of four-component rotations in the interface"
ID|Object.lock_rotations_4d:	   boolean  "Lock editing of four component rotations by components (instead of as Eulers)"
ID|Object.lock_scale:	   boolean[3]  "Lock editing of scale in the interface"
ID|Object.material_slots:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Material slots in the object"
ID|Object.matrix_local:	   float[16]  "Parent relative transformation matrix"
ID|Object.matrix_world:	   float[16]  "Worldspace transformation matrix"
ID|Object.mode:	   enum,  "(read-only)    Object interaction mode"
ID|Object.modifiers:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Modifiers affecting the geometric data of the object"
ID|Object.motion_path:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Motion Path for this element"
ID|Object.parent:	   pointer  "Parent Object"
ID|Object.parent_bone:	   string  "Name of parent bone in case of a bone parenting relation"
ID|Object.parent_type:	   enum  "Type of parent relation"
ID|Object.parent_vertices:	   int[3],  "(read-only)    Indices of vertices in cases of a vertex parenting relation"
ID|Object.particle_systems:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Particle systems emitted from the object"
ID|Object.pass_index:	   int  "Index  for the IndexOB render pass"
ID|Object.pose:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Current pose for armatures"
ID|Object.pose_library:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Action used as a pose library for armatures"
ID|Object.proxy:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Library object this proxy object controls"
ID|Object.proxy_group:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Library group duplicator object this proxy object controls"
ID|Object.rotation_axis_angle:	   float[4]  "Angle of Rotation for Axis-Angle rotation representation"
ID|Object.rotation_euler:	   float[3]  "Rotation in Eulers"
ID|Object.rotation_mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Object.rotation_quaternion:	   float[4]  "Rotation in Quaternions"
ID|Object.scale:	   float[3]  "Scaling of the object"
ID|	   boolean  "Object selection state"
ID|Object.show_axis:	   boolean  "Displays the objects origin and axis"
ID|Object.show_bounds:	   boolean  "Displays the objects bounds"
ID|Object.show_name:	   boolean  "Displays the objects name"
ID|Object.show_shape_key:	   boolean  "Always show the current Shape for this Object"
ID|Object.show_texture_space:	   boolean  "Displays the objects texture space"
ID|Object.show_transparent:	   boolean  "Enables transparent materials for the object (Mesh only)"
ID|Object.show_wire:	   boolean  "Adds the objects wireframe over solid drawing"
ID|Object.show_x_ray:	   boolean  "Makes the object draw in front of others"
ID|Object.soft_body:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Settings for soft body simulation"
ID|Object.time_offset:	   float  "Animation offset in frames for F-Curve and dupligroup instances"
ID|Object.track_axis:	   enum  "Axis that points in forward direction"
ID|Object.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)    Type of Object"
ID|Object.up_axis:	   enum  "Axis that points in the upward direction"
ID|Object.use_dupli_faces_scale:	   boolean  "Scale dupli based on face size"
ID|Object.use_dupli_frames_speed:	   boolean  "Set dupliframes to use the frame"
ID|Object.use_dupli_vertices_rotation:	   boolean  "Rotate dupli according to vertex normal"
ID|Object.use_shape_key_edit_mode:	   boolean  "Apply shape keys in edit mode (for Meshes only)"
ID|Object.use_slow_parent:	   boolean  "Create a delay in the parent relationship"
ID|Object.use_time_offset_add_parent:	   boolean  "Add the parents time offset value"
ID|Object.use_time_offset_edit:	   boolean  "Use time offset when inserting keys and display time offset for F-Curve and action views"
ID|Object.use_time_offset_parent:	   boolean  "Apply the time offset to this objects parent relationship"
ID|Object.use_time_offset_particle:	   boolean  "Let the time offset work on the particle effect"
ID|Object.vertex_groups:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Vertex groups of the object"
ID|ParticleSettings.active_dupliweight:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|ParticleSettings.active_dupliweight_index:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|ParticleSettings.adaptive_angle:	   int  "How many degrees path has to curve to make another render segment"
ID|ParticleSettings.adaptive_pixel:	   int  "How many pixels path has to cover to make another render segment"
ID|ParticleSettings.angular_velocity_factor:	   float  "Angular velocity amount"
ID|ParticleSettings.angular_velocity_mode:	   enum  "Particle angular velocity mode"
ID|ParticleSettings.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|ParticleSettings.apply_effector_to_children:	   boolean  "Apply effectors to children"
ID|ParticleSettings.apply_guide_to_children:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|ParticleSettings.billboard_align:	   enum  "In respect to what the billboards are aligned"
ID|ParticleSettings.billboard_animation:	   enum  "How to animate billboard textures"
ID|ParticleSettings.billboard_object:	   pointer  "Billboards face this object (default is active camera)"
ID|ParticleSettings.billboard_offset:	   float[2]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|ParticleSettings.billboard_offset_split:	   enum  "How to offset billboard textures"
ID|ParticleSettings.billboard_tilt:	   float  "Tilt of the billboards"
ID|ParticleSettings.billboard_tilt_random:	   float  "Random tilt of the billboards"
ID|ParticleSettings.billboard_uv_split:	   int  "Amount of rows/columns to split UV coordinates for billboards"
ID|ParticleSettings.boids:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|ParticleSettings.branch_threshold:	   float  "Threshold of branching"
ID|ParticleSettings.brownian_factor:	   float  "Specify the amount of Brownian motion"
ID|ParticleSettings.child_length:	   float  "Length of child paths"
ID|ParticleSettings.child_length_threshold:	   float  "Amount of particles left untouched by child path length"
ID|ParticleSettings.child_nbr:	   int  "Amount of children/parent"
ID|ParticleSettings.child_radius:	   float  "Radius of children around parent"
ID|ParticleSettings.child_roundness:	   float  "Roundness of children around parent"
ID|ParticleSettings.child_size:	   float  "A multiplier for the child particle size"
ID|ParticleSettings.child_size_random:	   float  "Random variation to the size of the child particles"
ID|ParticleSettings.child_type:	   enum  "Create child particles"
ID|ParticleSettings.clump_factor:	   float  "Amount of clumping"
ID|ParticleSettings.clump_shape:	   float  "Shape of clumping"
ID|ParticleSettings.count:	   int  "Total number of particles"
ID|ParticleSettings.damping:	   float  "Specify the amount of damping"
ID|ParticleSettings.distribution:	   enum  "How to distribute particles on selected element"
ID|ParticleSettings.drag_factor:	   float  "Specify the amount of air-drag"
ID|ParticleSettings.draw_method:	   enum  "How particles are drawn in viewport"
ID|ParticleSettings.draw_percentage:	   int  "Percentage of particles to display in 3D view"
ID|ParticleSettings.draw_size:	   int  "Size of particles on viewport in pixels (0=default)"
ID|ParticleSettings.draw_step:	   int  "How many steps paths are drawn with (power of 2)"
ID|ParticleSettings.dupli_group:	   pointer  "Show Objects in this Group in place of particles"
ID|ParticleSettings.dupli_object:	   pointer  "Show this Object in place of particles"
ID|ParticleSettings.dupli_weights:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Weights for all of the objects in the dupli group"
ID|ParticleSettings.effect_hair:	   float  "Hair stiffness for effectors"
ID|ParticleSettings.effector_weights:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|ParticleSettings.emit_from:	   enum  "Where to emit particles from"
ID|ParticleSettings.factor_random:	   float  "Give the starting speed a random variation"
ID|ParticleSettings.fluid:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|ParticleSettings.force_field_1:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|ParticleSettings.force_field_2:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|ParticleSettings.frame_end:	   float  "Frame  to stop emitting particles"
ID|ParticleSettings.frame_start:	   float  "Frame  to start emitting particles"
ID|ParticleSettings.grid_resolution:	   int  "The resolution of the particle grid"
ID|ParticleSettings.hair_step:	   int  "Number of hair segments"
ID|ParticleSettings.integrator:	   enum  "Select physics integrator type"
ID|ParticleSettings.invert_grid:	   boolean  "Invert what is considered object and what is not"
ID|ParticleSettings.jitter_factor:	   float  "Amount of jitter applied to the sampling"
ID|ParticleSettings.keyed_loops:	   int  "Number of times the keys are looped"
ID|ParticleSettings.keys_step:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|ParticleSettings.kink:	   enum  "Type of periodic offset on the path"
ID|ParticleSettings.kink_amplitude:	   float  "The amplitude of the offset"
ID|ParticleSettings.kink_axis:	   enum  "Which axis to use for offset"
ID|ParticleSettings.kink_frequency:	   float  "The frequency of the offset (1/total length)"
ID|ParticleSettings.kink_shape:	   float  "Adjust the offset to the beginning/end"
ID|ParticleSettings.length_random:	   float  "Give path length a random variation"
ID|ParticleSettings.lifetime:	   float  "Specify the life span of the particles"
ID|ParticleSettings.lifetime_random:	   float  "Give the particle life a random variation"
ID|ParticleSettings.line_length_head:	   float  "Length of the lines head"
ID|ParticleSettings.line_length_tail:	   float  "Length of the lines tail"
ID|ParticleSettings.lock_billboard:	   boolean  "Lock the billboards align axis"
ID|ParticleSettings.lock_boids_to_surface:	   boolean  "Constrain boids to a surface"
ID|ParticleSettings.mass:	   float  "Specify the mass of the particles"
ID|ParticleSettings.material:	   int  "Specify material used for the particles"
ID|ParticleSettings.normal_factor:	   float  "Let the surface normal give the particle a starting speed"
ID|ParticleSettings.object_align_factor:	   float[3]  "Let the emitter object orientation give the particle a starting speed"
ID|ParticleSettings.object_factor:	   float  "Let the object give the particle a starting speed"
ID|ParticleSettings.particle_factor:	   float  "Let the target particle give the particle a starting speed"
ID|ParticleSettings.particle_size:	   float  "The size of the particles"
ID|ParticleSettings.path_end:	   float  "End time of drawn path"
ID|ParticleSettings.path_start:	   float  "Starting time of drawn path"
ID|ParticleSettings.phase_factor:	   float  "Initial rotation phase"
ID|ParticleSettings.phase_factor_random:	   float  "Randomize rotation phase"
ID|ParticleSettings.physics_type:	   enum  "Particle physics type"
ID|ParticleSettings.react_event:	   enum  "The event of target particles to react on"
ID|ParticleSettings.reaction_shape:	   float  "Power of reaction strength dependence on distance to target"
ID|ParticleSettings.reactor_factor:	   float  "Let the vector away from the target particles location give the particle a starting speed"
ID|ParticleSettings.render_step:	   int  "How many steps paths are rendered with (power of 2)"
ID|ParticleSettings.render_type:	   enum  "How particles are rendered"
ID|ParticleSettings.rendered_child_count:	   int  "Amount of children/parent for rendering"
ID|ParticleSettings.rotation_factor_random:	   float  "Randomize rotation"
ID|ParticleSettings.rotation_mode:	   enum  "Particles initial rotation"
ID|ParticleSettings.roughness_1:	   float  "Amount of location dependent rough"
ID|ParticleSettings.roughness_1_size:	   float  "Size of location dependent rough"
ID|ParticleSettings.roughness_2:	   float  "Amount of random rough"
ID|ParticleSettings.roughness_2_size:	   float  "Size of random rough"
ID|ParticleSettings.roughness_2_threshold:	   float  "Amount of particles left untouched by random rough"
ID|ParticleSettings.roughness_end_shape:	   float  "Shape of end point rough"
ID|ParticleSettings.roughness_endpoint:	   float  "Amount of end point rough"
ID|ParticleSettings.show_health:	   boolean  "Draw boid health"
ID|ParticleSettings.show_material_color:	   boolean  "Draw particles using materials diffuse color"
ID|ParticleSettings.show_number:	   boolean  "Show particle number"
ID|ParticleSettings.show_size:	   boolean  "Show particle size"
ID|ParticleSettings.show_unborn:	   boolean  "Show particles before they are emitted"
ID|ParticleSettings.show_velocity:	   boolean  "Show particle velocity"
ID|ParticleSettings.simplify_rate:	   float  "Speed of simplification"
ID|ParticleSettings.simplify_refsize:	   int  "Reference size in pixels, after which simplification begins"
ID|ParticleSettings.simplify_transition:	   float  "Transition period for fading out strands"
ID|ParticleSettings.simplify_viewport:	   float  "Speed of Simplification"
ID|ParticleSettings.size_random:	   float  "Give the particle size a random variation"
ID|ParticleSettings.subframes:	   int  "Subframes to simulate for improved stability and finer granularity simulations"
ID|ParticleSettings.tangent_factor:	   float  "Let the surface tangent give the particle a starting speed"
ID|ParticleSettings.tangent_phase:	   float  "Rotate the surface tangent"
ID|ParticleSettings.time_tweak:	   float  "A multiplier for physics timestep (1.0 means one frame = 1/25 seconds)"
ID|ParticleSettings.trail_count:	   int  "Number of trail particles"
ID|ParticleSettings.type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_absolute_path_time:	   boolean  "Path timing is in absolute frames"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_animate_branching:	   boolean  "Animate branching"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_branching:	   boolean  "Branch child paths from each other"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_dead:	   boolean  "Show particles after they have died"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_die_on_collision:	   boolean  "Particles die when they collide with a deflector object"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_dynamic_rotation:	   boolean  "Sets rotation to dynamic/constant"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_emit_random:	   boolean  "Emit in random order of elements"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_even_distribution:	   boolean  "Use even distribution from faces based on face areas or edge lengths"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_global_dupli:	   boolean  "Use objects global coordinates for duplication"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_group_count:	   boolean  "Use object multiple times in the same group"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_group_pick_random:	   boolean  "Pick objects from group randomly"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_hair_bspline:	   boolean  "Interpolate hair using B-Splines"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_multiply_size_mass:	   boolean  "Multiply mass by particle size"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_parent_particles:	   boolean  "Render parent particles"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_react_multiple:	   boolean  "React multiple times"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_react_start_end:	   boolean  "Give birth to unreacted particles eventually"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_render_adaptive:	   boolean  "Draw steps of the particle path"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_render_emitter:	   boolean  "Render emitter Object also"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_self_effect:	   boolean  "Particle effectors effect themselves"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_simplify:	   boolean  "Remove child strands as the object becomes smaller on the screen"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_simplify_viewport:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_size_deflect:	   boolean  "Use particles size in deflection"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_strand_primitive:	   boolean  "Use the strand primitive for rendering"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_symmetric_branching:	   boolean  "Start and end points are the same"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_velocity_length:	   boolean  "Multiply line length by particle speed"
ID|ParticleSettings.use_whole_group:	   boolean  "Use whole group at once"
ID|ParticleSettings.userjit:	   int  "Emission locations / face (0 = automatic)"
ID|ParticleSettings.virtual_parents:	   float  "Relative amount of virtual parents"
ID|Scene.active_keying_set:	   pointer  "Active Keying Set used to insert/delete keyframes"
ID|Scene.active_keying_set_index:	   int  "Current Keying Set index (negative for builtin and positive for absolute)"
ID|Scene.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|Scene.audio_distance_model:	   enum  "Distance model for distance attenuation calculation"
ID|Scene.audio_doppler_factor:	   float  "Pitch factor for Doppler effect calculation"
ID|Scene.audio_doppler_speed:	   float  "Speed of sound for Doppler effect calculation"
ID|Scene.background_set:	   pointer  "Background set scene"
ID|	   pointer  "Active camera used for rendering the scene"
ID|Scene.cursor_location:	   float[3]  "3D cursor location"
ID|Scene.frame_current:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Scene.frame_end:	   int  "Final frame of the playback/rendering range"
ID|Scene.frame_preview_end:	   int  "Alternative end frame for UI playback"
ID|Scene.frame_preview_start:	   int  "Alternative start frame for UI playback"
ID|Scene.frame_start:	   int  "First frame of the playback/rendering range"
ID|Scene.frame_step:	   int  "Number of frames to skip forward while rendering/playing back each frame"
ID|Scene.game_settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|Scene.gravity:	   float[3]  "Constant acceleration in a given direction"
ID|Scene.grease_pencil:	   pointer  "Grease Pencil datablock"
ID|Scene.is_nla_tweakmode:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Indicates whether there is any action referenced by NLA being edited. Strictly read-only"
ID|Scene.keying_sets:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Absolute Keying Sets for this Scene"
ID|Scene.keying_sets_all:	   collection,  "(read-only)    All Keying Sets available for use (builtins and Absolute Keying Sets for this Scene)"
ID|Scene.layers:	   boolean[20]  "Layers visible when rendering the scene"
ID|Scene.network_render:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Network Render Settings"
ID|Scene.nodetree:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Compositing node tree"
ID|Scene.object_bases:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Scene.objects:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Scene.orientations:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ID|Scene.pose_templates:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Pose Template Settings"
ID|Scene.render:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|Scene.sequence_editor:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|Scene.sync_mode:	   enum  "How to sync playback"
ID|Scene.timeline_markers:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Markers used in all timelines for the current scene"
ID|Scene.tool_settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|Scene.unit_settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Unit editing settings"
ID|Scene.use_audio:	   boolean  "Play back of audio from Sequence Editor will be muted"
ID|Scene.use_audio_scrub:	   boolean  "Play audio from Sequence Editor while scrubbing"
ID|Scene.use_audio_sync:	   boolean  "Play back and sync with audio clock, dropping frames if frame display is too slow"
ID|Scene.use_frame_drop:	   boolean  "Play back dropping frames if frame display is too slow"
ID|Scene.use_gravity:	   boolean  "Use global gravity for all dynamics"
ID|Scene.use_nodes:	   boolean  "Enable the compositing node tree"
ID|Scene.use_preview_range:	   boolean  "Use an alternative start/end frame for UI playback, rather than the scene start/end frame"
ID|Scene.use_stamp_note:	   string  "User define note for the render stamping"
ID|	   pointer  "World used for rendering the scene"
ID|Screen.areas:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Areas the screen is subdivided into"
ID|Screen.is_animation_playing:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Animation playback is active"
ID|Screen.scene:	   pointer  "Active scene to be edited in the screen"
ID|Screen.show_fullscreen:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    An area is maximised, filling this screen"
ID|Sound.filepath:	   string  "Sound sample file used by this Sound datablock"
ID|Sound.packed_file:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|Sound.use_memory_cache:	   boolean  "The sound file is decoded and loaded into RAM"
ID|Text.current_character:	   int,  "(read-only)    Index of current character in current line, and also start index of character in selection if one exists"
ID|Text.current_line:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Current line, and start line of selection if one exists"
ID|Text.filepath:	   string  "Filename of the text file"
ID|Text.is_dirty:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Text file has been edited since last save"
ID|Text.is_in_memory:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Text file is in memory, without a corresponding file on disk"
ID|Text.is_modified:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Text file on disk is different than the one in memory"
ID|Text.lines:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Lines of text"
ID|Text.markers:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Text markers highlighting part of the text"
ID|Text.select_end_character:	   int,  "(read-only)    Index of character after end of selection in the selection end line"
ID|Text.select_end_line:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    End line of selection"
ID|Text.use_module:	   boolean  "Register this text as a module on loading, Text name must end with .py"
ID|Text.use_tabs_as_spaces:	   boolean  "Automatically converts all new tabs into spaces"
ID|Texture.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|Texture.color_ramp:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|Texture.contrast:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
+TODO MAKE COLOR * ID|Texture.factor_blue:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
+TODO MAKE COLOR * ID|Texture.factor_green:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
+TODO MAKE COLOR * ID|Texture.factor_red:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture.intensity:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture.node_tree:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Node tree for node-based textures"
ID|Texture.saturation:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture.type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture.use_color_ramp:	   boolean  "Toggle color ramp operations"
ID|Texture.use_nodes:	   boolean  "Make this a node-based texture"
ID|Texture.use_preview_alpha:	   boolean  "Show Alpha in Preview Render"
ID|Texture|BlendTexture.progression:	   enum  "Sets the style of the color blending"
ID|Texture|BlendTexture.use_flip_axis:	   enum  "Flips the textures X and Y axis"
ID|Texture|CloudsTexture.cloud_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|CloudsTexture.nabla:	   float  "Size of derivative offset used for calculating normal"
ID|Texture|CloudsTexture.noise_basis:	   enum  "Sets the noise basis used for turbulence"
ID|Texture|CloudsTexture.noise_depth:	   int  "Sets the depth of the cloud calculation"
ID|Texture|CloudsTexture.noise_scale:	   float  "Sets scaling for noise input"
ID|Texture|CloudsTexture.noise_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|DistortedNoiseTexture.distortion:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|DistortedNoiseTexture.nabla:	   float  "Size of derivative offset used for calculating normal"
ID|Texture|DistortedNoiseTexture.noise_basis:	   enum  "Sets the noise basis used for turbulence"
ID|Texture|DistortedNoiseTexture.noise_distortion:	   enum  "Sets the noise basis for the distortion"
ID|Texture|DistortedNoiseTexture.noise_scale:	   float  "Sets scaling for noise input"
ID|Texture|EnvironmentMapTexture.environment_map:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Gets the environment map associated with this texture"
ID|Texture|EnvironmentMapTexture.filter_eccentricity:	   int  "Maximum eccentricity. Higher gives less blur at distant/oblique angles, but is also slower"
ID|Texture|EnvironmentMapTexture.filter_probes:	   int  "Maximum number of samples. Higher gives less blur at distant/oblique angles, but is also slower"
ID|Texture|EnvironmentMapTexture.filter_size:	   float  "Multiplies the filter size used by MIP Map and Interpolation"
ID|Texture|EnvironmentMapTexture.filter_type:	   enum  "Texture filter to use for sampling image"
ID|Texture|EnvironmentMapTexture.image:	   pointer  "Source image file to read the environment map from"
ID|Texture|EnvironmentMapTexture.image_user:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Parameters defining which layer, pass and frame of the image is displayed"
ID|Texture|EnvironmentMapTexture.use_filter_size_min:	   boolean  "Use Filter Size as a minimal filter value in pixels"
ID|Texture|EnvironmentMapTexture.use_mipmap:	   boolean  "Uses auto-generated MIP maps for the image"
ID|Texture|EnvironmentMapTexture.use_mipmap_gauss:	   boolean  "Uses Gauss filter to sample down MIP maps"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.checker_distance:	   float  "Sets distance between checker tiles"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.crop_max_x:	   float  "Sets maximum X value to crop the image"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.crop_max_y:	   float  "Sets maximum Y value to crop the image"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.crop_min_x:	   float  "Sets minimum X value to crop the image"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.crop_min_y:	   float  "Sets minimum Y value to crop the image"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.extension:	   enum  "Sets how the image is extrapolated past its original bounds"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.filter_eccentricity:	   int  "Maximum eccentricity. Higher gives less blur at distant/oblique angles, but is also slower"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.filter_probes:	   int  "Maximum number of samples. Higher gives less blur at distant/oblique angles, but is also slower"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.filter_size:	   float  "Multiplies the filter size used by MIP Map and Interpolation"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.filter_type:	   enum  "Texture filter to use for sampling image"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.image:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.image_user:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Parameters defining which layer, pass and frame of the image is displayed"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.invert_alpha:	   boolean  "Inverts all the alpha values in the image"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.normal_space:	   enum  "Sets space of normal map image"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.repeat_x:	   int  "Sets a repetition multiplier in the X direction"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.repeat_y:	   int  "Sets a repetition multiplier in the Y direction"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.use_alpha:	   boolean  "Uses the alpha channel information in the image"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.use_calculate_alpha:	   boolean  "Calculates an alpha channel based on RGB values in the image"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.use_checker_even:	   boolean  "Sets even checker tiles"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.use_checker_odd:	   boolean  "Sets odd checker tiles"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.use_filter_size_min:	   boolean  "Use Filter Size as a minimal filter value in pixels"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.use_flip_axis:	   boolean  "Flips the textures X and Y axis"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.use_interpolation:	   boolean  "Interpolates pixels using Area filter"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.use_mipmap:	   boolean  "Uses auto-generated MIP maps for the image"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.use_mipmap_gauss:	   boolean  "Uses Gauss filter to sample down MIP maps"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.use_mirror_x:	   boolean  "Mirrors the image repetition on the X direction"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.use_mirror_y:	   boolean  "Mirrors the image repetition on the Y direction"
ID|Texture|ImageTexture.use_normal_map:	   boolean  "Uses image RGB values for normal mapping"
ID|Texture|MagicTexture.noise_depth:	   int  "Sets the depth of the cloud calculation"
ID|Texture|MagicTexture.turbulence:	   float  "Sets the turbulence of the bandnoise and ringnoise types"
ID|Texture|MarbleTexture.marble_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|MarbleTexture.nabla:	   float  "Size of derivative offset used for calculating normal"
ID|Texture|MarbleTexture.noise_basis:	   enum  "Sets the noise basis used for turbulence"
ID|Texture|MarbleTexture.noise_depth:	   int  "Sets the depth of the cloud calculation"
ID|Texture|MarbleTexture.noise_scale:	   float  "Sets scaling for noise input"
ID|Texture|MarbleTexture.noise_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|MarbleTexture.noisebasis_2:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|MarbleTexture.turbulence:	   float  "Sets the turbulence of the bandnoise and ringnoise types"
ID|Texture|MusgraveTexture.dimension_max:	   float  "Highest fractal dimension"
ID|Texture|MusgraveTexture.gain:	   float  "The gain multiplier"
ID|Texture|MusgraveTexture.lacunarity:	   float  "Gap between successive frequencies"
ID|Texture|MusgraveTexture.musgrave_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|MusgraveTexture.nabla:	   float  "Size of derivative offset used for calculating normal"
ID|Texture|MusgraveTexture.noise_basis:	   enum  "Sets the noise basis used for turbulence"
ID|Texture|MusgraveTexture.noise_intensity:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|MusgraveTexture.noise_scale:	   float  "Sets scaling for noise input"
ID|Texture|MusgraveTexture.octaves:	   float  "Number of frequencies used"
ID|Texture|MusgraveTexture.offset:	   float  "The fractal offset"
ID|Texture|PointDensityTexture.point_density:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    The point density settings associated with this texture"
ID|Texture|StucciTexture.noise_basis:	   enum  "Sets the noise basis used for turbulence"
ID|Texture|StucciTexture.noise_scale:	   float  "Sets scaling for noise input"
ID|Texture|StucciTexture.noise_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|StucciTexture.stucci_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|StucciTexture.turbulence:	   float  "Sets the turbulence of the bandnoise and ringnoise types"
ID|Texture|VoronoiTexture.color_mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|VoronoiTexture.distance_metric:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|VoronoiTexture.minkovsky_exponent:	   float  "Minkovsky exponent"
ID|Texture|VoronoiTexture.nabla:	   float  "Size of derivative offset used for calculating normal"
ID|Texture|VoronoiTexture.noise_intensity:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|VoronoiTexture.noise_scale:	   float  "Sets scaling for noise input"
ID|Texture|VoronoiTexture.weight_1:	   float  "Voronoi feature weight 1"
ID|Texture|VoronoiTexture.weight_2:	   float  "Voronoi feature weight 2"
ID|Texture|VoronoiTexture.weight_3:	   float  "Voronoi feature weight 3"
ID|Texture|VoronoiTexture.weight_4:	   float  "Voronoi feature weight 4"
ID|Texture|VoxelDataTexture.image:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|VoxelDataTexture.image_user:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Parameters defining which layer, pass and frame of the image is displayed"
ID|Texture|VoxelDataTexture.voxel_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    The voxel data associated with this texture"
ID|Texture|WoodTexture.nabla:	   float  "Size of derivative offset used for calculating normal"
ID|Texture|WoodTexture.noise_basis:	   enum  "Sets the noise basis used for turbulence"
ID|Texture|WoodTexture.noise_scale:	   float  "Sets scaling for noise input"
ID|Texture|WoodTexture.noise_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|WoodTexture.noisebasis_2:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|Texture|WoodTexture.turbulence:	   float  "Sets the turbulence of the bandnoise and ringnoise types"
ID|Texture|WoodTexture.wood_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|VectorFont.filepath:	   string,  "(read-only)"
ID|VectorFont.packed_file:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
TODO, move into collectin * ID|WindowManager.active_keyconfig:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|WindowManager.default_keyconfig:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ID|WindowManager.keyconfigs:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Registered key configurations"
ID|WindowManager.operators:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Operator registry"
ID|	   collection,  "(read-only)    Open windows"
ID|World.active_texture:	   pointer  "Active texture slot being displayed"
ID|World.active_texture_index:	   int  "Index of active texture slot"
ID|World.ambient_color:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ID|World.animation_data:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
ID|World.color_range:	   float  "The color range that will be mapped to 0-1"
ID|World.exposure:	   float  "Amount of exponential color correction for light"
ID|World.horizon_color:	   float[3]  "Color at the horizon"
ID|World.light_settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    World lighting settings"
ID|World.mist_settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    World mist settings"
ID|World.star_settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    World stars settings"
ID|World.texture_slots:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Texture slots defining the mapping and influence of textures"
ID|World.use_sky_blend:	   boolean  "Render background with natural progression from horizon to zenith"
ID|World.use_sky_paper:	   boolean  "Flatten blend or texture coordinates"
ID|World.use_sky_real:	   boolean  "Render background with a real horizon, relative to the camera angle"
ID|World.zenith_color:	   float[3]  "Color at the zenith"
IKParam.ik_solver:	   enum,  "(read-only)    IK solver for which these parameters are defined, 0 for Legacy, 1 for iTaSC"
IKParam|Itasc.damping_epsilon:	   float  "Singular value under which damping is progressively applied. Higher values=more stability, less reactivity. Default=0.1"
IKParam|Itasc.damping_max:	   float  "Maximum damping coefficient when singular value is nearly 0. Higher values=more stability, less reactivity. Default=0.5"
IKParam|	   float  "Feedback coefficient for error correction. Average response time=1/feedback. Default=20"
IKParam|Itasc.iterations:	   int  "Maximum number of iterations for convergence in case of reiteration"
IKParam|Itasc.mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
IKParam|Itasc.precision:	   float  "Precision of convergence in case of reiteration"
IKParam|Itasc.reiteration_method:	   enum  "Defines if the solver is allowed to reiterate (converges until precision is met) on none, first or all frames"
IKParam|Itasc.solver:	   enum  "Solving method selection: Automatic damping or manual damping"
IKParam|Itasc.step_count:	   int  "Divides the frame interval into this many steps"
IKParam|Itasc.step_max:	   float  "Higher bound for timestep in second in case of automatic substeps"
IKParam|Itasc.step_min:	   float  "Lower bound for timestep in second in case of automatic substeps"
IKParam|Itasc.use_auto_step:	   boolean  "Automatically determine the optimal number of steps for best performance/accuracy trade off"
IKParam|Itasc.velocity_max:	   float  "Maximum joint velocity in rad/s. Default=50"
ImageUser.fields_per_frame:	   int  "The number of fields per rendered frame (2 fields is 1 image)"
ImageUser.frame_duration:	   int  "Sets the number of images of a movie to use"
ImageUser.frame_offset:	   int  "Offsets the number of the frame to use in the animation"
ImageUser.frame_start:	   int  "Sets the global starting frame of the movie"
ImageUser.multilayer_layer:	   int,  "(read-only)    Layer in multilayer image"
ImageUser.multilayer_pass:	   int,  "(read-only)    Pass in multilayer image"
ImageUser.use_auto_refresh:	   boolean  "Always refresh image on frame changes"
ImageUser.use_cyclic:	   boolean  "Cycle the images in the movie"
KeyConfig.is_user_defined:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Indicates that a keyconfig was defined by the user"
KeyConfig.keymaps:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Key maps configured as part of this configuration"	   string  "Name of the key configuration"
KeyMap.is_modal:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Indicates that a keymap is used for translate modal events for an operator"
KeyMap.is_user_defined:	   boolean  "Keymap is defined by the user"
KeyMap.items:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Items in the keymap, linking an operator to an input event"	   string,  "(read-only)    Name of the key map"
KeyMap.region_type:	   enum,  "(read-only)    Optional region type keymap is associated with"
KeyMap.show_expanded_children:	   boolean  "Children expanded in the user interface"
KeyMap.show_expanded_items:	   boolean  "Expanded in the user interface"
KeyMap.space_type:	   enum,  "(read-only)    Optional space type keymap is associated with"
TODO MOVE TO COLLECTION *	   boolean  "Activate or deactivate item"	   int,  "(read-only)    ID of the item"
KeyMapItem.idname:	   string  "Identifier of operator to call on input event"
KeyMapItem.key_modifier:	   enum  "Regular key pressed as a modifier"
KeyMapItem.map_type:	   enum  "Type of event mapping"	   string,  "(read-only)    Name of operator to call on input event"
 + * KeyMapItem.alt:	   boolean  "Alt key pressed"
 + * KeyMapItem.any:	   boolean  "Any modifier keys pressed"
 + * KeyMapItem.ctrl:	   boolean  "Control key pressed"
 + * KeyMapItem.oskey:	   boolean  "Operating system key pressed"
 + * KeyMapItem.shift:	   boolean  "Shift key pressed"	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Properties to set when the operator is called"
TODO * KeyMapItem.propvalue:	   enum  "The value this event translates to in a modal keymap"
KeyMapItem.show_expanded:	   boolean  "Show key map event and property details in the user interface"
KeyMapItem.type:	   enum  "Type of event"
KeyMapItem.value:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   float[2]  "Coordinates of the control point"
Keyframe.handle_left:	   float[2]  "Coordinates of the first handle"
Keyframe.handle_left_type:	   enum  "Handle types"
Keyframe.handle_right:	   float[2]  "Coordinates of the second handle"
Keyframe.handle_right_type:	   enum  "Handle types"
Keyframe.interpolation:	   enum  "Interpolation method to use for segment of the curve from this Keyframe until the next Keyframe"
Keyframe.select_control_point:	   boolean  "Control point selection status"
Keyframe.select_left_handle:	   boolean  "Handle 1 selection status"
Keyframe.select_right_handle:	   boolean  "Handle 2 selection status"
Keyframe.type:	   enum  "The type of keyframe"
TODO MOVE TO COLLECTION * KeyingSet.active_path:	   pointer  "Active Keying Set used to insert/delete keyframes"
KeyingSet.active_path_index:	   int  "Current Keying Set index"
KeyingSet.is_path_absolute:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Keying Set defines specific paths/settings to be keyframed (i.e. is not reliant on context info)"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
KeyingSet.paths:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Keying Set Paths to define settings that get keyframed together"
KeyingSet.type_info:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Callback function defines for built-in Keying Sets"
KeyingSet.use_insertkey_needed:	   boolean  "Only insert keyframes where theyre needed in the relevant F-Curves"
KeyingSet.use_insertkey_visual:	   boolean  "Insert keyframes based on visual transforms"
KeyingSet.use_insertkey_xyz_to_rgb:	   boolean  "Color for newly added transformation F-Curves (Location, Rotation, Scale) and also Color is based on the transform axis"
KeyingSetInfo.bl_idname:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
KeyingSetInfo.bl_label:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
KeyingSetInfo.use_insertkey_needed:	   boolean  "Only insert keyframes where theyre needed in the relevant F-Curves"
KeyingSetInfo.use_insertkey_visual:	   boolean  "Insert keyframes based on visual transforms"
KeyingSetInfo.use_insertkey_xyz_to_rgb:	   boolean  "Color for newly added transformation F-Curves (Location, Rotation, Scale) and also Color is based on the transform axis"
KeyingSetPath.array_index:	   int  "Index to the specific setting if applicable"
KeyingSetPath.data_path:	   string  "Path to property setting"	   string  "Name of Action Group to assign setting(s) for this path to"
KeyingSetPath.group_method:	   enum  "Method used to define which Group-name to use"	   pointer  "ID-Block that keyframes for Keying Set should be added to (for Absolute Keying Sets only)"
KeyingSetPath.id_type:	   enum  "Type of ID-block that can be used"
KeyingSetPath.use_entire_array:	   boolean  "When an array/vector type is chosen (Location, Rotation, Color, etc.), entire array is to be used"
KeyingSetPath.use_insertkey_needed:	   boolean  "Only insert keyframes where theyre needed in the relevant F-Curves"
KeyingSetPath.use_insertkey_visual:	   boolean  "Insert keyframes based on visual transforms"
KeyingSetPath.use_insertkey_xyz_to_rgb:	   boolean  "Color for newly added transformation F-Curves (Location, Rotation, Scale) and also Color is based on the transform axis"
LampSkySettings.atmosphere_distance_factor:	   float  "Multiplier to convert blender units to physical distance"
LampSkySettings.atmosphere_extinction:	   float  "Extinction scattering contribution factor"
LampSkySettings.atmosphere_inscattering:	   float  "Scatter contribution factor"
LampSkySettings.atmosphere_turbidity:	   float  "Sky turbidity"
LampSkySettings.backscattered_light:	   float  "Backscattered light"
LampSkySettings.horizon_brightness:	   float  "Horizon brightness"
LampSkySettings.sky_blend:	   float  "Blend factor with sky"
LampSkySettings.sky_blend_type:	   enum  "Blend mode for combining sun sky with world sky"
LampSkySettings.sky_color_space:	   enum  "Color space to use for internal XYZ->RGB color conversion"
LampSkySettings.sky_exposure:	   float  "Strength of sky shading exponential exposure correction"
LampSkySettings.spread:	   float  "Horizon Spread"
LampSkySettings.sun_brightness:	   float  "Sun brightness"
LampSkySettings.sun_intensity:	   float  "Sun intensity"
LampSkySettings.sun_size:	   float  "Sun size"
LampSkySettings.use_atmosphere:	   boolean  "Apply sun effect on atmosphere"
LampSkySettings.use_sky:	   boolean  "Apply sun effect on sky"	   float[3],  "(read-only)"
LatticePoint.co_deform:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
LatticePoint.groups:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Weights for the vertex groups this point is member of"
Macro.bl_description:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Macro.bl_idname:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Macro.bl_label:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Macro.bl_options:	   enum  "Options for this operator type"	   string,  "(read-only)"	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Main.actions:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Action datablocks."
Main.armatures:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Armature datablocks."
Main.brushes:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Brush datablocks."
Main.cameras:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Camera datablocks."
Main.curves:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Curve datablocks."
Main.filepath:	   string,  "(read-only)    Path to the .blend file"
Main.fonts:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Vector font datablocks."
Main.grease_pencil:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Grease Pencil datablocks."
Main.groups:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Group datablocks."
Main.images:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Image datablocks."
Main.is_dirty:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Has the current session been saved to disk as a .blend file"
Main.lamps:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Lamp datablocks."
Main.lattices:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Lattice datablocks."
Main.libraries:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Library datablocks."
Main.materials:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Material datablocks."
Main.meshes:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Mesh datablocks."
Main.metaballs:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Metaball datablocks."
Main.node_groups:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Node group datablocks."
Main.objects:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Object datablocks."
Main.particles:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Particle datablocks."
Main.scenes:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Scene datablocks."
Main.screens:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Screen datablocks."
Main.scripts:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Script datablocks (DEPRECATED)."
 + * Main.debug:	   boolean  "Print debugging information in console"
Main.sounds:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Sound datablocks."
Main.texts:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Text datablocks."
Main.textures:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Texture datablocks."
Main.window_managers:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Window manager datablocks."
Main.worlds:	   collection,  "(read-only)    World datablocks."
MaterialHalo.add:	   float  "Sets the strength of the add effect"
MaterialHalo.flare_boost:	   float  "Gives the flare extra strength"
MaterialHalo.flare_seed:	   int  "Specifies an offset in the flare seed table"
MaterialHalo.flare_size:	   float  "Sets the factor by which the flare is larger than the halo"
MaterialHalo.flare_subflare_count:	   int  "Sets the number of subflares"
MaterialHalo.flare_subflare_size:	   float  "Sets the dimension of the subflares, dots and circles"
MaterialHalo.hardness:	   int  "Sets the hardness of the halo"
MaterialHalo.line_count:	   int  "Sets the number of star shaped lines rendered over the halo"
MaterialHalo.ring_count:	   int  "Sets the number of rings rendered over the halo"
MaterialHalo.seed:	   int  "Randomizes ring dimension and line location"
MaterialHalo.show_shaded:	   boolean  "Lets halo receive light and shadows from external objects"
MaterialHalo.size:	   float  "Sets the dimension of the halo"
MaterialHalo.star_tip_count:	   int  "Sets the number of points on the star shaped halo"
MaterialHalo.use_extreme_alpha:	   boolean  "Uses extreme alpha"
MaterialHalo.use_flare_mode:	   boolean  "Renders halo as a lensflare"
MaterialHalo.use_lines:	   boolean  "Renders star shaped lines over halo"
MaterialHalo.use_ring:	   boolean  "Renders rings over halo"
MaterialHalo.use_soft:	   boolean  "Softens the edges of halos at intersections with other geometry"
MaterialHalo.use_star:	   boolean  "Renders halo as a star"
MaterialHalo.use_texture:	   boolean  "Gives halo a texture"
MaterialHalo.use_vertex_normal:	   boolean  "Uses the vertex normal to specify the dimension of the halo"
MaterialPhysics.damping:	   float  "Damping of the spring force, when inside the physics distance area"
MaterialPhysics.distance:	   float  "Distance of the physics area"
MaterialPhysics.elasticity:	   float  "Elasticity of collisions"
MaterialPhysics.force:	   float  "Upward spring force, when inside the physics distance area"
MaterialPhysics.friction:	   float  "Coulomb friction coefficient, when inside the physics distance area"
MaterialPhysics.use_normal_align:	   boolean  "Align dynamic game objects along the surface normal, when inside the physics distance area"
MaterialRaytraceMirror.depth:	   int  "Maximum allowed number of light inter-reflections"
MaterialRaytraceMirror.distance:	   float  "Maximum distance of reflected rays. Reflections further than this range fade to sky color or material color"
MaterialRaytraceMirror.fade_to:	   enum  "The color that rays with no intersection within the Max Distance take. Material color can be best for indoor scenes, sky color for outdoor"
MaterialRaytraceMirror.fresnel:	   float  "Power of Fresnel for mirror reflection"
MaterialRaytraceMirror.fresnel_factor:	   float  "Blending factor for Fresnel"
MaterialRaytraceMirror.gloss_anisotropic:	   float  "The shape of the reflection, from 0.0 (circular) to 1.0 (fully stretched along the tangent"
MaterialRaytraceMirror.gloss_factor:	   float  "The shininess of the reflection. Values < 1.0 give diffuse, blurry reflections"
MaterialRaytraceMirror.gloss_samples:	   int  "Number of cone samples averaged for blurry reflections"
MaterialRaytraceMirror.gloss_threshold:	   float  "Threshold for adaptive sampling. If a sample contributes less than this amount (as a percentage), sampling is stopped"
MaterialRaytraceMirror.reflect_factor:	   float  "Sets the amount mirror reflection for raytrace"
MaterialRaytraceMirror.use:	   boolean  "Enable raytraced reflections"
MaterialRaytraceTransparency.depth:	   int  "Maximum allowed number of light inter-refractions"
MaterialRaytraceTransparency.depth_max:	   float  "Maximum depth for light to travel through the transparent material before becoming fully filtered (0.0 is disabled)"
MaterialRaytraceTransparency.falloff:	   float  "Falloff power for transmissivity filter effect (1.0 is linear)"
MaterialRaytraceTransparency.filter:	   float  "Amount to blend in the materials diffuse color in raytraced transparency (simulating absorption)"
MaterialRaytraceTransparency.fresnel:	   float  "Power of Fresnel for transparency (Ray or ZTransp)"
MaterialRaytraceTransparency.fresnel_factor:	   float  "Blending factor for Fresnel"
MaterialRaytraceTransparency.gloss_factor:	   float  "The clarity of the refraction. Values < 1.0 give diffuse, blurry refractions"
MaterialRaytraceTransparency.gloss_samples:	   int  "Number of cone samples averaged for blurry refractions"
MaterialRaytraceTransparency.gloss_threshold:	   float  "Threshold for adaptive sampling. If a sample contributes less than this amount (as a percentage), sampling is stopped"
MaterialRaytraceTransparency.ior:	   float  "Sets angular index of refraction for raytraced refraction"	   enum  "Link material to object or the objects data"
MaterialSlot.material:	   pointer  "Material datablock used by this material slot"	   string,  "(read-only)    Material slot name"
MaterialStrand.blend_distance:	   float  "Worldspace distance over which to blend in the surface normal"
MaterialStrand.root_size:	   float  "Start size of strands in pixels or Blender units"
MaterialStrand.shape:	   float  "Positive values make strands rounder, negative makes strands spiky"
MaterialStrand.size_min:	   float  "Minimum size of strands in pixels"
MaterialStrand.tip_size:	   float  "End size of strands in pixels or Blender units"
MaterialStrand.use_blender_units:	   boolean  "Use Blender units for widths instead of pixels"
MaterialStrand.use_surface_diffuse:	   boolean  "Make diffuse shading more similar to shading the surface"
MaterialStrand.use_tangent_shading:	   boolean  "Uses direction of strands as normal for tangent-shading"
MaterialStrand.uv_layer:	   string  "Name of UV layer to override"
MaterialStrand.width_fade:	   float  "Transparency along the width of the strand"
MaterialSubsurfaceScattering.back:	   float  "Back scattering weight"
MaterialSubsurfaceScattering.color:	   float[3]  "Scattering color"
MaterialSubsurfaceScattering.color_factor:	   float  "Blend factor for SSS colors"
MaterialSubsurfaceScattering.error_threshold:	   float  "Error tolerance (low values are slower and higher quality)"
MaterialSubsurfaceScattering.front:	   float  "Front scattering weight"
MaterialSubsurfaceScattering.ior:	   float  "Index of refraction (higher values are denser)"
MaterialSubsurfaceScattering.radius:	   float[3]  "Mean red/green/blue scattering path length"
MaterialSubsurfaceScattering.scale:	   float  "Object scale factor"
MaterialSubsurfaceScattering.texture_factor:	   float  "Texture scatting blend factor"
MaterialSubsurfaceScattering.use:	   boolean  "Enable diffuse subsurface scatting effects in a material"
MaterialVolume.asymmetry:	   float  "Back scattering (-1.0) to Forward scattering (1.0) and the range in between"
MaterialVolume.cache_resolution:	   int  "Resolution of the voxel grid, low resolutions are faster, high resolutions use more memory"
MaterialVolume.density:	   float  "The base density of the volume"
MaterialVolume.density_scale:	   float  "Multiplier for the materials density"
MaterialVolume.depth_threshold:	   float  "Stop ray marching early if transmission drops below this luminance - higher values give speedups in dense volumes at the expense of accuracy"
MaterialVolume.emission:	   float  "Amount of light that gets emitted by the volume"
MaterialVolume.emission_color:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MaterialVolume.light_method:	   enum  "Method of shading, attenuating, and scattering light through the volume"
MaterialVolume.ms_diffusion:	   float  "Diffusion factor, the strength of the blurring effect"
MaterialVolume.ms_intensity:	   float  "Multiplier for multiple scattered light energy"
MaterialVolume.ms_spread:	   float  "Proportional distance over which the light is diffused"
MaterialVolume.reflection:	   float  "Multiplier to make out-scattered light brighter or darker (non-physically correct)"
MaterialVolume.reflection_color:	   float[3]  "Colour of light scattered out of the volume (does not affect transmission)"
MaterialVolume.scattering:	   float  "Amount of light that gets scattered out by the volume - the more out-scattering, the shallower the light will penetrate"
MaterialVolume.step_method:	   enum  "Method of calculating the steps through the volume"
MaterialVolume.step_size:	   float  "Distance between subsequent volume depth samples"
MaterialVolume.transmission_color:	   float[3]  "Result color of the volume, after other light has been scattered/absorbed"
MaterialVolume.use_external_shadows:	   boolean  "Receive shadows from sources outside the volume (temporary)"
MaterialVolume.use_light_cache:	   boolean  "Pre-calculate the shading information into a voxel grid, speeds up shading at slightly less accuracy"
Menu.bl_idname:	   string  "If this is set, the menu gets a custom ID, otherwise it takes the name of the class used to define the panel. For example, if the class name is OBJECT_MT_hello, and bl_idname is not set by the script, then bl_idname = OBJECT_MT_hello"
Menu.bl_label:	   string  "The menu label"
Menu.layout:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Defines the structure of the menu in the UI."
MeshColor.color1:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshColor.color2:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshColor.color3:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshColor.color4:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   boolean  "Sets the layer as active for display and editing"
MeshColorLayer.active_render:	   boolean  "Sets the layer as active for rendering"	   collection,  "(read-only)"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshEdge.bevel_weight:	   float  "Weight used by the Bevel modifier"
MeshEdge.crease:	   float  "Weight used by the Subsurf modifier for creasing"
MeshEdge.hide:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshEdge.index:	   int,  "(read-only)    Index number of the vertex"
MeshEdge.is_fgon:	   boolean  "Fgon edge"
MeshEdge.is_loose:	   boolean  "Loose edge"	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshEdge.use_edge_sharp:	   boolean  "Sharp edge for the EdgeSplit modifier"
MeshEdge.use_seam:	   boolean  "Seam edge for UV unwrapping"
MeshEdge.vertices:	   int[2]  "Vertex indices"
MeshFace.area:	   float,  "(read-only)    read only area of the face"
MeshFace.hide:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshFace.index:	   int,  "(read-only)    Index number of the vertex"
MeshFace.material_index:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshFace.normal:	   float[3],  "(read-only)    local space unit length normal vector for this face"	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshFace.use_smooth:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshFace.vertices:	   int[4]  "Vertex indices"
MeshFace.vertices_raw:	   int[4]  "Fixed size vertex indices array"	   int  "The active face for this mesh"
MeshFaces.active_tface:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Active Texture Face"
MeshFloatProperty.value:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   collection,  "(read-only)"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshIntProperty.value:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   collection,  "(read-only)"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   float[2]  "Sticky texture coordinate location"
MeshStringProperty.value:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   collection,  "(read-only)"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshTextureFace.blend_type:	   enum  "Transparency blending mode"
MeshTextureFace.hide:	   boolean  "Make face invisible"
MeshTextureFace.image:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshTextureFace.pin_uv:	   boolean[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshTextureFace.select_uv:	   boolean[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshTextureFace.use_alpha_sort:	   boolean  "Enable sorting of faces for correct alpha drawing (slow, use Clip Alpha instead when possible)"
MeshTextureFace.use_billboard:	   boolean  "Billboard with Z-axis constraint"
MeshTextureFace.use_bitmap_text:	   boolean  "Enable bitmap text on face"
MeshTextureFace.use_blend_shared:	   boolean  "Blend vertex colors across face when vertices are shared"
MeshTextureFace.use_collision:	   boolean  "Use face for collision and ray-sensor detection"
MeshTextureFace.use_halo:	   boolean  "Screen aligned billboard"
MeshTextureFace.use_image:	   boolean  "Render face with texture"
MeshTextureFace.use_light:	   boolean  "Use light for face"
MeshTextureFace.use_object_color:	   boolean  "Use ObColor instead of vertex colors"
MeshTextureFace.use_shadow_cast:	   boolean  "Face is used for shadow"
MeshTextureFace.use_twoside:	   boolean  "Render face two-sided"
MeshTextureFace.uv:	   float[8]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshTextureFace.uv1:	   float[2]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshTextureFace.uv2:	   float[2]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshTextureFace.uv3:	   float[2]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshTextureFace.uv4:	   float[2]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshTextureFace.uv_raw:	   float[8]  "Fixed size UV coordinates array"	   boolean  "Sets the layer as active for display and editing"
MeshTextureFaceLayer.active_clone:	   boolean  "Sets the layer as active for cloning"
MeshTextureFaceLayer.active_render:	   boolean  "Sets the layer as active for rendering"	   collection,  "(read-only)"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshVertex.bevel_weight:	   float  "Weight used by the Bevel modifier Only Vertices option"	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshVertex.groups:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Weights for the vertex groups this vertex is member of"
MeshVertex.hide:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MeshVertex.index:	   int,  "(read-only)    Index number of the vertex"
MeshVertex.normal:	   float[3]  "Vertex Normal"	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MetaElement.hide:	   boolean  "Hide element"
MetaElement.radius:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MetaElement.rotation:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MetaElement.size_x:	   float  "Size of element, use of components depends on element type"
MetaElement.size_y:	   float  "Size of element, use of components depends on element type"
MetaElement.size_z:	   float  "Size of element, use of components depends on element type"
MetaElement.stiffness:	   float  "Stiffness defines how much of the element to fill"
MetaElement.type:	   enum  "Metaball types"
MetaElement.use_negative:	   boolean  "Set metaball as negative one"	   string  "Modifier name"
Modifier.show_expanded:	   boolean  "Set modifier expanded in the user interface"
Modifier.show_in_editmode:	   boolean  "Use modifier while in the edit mode"
Modifier.show_on_cage:	   boolean  "Enable direct editing of modifier control cage"
Modifier.show_render:	   boolean  "Use modifier during rendering"
Modifier.show_viewport:	   boolean  "Realtime display of a modifier"
Modifier.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)"
Modifier|ArmatureModifier.invert_vertex_group:	   boolean  "Invert vertex group influence"
Modifier|ArmatureModifier.object:	   pointer  "Armature object to deform with"
Modifier|ArmatureModifier.use_bone_envelopes:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|ArmatureModifier.use_deform_preserve_volume:	   boolean  "Deform rotation interpolation with quaternions"
Modifier|ArmatureModifier.use_multi_modifier:	   boolean  "Use same input as previous modifier, and mix results using overall vgroup"
Modifier|ArmatureModifier.use_vertex_groups:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|ArmatureModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group name"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.constant_offset_displace:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.count:	   int  "Number of duplicates to make"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.curve:	   pointer  "Curve object to fit array length to"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.end_cap:	   pointer  "Mesh object to use as an end cap"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.fit_length:	   float  "Length to fit array within"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.fit_type:	   enum  "Array length calculation method"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.merge_threshold:	   float  "Limit below which to merge vertices"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.offset_object:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.relative_offset_displace:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.start_cap:	   pointer  "Mesh object to use as a start cap"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.use_constant_offset:	   boolean  "Add a constant offset"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.use_merge_vertices:	   boolean  "Merge vertices in adjacent duplicates"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.use_merge_vertices_cap:	   boolean  "Merge vertices in first and last duplicates"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.use_object_offset:	   boolean  "Add another objects transformation to the total offset"
Modifier|ArrayModifier.use_relative_offset:	   boolean  "Add an offset relative to the objects bounding box"
Modifier|BevelModifier.angle_limit:	   float  "Angle above which to bevel edges"
Modifier|BevelModifier.edge_weight_method:	   enum  "What edge weight to use for weighting a vertex"
Modifier|BevelModifier.limit_method:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|BevelModifier.use_only_vertices:	   boolean  "Bevel verts/corners, not edges"
Modifier|BevelModifier.width:	   float  "Bevel value/amount"
Modifier|BooleanModifier.object:	   pointer  "Mesh object to use for Boolean operation"
Modifier|BooleanModifier.operation:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|BuildModifier.frame_duration:	   float  "Specify the total time the build effect requires"
Modifier|BuildModifier.frame_start:	   float  "Specify the start frame of the effect"
Modifier|BuildModifier.seed:	   int  "Specify the seed for random if used"
Modifier|BuildModifier.use_random_order:	   boolean  "Randomize the faces or edges during build"
Modifier|CastModifier.cast_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|CastModifier.factor:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|CastModifier.object:	   pointer  "Control object: if available, its location determines the center of the effect"
Modifier|CastModifier.radius:	   float  "Only deform vertices within this distance from the center of the effect (leave as 0 for infinite.)"
Modifier|CastModifier.size:	   float  "Size of projection shape (leave as 0 for auto.)"
Modifier|CastModifier.use_radius_as_size:	   boolean  "Use radius as size of projection shape (0 = auto)"
Modifier|CastModifier.use_transform:	   boolean  "Use object transform to control projection shape"
Modifier|CastModifier.use_x:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|CastModifier.use_y:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|CastModifier.use_z:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|CastModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group name"
Modifier|ClothModifier.collision_settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Modifier|ClothModifier.point_cache:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Modifier|ClothModifier.settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Modifier|CollisionModifier.settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Modifier|CurveModifier.deform_axis:	   enum  "The axis that the curve deforms along"
Modifier|CurveModifier.object:	   pointer  "Curve object to deform with"
Modifier|CurveModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group name"
Modifier|DecimateModifier.face_count:	   int,  "(read-only)    The current number of faces in the decimated mesh"
Modifier|DecimateModifier.ratio:	   float  "Defines the ratio of triangles to reduce to"
Modifier|DisplaceModifier.direction:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|DisplaceModifier.mid_level:	   float  "Material value that gives no displacement"
Modifier|DisplaceModifier.strength:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|DisplaceModifier.texture:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|DisplaceModifier.texture_coordinate_object:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|DisplaceModifier.texture_coords:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|DisplaceModifier.uv_layer:	   string  "UV layer name"
Modifier|DisplaceModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group name"
Modifier|EdgeSplitModifier.split_angle:	   float  "Angle above which to split edges"
Modifier|EdgeSplitModifier.use_edge_angle:	   boolean  "Split edges with high angle between faces"
Modifier|EdgeSplitModifier.use_edge_sharp:	   boolean  "Split edges that are marked as sharp"
Modifier|ExplodeModifier.protect:	   float  "Clean vertex group edges"
Modifier|ExplodeModifier.show_alive:	   boolean  "Show mesh when particles are alive"
Modifier|ExplodeModifier.show_dead:	   boolean  "Show mesh when particles are dead"
Modifier|ExplodeModifier.show_unborn:	   boolean  "Show mesh when particles are unborn"
Modifier|ExplodeModifier.use_edge_split:	   boolean  "Split face edges for nicer shrapnel"
Modifier|ExplodeModifier.use_size:	   boolean  "Use particle size for the shrapnel"
Modifier|ExplodeModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|FluidSimulationModifier.settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Settings for how this object is used in the fluid simulation"
Modifier|HookModifier.falloff:	   float  "If not zero, the distance from the hook where influence ends"
Modifier|HookModifier.force:	   float  "Relative force of the hook"
Modifier|HookModifier.object:	   pointer  "Parent Object for hook, also recalculates and clears offset"
Modifier|HookModifier.subtarget:	   string  "Name of Parent Bone for hook (if applicable), also recalculates and clears offset"
Modifier|HookModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group name"
Modifier|LatticeModifier.object:	   pointer  "Lattice object to deform with"
Modifier|LatticeModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group name"
Modifier|MaskModifier.armature:	   pointer  "Armature to use as source of bones to mask"
Modifier|MaskModifier.invert_vertex_group:	   boolean  "Use vertices that are not part of region defined"
Modifier|MaskModifier.mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|MaskModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group name"
Modifier|MeshDeformModifier.invert_vertex_group:	   boolean  "Invert vertex group influence"
Modifier|MeshDeformModifier.is_bound:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Whether geometry has been bound to control cage"
Modifier|MeshDeformModifier.object:	   pointer  "Mesh object to deform with"
Modifier|MeshDeformModifier.precision:	   int  "The grid size for binding"
Modifier|MeshDeformModifier.use_dynamic_bind:	   boolean  "Recompute binding dynamically on top of other deformers (slower and more memory consuming.)"
Modifier|MeshDeformModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group name"
Modifier|MirrorModifier.merge_threshold:	   float  "Distance from axis within which mirrored vertices are merged"
Modifier|MirrorModifier.mirror_object:	   pointer  "Object to use as mirror"
Modifier|MirrorModifier.use_clip:	   boolean  "Prevents vertices from going through the mirror during transform"
Modifier|MirrorModifier.use_mirror_u:	   boolean  "Mirror the U texture coordinate around the 0.5 point"
Modifier|MirrorModifier.use_mirror_v:	   boolean  "Mirror the V texture coordinate around the 0.5 point"
Modifier|MirrorModifier.use_mirror_vertex_groups:	   boolean  "Mirror vertex groups (e.g. .R->.L)"
Modifier|MirrorModifier.use_x:	   boolean  "Enable X axis mirror"
Modifier|MirrorModifier.use_y:	   boolean  "Enable Y axis mirror"
Modifier|MirrorModifier.use_z:	   boolean  "Enable Z axis mirror"
Modifier|MultiresModifier.filepath:	   string  "Path to external displacements file"
Modifier|MultiresModifier.is_external:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Store multires displacements outside the .blend file, to save memory"
Modifier|MultiresModifier.levels:	   int  "Number of subdivisions to use in the viewport"
Modifier|MultiresModifier.render_levels:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|MultiresModifier.sculpt_levels:	   int  "Number of subdivisions to use in sculpt mode"
Modifier|MultiresModifier.show_only_control_edges:	   boolean  "Skip drawing/rendering of interior subdivided edges"
Modifier|MultiresModifier.subdivision_type:	   enum  "Selects type of subdivision algorithm"
Modifier|MultiresModifier.total_levels:	   int,  "(read-only)    Number of subdivisions for which displacements are stored"
Modifier|ParticleInstanceModifier.axis:	   enum  "Pole axis for rotation"
Modifier|ParticleInstanceModifier.object:	   pointer  "Object that has the particle system"
Modifier|ParticleInstanceModifier.particle_system_index:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|ParticleInstanceModifier.position:	   float  "Position along path"
Modifier|ParticleInstanceModifier.random_position:	   float  "Randomize position along path"
Modifier|ParticleInstanceModifier.show_alive:	   boolean  "Show instances when particles are alive"
Modifier|ParticleInstanceModifier.show_dead:	   boolean  "Show instances when particles are dead"
Modifier|ParticleInstanceModifier.show_unborn:	   boolean  "Show instances when particles are unborn"
Modifier|ParticleInstanceModifier.use_children:	   boolean  "Create instances from child particles"
Modifier|ParticleInstanceModifier.use_normal:	   boolean  "Create instances from normal particles"
Modifier|ParticleInstanceModifier.use_path:	   boolean  "Create instances along particle paths"
Modifier|ParticleInstanceModifier.use_preserve_shape:	   boolean  "Dont stretch the object"
Modifier|ParticleInstanceModifier.use_size:	   boolean  "Use particle size to scale the instances"
Modifier|ParticleSystemModifier.particle_system:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Particle System that this modifier controls"
Modifier|ScrewModifier.angle:	   float  "Angle of revolution"
Modifier|ScrewModifier.axis:	   enum  "Screw axis"
Modifier|ScrewModifier.iterations:	   int  "Number of times to apply the screw operation"
Modifier|ScrewModifier.object:	   pointer  "Object to define the screw axis"
Modifier|ScrewModifier.render_steps:	   int  "Number of steps in the revolution"
Modifier|ScrewModifier.screw_offset:	   float  "Offset the revolution along its axis"
Modifier|ScrewModifier.steps:	   int  "Number of steps in the revolution"
Modifier|ScrewModifier.use_normal_calculate:	   boolean  "Calculate the order of edges (needed for meshes, but not curves)"
Modifier|ScrewModifier.use_normal_flip:	   boolean  "Flip normals of lathed faces"
Modifier|ScrewModifier.use_object_screw_offset:	   boolean  "Use the distance between the objects to make a screw"
Modifier|ShrinkwrapModifier.auxiliary_target:	   pointer  "Additional mesh target to shrink to"
Modifier|ShrinkwrapModifier.offset:	   float  "Distance to keep from the target"
Modifier|ShrinkwrapModifier.subsurf_levels:	   int  "Number of subdivisions that must be performed before extracting vertices positions and normals"
Modifier|	   pointer  "Mesh target to shrink to"
Modifier|ShrinkwrapModifier.use_cull_back_faces:	   boolean  "Stop vertices from projecting to a back face on the target"
Modifier|ShrinkwrapModifier.use_cull_front_faces:	   boolean  "Stop vertices from projecting to a front face on the target"
Modifier|ShrinkwrapModifier.use_keep_above_surface:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|ShrinkwrapModifier.use_negative_direction:	   boolean  "Allow vertices to move in the negative direction of axis"
Modifier|ShrinkwrapModifier.use_positive_direction:	   boolean  "Allow vertices to move in the positive direction of axis"
Modifier|ShrinkwrapModifier.use_project_x:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|ShrinkwrapModifier.use_project_y:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|ShrinkwrapModifier.use_project_z:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|ShrinkwrapModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group name"
Modifier|ShrinkwrapModifier.wrap_method:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|SimpleDeformModifier.deform_method:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|SimpleDeformModifier.factor:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|SimpleDeformModifier.limits:	   float[2]  "Lower/Upper limits for deform"
Modifier|SimpleDeformModifier.lock_x:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|SimpleDeformModifier.lock_y:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|SimpleDeformModifier.origin:	   pointer  "Origin of modifier space coordinates"
Modifier|SimpleDeformModifier.use_relative:	   boolean  "Sets the origin of deform space to be relative to the object"
Modifier|SimpleDeformModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group name"
Modifier|SmokeModifier.coll_settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Modifier|SmokeModifier.domain_settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Modifier|SmokeModifier.flow_settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Modifier|SmokeModifier.smoke_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|SmoothModifier.factor:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|SmoothModifier.ise_x:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|SmoothModifier.ise_y:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|SmoothModifier.ise_z:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|SmoothModifier.iterations:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|SmoothModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group name"
Modifier|SoftBodyModifier.point_cache:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Modifier|SoftBodyModifier.settings:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Modifier|SolidifyModifier.edge_crease_inner:	   float  "Assign a crease to inner edges"
Modifier|SolidifyModifier.edge_crease_outer:	   float  "Assign a crease to outer edges"
Modifier|SolidifyModifier.edge_crease_rim:	   float  "Assign a crease to the edges making up the rim"
Modifier|SolidifyModifier.invert_vertex_group:	   boolean  "Invert the vertex group influence"
Modifier|SolidifyModifier.offset:	   float  "Offset the thickness from the center"
Modifier|SolidifyModifier.thickness:	   float  "Thickness of the shell"
Modifier|SolidifyModifier.use_even_offset:	   boolean  "Maintain thickness by adjusting for sharp corners (slow, disable when not needed)"
Modifier|SolidifyModifier.use_quality_normals:	   boolean  "Calculate normals which result in more even thickness (slow, disable when not needed)"
Modifier|SolidifyModifier.use_rim:	   boolean  "Create edge loops between the inner and outer surfaces on face edges (slow, disable when not needed)"
Modifier|SolidifyModifier.use_rim_material:	   boolean  "Use in the next material for rim faces"
Modifier|SolidifyModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group name"
Modifier|SubsurfModifier.levels:	   int  "Number of subdivisions to perform"
Modifier|SubsurfModifier.render_levels:	   int  "Number of subdivisions to perform when rendering"
Modifier|SubsurfModifier.show_only_control_edges:	   boolean  "Skip drawing/rendering of interior subdivided edges"
Modifier|SubsurfModifier.subdivision_type:	   enum  "Selects type of subdivision algorithm"
Modifier|SubsurfModifier.use_subsurf_uv:	   boolean  "Use subsurf to subdivide UVs"
Modifier|UVProjectModifier.aspect_x:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|UVProjectModifier.aspect_y:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|UVProjectModifier.image:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|UVProjectModifier.projector_count:	   int  "Number of projectors to use"
Modifier|UVProjectModifier.projectors:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
Modifier|UVProjectModifier.scale_x:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|UVProjectModifier.scale_y:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|UVProjectModifier.use_image_override:	   boolean  "Override faces current images with the given image"
Modifier|UVProjectModifier.uv_layer:	   string  "UV layer name"
Modifier|WaveModifier.damping_time:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|WaveModifier.falloff_radius:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|WaveModifier.height:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|WaveModifier.lifetime:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|WaveModifier.narrowness:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|WaveModifier.speed:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|WaveModifier.start_position_object:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|WaveModifier.start_position_x:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|WaveModifier.start_position_y:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|WaveModifier.texture:	   pointer  "Texture for modulating the wave"
Modifier|WaveModifier.texture_coords:	   enum  "Texture coordinates used for modulating input"
Modifier|WaveModifier.texture_coords_object:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Modifier|WaveModifier.time_offset:	   float  "Either the starting frame (for positive speed) or ending frame (for negative speed.)"
Modifier|WaveModifier.use_cyclic:	   boolean  "Cyclic wave effect"
Modifier|WaveModifier.use_normal:	   boolean  "Displace along normals"
Modifier|WaveModifier.use_normal_x:	   boolean  "Enable displacement along the X normal"
Modifier|WaveModifier.use_normal_y:	   boolean  "Enable displacement along the Y normal"
Modifier|WaveModifier.use_normal_z:	   boolean  "Enable displacement along the Z normal"
Modifier|WaveModifier.use_x:	   boolean  "X axis motion"
Modifier|WaveModifier.use_y:	   boolean  "Y axis motion"
Modifier|WaveModifier.uv_layer:	   string  "UV layer name"
Modifier|WaveModifier.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex group name for modulating the wave"
Modifier|WaveModifier.width:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
MotionPath.frame_end:	   int,  "(read-only)    End frame of the stored range"
MotionPath.frame_start:	   int,  "(read-only)    Starting frame of the stored range"
MotionPath.is_modified:	   boolean  "Path is being edited"
MotionPath.length:	   int,  "(read-only)    Number of frames cached"
MotionPath.points:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Cached positions per frame"
MotionPath.use_bone_head:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    For PoseBone paths, use the bone head location when calculating this path"	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   boolean  "Path point is selected for editing"
NlaStrip.action:	   pointer  "Action referenced by this strip"
NlaStrip.action_frame_end:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
NlaStrip.action_frame_start:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   boolean,  "(read-only)    NLA Strip is active"
NlaStrip.blend_in:	   float  "Number of frames at start of strip to fade in influence"
NlaStrip.blend_out:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
NlaStrip.blend_type:	   enum  "Method used for combining strips result with accumulated result"
NlaStrip.extrapolation:	   enum  "Action to take for gaps past the strip extents"
NlaStrip.fcurves:	   collection,  "(read-only)    F-Curves for controlling the strips influence and timing"
NlaStrip.frame_end:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
NlaStrip.frame_start:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
NlaStrip.influence:	   float  "Amount the strip contributes to the current result"
NlaStrip.modifiers:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Modifiers affecting all the F-Curves in the referenced Action"
NlaStrip.mute:	   boolean  "NLA Strip is not evaluated"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
NlaStrip.repeat:	   float  "Number of times to repeat the action range"
NlaStrip.scale:	   float  "Scaling factor for action"	   boolean  "NLA Strip is selected"
NlaStrip.strip_time:	   float  "Frame of referenced Action to evaluate"
NlaStrip.strips:	   collection,  "(read-only)    NLA Strips that this strip acts as a container for (if it is of type Meta)"
NlaStrip.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)    Type of NLA Strip"
NlaStrip.use_animated_influence:	   boolean  "Influence setting is controlled by an F-Curve rather than automatically determined"
NlaStrip.use_animated_time:	   boolean  "Strip time is controlled by an F-Curve rather than automatically determined"
NlaStrip.use_animated_time_cyclic:	   boolean  "Cycle the animated time within the action start & end"
NlaStrip.use_auto_blend:	   boolean  "Number of frames for Blending In/Out is automatically determined from overlapping strips"
NlaStrip.use_reverse:	   boolean  "NLA Strip is played back in reverse order (only when timing is automatically determined)"	   boolean,  "(read-only)    NLA Track is active"
NlaTrack.is_solo:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    NLA Track is evaluated itself (i.e. active Action and all other NLA Tracks in the same AnimData block are disabled)"
NlaTrack.lock:	   boolean  "NLA Track is locked"
NlaTrack.mute:	   boolean  "NLA Track is not evaluated"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   boolean  "NLA Track is selected"
NlaTrack.strips:	   collection,  "(read-only)    NLA Strips on this NLA-track"
Node.inputs:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
Node.location:	   float[2]  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   string  "Node name"
Node.outputs:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
Node|CompositorNode.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeAlphaOver.premul:	   float  "Mix Factor"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeAlphaOver.use_premultiply:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeBilateralblur.iterations:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeBilateralblur.sigma_color:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeBilateralblur.sigma_space:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeBlur.factor:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeBlur.factor_x:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeBlur.factor_y:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeBlur.filter_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeBlur.size_x:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeBlur.size_y:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeBlur.use_bokeh:	   boolean  "Uses circular filter (slower)"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeBlur.use_gamma_correction:	   boolean  "Applies filter on gamma corrected values"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeBlur.use_relative:	   boolean  "Use relative (percent) values to define blur radius"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeChannelMatte.color_space:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeChannelMatte.limit_channel:	   enum  "Limit by this channels value"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeChannelMatte.limit_max:	   float  "Values higher than this setting are 100% opaque"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeChannelMatte.limit_method:	   enum  "Algorithm to use to limit channel"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeChannelMatte.limit_min:	   float  "Values lower than this setting are 100% keyed"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeChannelMatte.matte_channel:	   enum  "Channel used to determine matte"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeChromaMatte.gain:	   float  "Alpha gain"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeChromaMatte.lift:	   float  "Alpha lift"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeChromaMatte.shadow_adjust:	   float  "Adjusts the brightness of any shadows captured"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeChromaMatte.threshold:	   float  "Tolerance below which colors will be considered as exact matches"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeChromaMatte.tolerance:	   float  "Tolerance for a color to be considered a keying color"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorBalance.correction_method:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorBalance.gain:	   float[3]  "Correction for Highlights"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorBalance.gamma:	   float[3]  "Correction for Midtones"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorBalance.lift:	   float[3]  "Correction for Shadows"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorBalance.offset:	   float[3]  "Correction for Shadows"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorBalance.power:	   float[3]  "Correction for Midtones"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorBalance.slope:	   float[3]  "Correction for Highlights"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorMatte.color_hue:	   float  "Hue tolerance for colors to be considered a keying color"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorMatte.color_saturation:	   float  "Saturation Tolerance for the color"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorMatte.color_value:	   float  "Value Tolerance for the color"
Node|CompositorNode|	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorSpill.limit_channel:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorSpill.limit_method:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorSpill.ratio:	   float  "Scale limit by value"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorSpill.unspill_blue:	   float  "Blue spillmap scale"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorSpill.unspill_green:	   float  "Green spillmap scale"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorSpill.unspill_red:	   float  "Red spillmap scale"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeColorSpill.use_unspill:	   boolean  "Compensate all channels (diffenrently) by hand"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeCrop.max_x:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeCrop.max_y:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeCrop.min_x:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeCrop.min_y:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeCrop.use_crop_size:	   boolean  "Whether to crop the size of the input image"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeCurveRGB.mapping:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeCurveVec.mapping:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDBlur.angle:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDBlur.center_x:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDBlur.center_y:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDBlur.distance:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDBlur.iterations:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDBlur.spin:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDBlur.use_wrap:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDBlur.zoom:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDefocus.angle:	   int  "Bokeh shape rotation offset in degrees"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDefocus.blur_max:	   float  "blur limit, maximum CoC radius, 0=no limit"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDefocus.bokeh:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDefocus.f_stop:	   float  "Amount of focal blur, 128=infinity=perfect focus, half the value doubles the blur radius"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDefocus.samples:	   int  "Number of samples (16=grainy, higher=less noise)"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDefocus.threshold:	   float  "CoC radius threshold, prevents background bleed on in-focus midground, 0=off"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDefocus.use_gamma_correction:	   boolean  "Enable gamma correction before and after main process"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDefocus.use_preview:	   boolean  "Enable sampling mode, useful for preview when using low samplecounts"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDefocus.use_zbuffer:	   boolean  "Disable when using an image as input instead of actual zbuffer (auto enabled if node not image based, eg. time node)"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDefocus.z_scale:	   float  "Scales the Z input when not using a zbuffer, controls maximum blur designated by the color white or input value 1"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDiffMatte.falloff:	   float  "Color distances below this additional threshold are partially keyed"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDiffMatte.tolerance:	   float  "Color distances below this threshold are keyed"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDilateErode.distance:	   int  "Distance to grow/shrink (number of iterations)"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDistanceMatte.falloff:	   float  "Color distances below this additional threshold are partially keyed"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeDistanceMatte.tolerance:	   float  "Color distances below this threshold are keyed"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeFilter.filter_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeFlip.axis:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeGlare.angle_offset:	   float  "Streak angle offset in degrees"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeGlare.color_modulation:	   float  "Amount of Color Modulation, modulates colors of streaks and ghosts for a spectral dispersion effect"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeGlare.fade:	   float  "Streak fade-out factor"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeGlare.glare_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeGlare.iterations:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeGlare.mix:	   float  "-1 is original image only, 0 is exact 50/50 mix, 1 is processed image only"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeGlare.quality:	   enum  "If not set to high quality, the effect will be applied to a low-res copy of the source image"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeGlare.size:	   int  "Glow/glare size (not actual size; relative to initial size of bright area of pixels)"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeGlare.streaks:	   int  "Total number of streaks"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeGlare.threshold:	   float  "The glare filter will only be applied to pixels brighter than this value"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeGlare.use_rotate_45:	   boolean  "Simple star filter: add 45 degree rotation offset"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeHueCorrect.mapping:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeHueSat.color_hue:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeHueSat.color_saturation:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeHueSat.color_value:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeIDMask.index:	   int  "Pass index number to convert to alpha"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeImage.frame_duration:	   int  "Number of images used in animation"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeImage.frame_offset:	   int  "Offsets the number of the frame to use in the animation"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeImage.frame_start:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeImage.image:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeImage.layer:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeImage.use_auto_refresh:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeImage.use_cyclic:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeInvert.invert_alpha:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeInvert.invert_rgb:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeLensdist.use_fit:	   boolean  "For positive distortion factor only: scale image such that black areas are not visible"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeLensdist.use_jitter:	   boolean  "Enable/disable jittering; faster, but also noisier"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeLensdist.use_projector:	   boolean  "Enable/disable projector mode. Effect is applied in horizontal direction only"
Node|CompositorNode|	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeLumaMatte.limit_max:	   float  "Values higher than this setting are 100% opaque"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeLumaMatte.limit_min:	   float  "Values lower than this setting are 100% keyed"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeMapUV.alpha:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeMapValue.max:	   float[1]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeMapValue.min:	   float[1]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeMapValue.offset:	   float[1]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeMapValue.size:	   float[1]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeMapValue.use_max:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeMapValue.use_min:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeMath.operation:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeMixRGB.blend_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeMixRGB.use_alpha:	   boolean  "Include alpha of second input in this operation"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeOutputFile.exr_codec:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeOutputFile.filepath:	   string  "Output path for the image, same functionality as render output."
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeOutputFile.frame_end:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeOutputFile.frame_start:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeOutputFile.image_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeOutputFile.quality:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeOutputFile.use_exr_half:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodePremulKey.mapping:	   enum  "Conversion between premultiplied alpha and key alpha"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeRLayers.layer:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeRLayers.scene:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeRotate.filter_type:	   enum  "Method to use to filter rotation"
Node|CompositorNode|	   enum  "Coordinate space to scale relative to"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeSplitViewer.axis:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeSplitViewer.factor:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeTexture.node_output:	   int  "For node-based textures, which output node to use"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeTexture.texture:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeTime.curve:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeTime.frame_end:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeTime.frame_start:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeTonemap.adaptation:	   float  "If 0, global; if 1, based on pixel intensity"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeTonemap.contrast:	   float  "Set to 0 to use estimate from input image"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeTonemap.correction:	   float  "If 0, same for all channels; if 1, each independent"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeTonemap.gamma:	   float  "If not used, set to 1"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeTonemap.intensity:	   float  "If less than zero, darkens image; otherwise, makes it brighter"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeTonemap.key:	   float  "The value the average luminance is mapped to"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeTonemap.offset:	   float  "Normally always 1, but can be used as an extra control to alter the brightness curve"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeTonemap.tonemap_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeValToRGB.color_ramp:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeVecBlur.factor:	   float  "Scaling factor for motion vectors; actually shutter speed in frames"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeVecBlur.samples:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeVecBlur.speed_max:	   int  "Maximum speed, or zero for none"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeVecBlur.speed_min:	   int  "Minimum speed for a pixel to be blurred; used to separate background from foreground"
Node|CompositorNode|CompositorNodeVecBlur.use_curved:	   boolean  "Interpolate between frames in a bezier curve, rather than linearly"
Node|NodeGroup.nodetree:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|ShaderNode.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeExtendedMaterial.invert_normal:	   boolean  "Material Node uses inverted normal"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeExtendedMaterial.material:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeExtendedMaterial.use_diffuse:	   boolean  "Material Node outputs Diffuse"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeExtendedMaterial.use_specular:	   boolean  "Material Node outputs Specular"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeGeometry.color_layer:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeGeometry.uv_layer:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMapping.location:	   float[3]  "Location offset for the input coordinate"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMapping.max:	   float[3]  "Maximum value to clamp coordinate to"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMapping.min:	   float[3]  "Minimum value to clamp coordinate to"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMapping.rotation:	   float[3]  "Rotation offset for the input coordinate"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMapping.scale:	   float[3]  "Scale adjustment for the input coordinate"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMapping.use_max:	   boolean  "Clamp the output coordinate to a maximum value"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMapping.use_min:	   boolean  "Clamp the output coordinate to a minimum value"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMaterial.invert_normal:	   boolean  "Material Node uses inverted normal"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMaterial.material:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMaterial.use_diffuse:	   boolean  "Material Node outputs Diffuse"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMaterial.use_specular:	   boolean  "Material Node outputs Specular"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMath.operation:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMixRGB.blend_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeMixRGB.use_alpha:	   boolean  "Include alpha of second input in this operation"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeRGBCurve.mapping:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeTexture.node_output:	   int  "For node-based textures, which output node to use"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeTexture.texture:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeValToRGB.color_ramp:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeVectorCurve.mapping:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Node|ShaderNode|ShaderNodeVectorMath.operation:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|TextureNode.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeBricks.offset:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeBricks.offset_frequency:	   int  "Offset every N rows"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeBricks.squash:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeBricks.squash_frequency:	   int  "Squash every N rows"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeCurveRGB.mapping:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeCurveTime.curve:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeCurveTime.frame_end:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeCurveTime.frame_start:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeImage.image:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeMath.operation:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeMixRGB.blend_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeMixRGB.use_alpha:	   boolean  "Include alpha of second input in this operation"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeOutput.filepath:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeTexture.node_output:	   int  "For node-based textures, which output node to use"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeTexture.texture:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Node|TextureNode|TextureNodeValToRGB.color_ramp:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ObjectBase.layers:	   boolean[20]  "Layers the object base is on"
ObjectBase.object:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Object this base links to"	   boolean  "Object base selection state"	   pointer  "Active Object constraint"
Operator.bl_description:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Operator.bl_idname:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Operator.bl_label:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Operator.bl_options:	   enum  "Options for this operator type"
Operator.has_reports:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Operator has a set of reports (warnings and errors) from last execution"
Operator.layout:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"	   string,  "(read-only)"	   pointer,  "(read-only)"	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
PackedFile.size:	   int,  "(read-only)    Size of packed file in bytes"
Paint.brush:	   pointer  "Active Brush"
Paint.show_brush:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Paint.show_brush_on_surface:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Paint.show_low_resolution:	   boolean  "For multires, show low resolution while navigating the view"
Paint|ImagePaint.invert_stencil:	   boolean  "Invert the stencil layer"
Paint|ImagePaint.normal_angle:	   int  "Paint most on faces pointing towards the view according to this angle"
Paint|ImagePaint.screen_grab_size:	   int[2]  "Size to capture the image for re-projecting"
Paint|ImagePaint.seam_bleed:	   int  "Extend paint beyond the faces UVs to reduce seams (in pixels, slower)"
Paint|ImagePaint.show_brush:	   boolean  "Enables brush shape while not drawing"
Paint|ImagePaint.show_brush_draw:	   boolean  "Enables brush shape while drawing"
Paint|ImagePaint.use_backface_culling:	   boolean  "Ignore faces pointing away from the view (faster)"
Paint|ImagePaint.use_clone_layer:	   boolean  "Use another UV layer as clone source, otherwise use 3D the cursor as the source"
Paint|ImagePaint.use_normal_falloff:	   boolean  "Paint most on faces pointing towards the view"
Paint|ImagePaint.use_occlude:	   boolean  "Only paint onto the faces directly under the brush (slower)"
Paint|ImagePaint.use_projection:	   boolean  "Use projection painting for improved consistency in the brush strokes"
Paint|ImagePaint.use_stencil_layer:	   boolean  "Set the mask layer from the UV layer buttons"
Paint|Sculpt.lock_x:	   boolean  "Disallow changes to the X axis of vertices"
Paint|Sculpt.lock_y:	   boolean  "Disallow changes to the Y axis of vertices"
Paint|Sculpt.lock_z:	   boolean  "Disallow changes to the Z axis of vertices"
Paint|Sculpt.radial_symmetry:	   int[3]  "Number of times to copy strokes across the surface"
Paint|Sculpt.use_symmetry_feather:	   boolean  "Reduce the strength of the brush where it overlaps symmetrical daubs"
Paint|Sculpt.use_symmetry_x:	   boolean  "Mirror brush across the X axis"
Paint|Sculpt.use_symmetry_y:	   boolean  "Mirror brush across the Y axis"
Paint|Sculpt.use_symmetry_z:	   boolean  "Mirror brush across the Z axis"
Paint|Sculpt.use_threaded:	   boolean  "Take advantage of multiple CPU cores to improve sculpting performance"
Paint|VertexPaint.use_all_faces:	   boolean  "Paint on all faces inside brush"
Paint|VertexPaint.use_normal:	   boolean  "Applies the vertex normal before painting"
Paint|VertexPaint.use_spray:	   boolean  "Keep applying paint effect while holding mouse"
Panel.bl_context:	   string  "The context in which the panel belongs to. (TODO: explain the possible combinations bl_context/bl_region_type/bl_space_type)"
Panel.bl_idname:	   string  "If this is set, the panel gets a custom ID, otherwise it takes the name of the class used to define the panel. For example, if the class name is OBJECT_PT_hello, and bl_idname is not set by the script, then bl_idname = OBJECT_PT_hello"
Panel.bl_label:	   string  "The panel label, shows up in the panel header at the right of the triangle used to collapse the panel."
Panel.bl_region_type:	   enum  "The region where the panel is going to be used in."
Panel.bl_show_header:	   boolean  "If set to True, the panel shows a header, which contains a clickable arrow to collapse the panel and the label (see bl_label)."
Panel.bl_space_type:	   enum  "The space where the panel is going to be used in."
 + * Panel.bl_default_closed:	   boolean  "Defines if the panel has to be open or collapsed at the time of its creation. Note that once the panel has been created with bl_default_closed = True, at reload (F8) it stays open."
Panel.layout:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Defines the structure of the panel in the UI."
TODO SHOULD THIS BE HERE * Panel.text:	   string  "XXX todo"
Particle.alive_state:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Particle.angular_velocity:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Particle.birth_time:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Particle.die_time:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Particle.is_exist:	   boolean,  "(read-only)"
Particle.is_hair:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
Particle.is_visible:	   boolean,  "(read-only)"
Particle.keys:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
Particle.lifetime:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Particle.location:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Particle.prev_angular_velocity:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Particle.prev_location:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Particle.prev_rotation:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Particle.prev_velocity:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Particle.rotation:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Particle.size:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Particle.velocity:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ParticleBrush.count:	   int  "Particle count"
ParticleBrush.curve:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ParticleBrush.length_mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ParticleBrush.puff_mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ParticleBrush.size:	   int  "Brush size"
ParticleBrush.steps:	   int  "Brush steps"
ParticleBrush.strength:	   float  "Brush strength"
ParticleBrush.use_puff_volume:	   boolean  "Apply puff to unselected end-points, (helps maintain hair volume when puffing root)"
ParticleDupliWeight.count:	   int  "The number of times this object is repeated with respect to other objects"	   string,  "(read-only)    Particle dupliobject name"
ParticleEdit.brush:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ParticleEdit.default_key_count:	   int  "How many keys to make new particles with"
ParticleEdit.draw_step:	   int  "How many steps to draw the path with"
ParticleEdit.emitter_distance:	   float  "Distance to keep particles away from the emitter"
ParticleEdit.fade_frames:	   int  "How many frames to fade"
ParticleEdit.is_editable:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    A valid edit mode exists"
ParticleEdit.is_hair:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Editing hair"
ParticleEdit.object:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    The edited object"
ParticleEdit.select_mode:	   enum  "Particle select and display mode"
ParticleEdit.show_particles:	   boolean  "Draw actual particles"
ParticleEdit.tool:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ParticleEdit.type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ParticleEdit.use_auto_velocity:	   boolean  "Calculate point velocities automatically"
ParticleEdit.use_default_interpolate:	   boolean  "Interpolate new particles from the existing ones"
ParticleEdit.use_emitter_deflect:	   boolean  "Keep paths from intersecting the emitter"
ParticleEdit.use_fade_time:	   boolean  "Fade paths and keys further away from current frame"
ParticleEdit.use_preserve_length:	   boolean  "Keep path lengths constant"
ParticleEdit.use_preserve_root:	   boolean  "Keep root keys unmodified"	   float[3]  "Location of the hair key in object space"
ParticleHairKey.co_hair_space:	   float[3]  "Location of the hair key in its internal coordinate system, relative to the emitting face"
ParticleHairKey.time:	   float  "Relative time of key over hair length"
ParticleHairKey.weight:	   float  "Weight for cloth simulation"
ParticleKey.angular_velocity:	   float[3]  "Key angular velocity"
ParticleKey.location:	   float[3]  "Key location"
ParticleKey.rotation:	   float[4]  "Key rotation quaterion"
ParticleKey.time:	   float  "Time of key over the simulation"
ParticleKey.velocity:	   float[3]  "Key velocity"
ParticleSystem.active_particle_target:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ParticleSystem.active_particle_target_index:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ParticleSystem.billboard_normal_uv:	   string  "UV Layer to control billboard normals"
ParticleSystem.billboard_split_uv:	   string  "UV Layer to control billboard splitting"
ParticleSystem.billboard_time_index_uv:	   string  "UV Layer to control billboard time index (X-Y)"
ParticleSystem.child_particles:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Child particles generated by the particle system"
ParticleSystem.cloth:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Cloth dynamics for hair"
ParticleSystem.has_multiple_caches:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Particle system has multiple point caches"
ParticleSystem.invert_vertex_group_clump:	   boolean  "Negate the effect of the clump vertex group"
ParticleSystem.invert_vertex_group_density:	   boolean  "Negate the effect of the density vertex group"
ParticleSystem.invert_vertex_group_field:	   boolean  "Negate the effect of the field vertex group"
ParticleSystem.invert_vertex_group_kink:	   boolean  "Negate the effect of the kink vertex group"
ParticleSystem.invert_vertex_group_length:	   boolean  "Negate the effect of the length vertex group"
ParticleSystem.invert_vertex_group_rotation:	   boolean  "Negate the effect of the rotation vertex group"
ParticleSystem.invert_vertex_group_roughness_1:	   boolean  "Negate the effect of the roughness 1 vertex group"
ParticleSystem.invert_vertex_group_roughness_2:	   boolean  "Negate the effect of the roughness 2 vertex group"
ParticleSystem.invert_vertex_group_roughness_end:	   boolean  "Negate the effect of the roughness end vertex group"
ParticleSystem.invert_vertex_group_size:	   boolean  "Negate the effect of the size vertex group"
ParticleSystem.invert_vertex_group_tangent:	   boolean  "Negate the effect of the tangent vertex group"
ParticleSystem.invert_vertex_group_velocity:	   boolean  "Negate the effect of the velocity vertex group"
ParticleSystem.is_editable:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Particle system can be edited in particle mode"
ParticleSystem.is_edited:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Particle system has been edited in particle mode"
ParticleSystem.is_global_hair:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Hair keys are in global coordinate space"	   string  "Particle system name"
ParticleSystem.parent:	   pointer  "Use this objects coordinate system instead of global coordinate system"
ParticleSystem.particles:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Particles generated by the particle system"
ParticleSystem.point_cache:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ParticleSystem.reactor_target_object:	   pointer  "For reactor systems, the object that has the target particle system (empty if same object)"
ParticleSystem.reactor_target_particle_system:	   int  "For reactor systems, index of particle system on the target object"
ParticleSystem.seed:	   int  "Offset in the random number table, to get a different randomized result"
ParticleSystem.settings:	   pointer  "Particle system settings"
ParticleSystem.targets:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Target particle systems"
ParticleSystem.use_hair_dynamics:	   boolean  "Enable hair dynamics using cloth simulation"
ParticleSystem.use_keyed_timing:	   boolean  "Use key times"
ParticleSystem.vertex_group_clump:	   string  "Vertex group to control clump"
ParticleSystem.vertex_group_density:	   string  "Vertex group to control density"
ParticleSystem.vertex_group_field:	   string  "Vertex group to control field"
ParticleSystem.vertex_group_kink:	   string  "Vertex group to control kink"
ParticleSystem.vertex_group_length:	   string  "Vertex group to control length"
ParticleSystem.vertex_group_rotation:	   string  "Vertex group to control rotation"
ParticleSystem.vertex_group_roughness_1:	   string  "Vertex group to control roughness 1"
ParticleSystem.vertex_group_roughness_2:	   string  "Vertex group to control roughness 2"
ParticleSystem.vertex_group_roughness_end:	   string  "Vertex group to control roughness end"
ParticleSystem.vertex_group_size:	   string  "Vertex group to control size"
ParticleSystem.vertex_group_tangent:	   string  "Vertex group to control tangent"
ParticleSystem.vertex_group_velocity:	   string  "Vertex group to control velocity"
ParticleTarget.alliance:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ParticleTarget.duration:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ParticleTarget.is_valid:	   boolean  "Keyed particles target is valid"	   string,  "(read-only)    Particle target name"
ParticleTarget.object:	   pointer  "The object that has the target particle system (empty if same object)"
ParticleTarget.system:	   int  "The index of particle system on the target object"
ParticleTarget.time:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
PointCache.active_point_cache_index:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
PointCache.filepath:	   string  "Cache file path"
PointCache.frame_end:	   int  "Frame on which the simulation stops"
PointCache.frame_start:	   int  "Frame on which the simulation starts"
PointCache.frame_step:	   int  "Number of frames between cached frames"
PointCache.frames_skipped:	   boolean,  "(read-only)"
PointCache.index:	   int  "Index number of cache files"	   string,  "(read-only)    Info on current cache status"
PointCache.is_baked:	   boolean,  "(read-only)"
PointCache.is_baking:	   boolean,  "(read-only)"
PointCache.is_outdated:	   boolean,  "(read-only)"	   string  "Cache name"
PointCache.point_caches:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Point cache list"
PointCache.use_disk_cache:	   boolean  "Save cache files to disk (.blend file must be saved first)"
PointCache.use_external:	   boolean  "Read cache from an external location"
PointCache.use_library_path:	   boolean  "Use this files path when library linked into another file."
PointCache.use_quick_cache:	   boolean  "Update simulation with cache steps"
PointDensity.color_ramp:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
PointDensity.color_source:	   enum  "Data to derive color results from"
PointDensity.falloff:	   enum  "Method of attenuating density by distance from the point"
PointDensity.falloff_soft:	   float  "Softness of the soft falloff option"
PointDensity.noise_basis:	   enum  "Noise formula used for turbulence"
PointDensity.object:	   pointer  "Object to take point data from"
PointDensity.particle_cache_space:	   enum  "Co-ordinate system to cache particles in"
PointDensity.particle_system:	   pointer  "Particle System to render as points"
PointDensity.point_source:	   enum  "Point data to use as renderable point density"
PointDensity.radius:	   float  "Radius from the shaded sample to look for points within"
PointDensity.speed_scale:	   float  "Multiplier to bring particle speed within an acceptable range"
PointDensity.turbulence_depth:	   int  "Level of detail in the added turbulent noise"
PointDensity.turbulence_influence:	   enum  "Method for driving added turbulent noise"
PointDensity.turbulence_scale:	   float  "Scale of the added turbulent noise"
PointDensity.turbulence_strength:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
PointDensity.use_turbulence:	   boolean  "Add directed noise to the density at render-time"
PointDensity.vertex_cache_space:	   enum  "Co-ordinate system to cache vertices in"
Pose.active_bone_group:	   pointer  "Active bone group for this pose"
Pose.active_bone_group_index:	   int  "Active index in bone groups array"
Pose.animation_visualisation:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Animation data for this datablock"
Pose.bone_groups:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Groups of the bones"
Pose.bones:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Individual pose bones for the armature"
Pose.ik_param:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Parameters for IK solver"
Pose.ik_solver:	   enum  "Selection of IK solver for IK chain, current choice is 0 for Legacy, 1 for iTaSC"
PoseBone.bone:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Bone associated with this PoseBone"
PoseBone.bone_group:	   pointer  "Bone Group this pose channel belongs to"
PoseBone.bone_group_index:	   int  "Bone Group this pose channel belongs to (0=no group)"
PoseBone.child:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Child of this pose bone"
PoseBone.constraints:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Constraints that act on this PoseChannel"
PoseBone.custom_shape:	   pointer  "Object that defines custom draw type for this bone"
PoseBone.custom_shape_transform:	   pointer  "Bone that defines the display transform of this custom shape"
PoseBone.head:	   float[3],  "(read-only)    Location of head of the channels bone"
PoseBone.ik_linear_weight:	   float  "Weight of scale constraint for IK"
PoseBone.ik_max_x:	   float  "Maximum angles for IK Limit"
PoseBone.ik_max_y:	   float  "Maximum angles for IK Limit"
PoseBone.ik_max_z:	   float  "Maximum angles for IK Limit"
PoseBone.ik_min_x:	   float  "Minimum angles for IK Limit"
PoseBone.ik_min_y:	   float  "Minimum angles for IK Limit"
PoseBone.ik_min_z:	   float  "Minimum angles for IK Limit"
PoseBone.ik_rotation_weight:	   float  "Weight of rotation constraint for IK"
PoseBone.ik_stiffness_x:	   float  "IK stiffness around the X axis"
PoseBone.ik_stiffness_y:	   float  "IK stiffness around the Y axis"
PoseBone.ik_stiffness_z:	   float  "IK stiffness around the Z axis"
PoseBone.ik_stretch:	   float  "Allow scaling of the bone for IK"
PoseBone.is_in_ik_chain:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Is part of an IK chain"
PoseBone.location:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
PoseBone.lock_ik_x:	   boolean  "Disallow movement around the X axis"
PoseBone.lock_ik_y:	   boolean  "Disallow movement around the Y axis"
PoseBone.lock_ik_z:	   boolean  "Disallow movement around the Z axis"
PoseBone.lock_location:	   boolean[3]  "Lock editing of location in the interface"
PoseBone.lock_rotation:	   boolean[3]  "Lock editing of rotation in the interface"
PoseBone.lock_rotation_w:	   boolean  "Lock editing of angle component of four-component rotations in the interface"
PoseBone.lock_rotations_4d:	   boolean  "Lock editing of four component rotations by components (instead of as Eulers)"
PoseBone.lock_scale:	   boolean[3]  "Lock editing of scale in the interface"
PoseBone.matrix:	   float[16],  "(read-only)    Final 4x4 matrix for this channel"
PoseBone.matrix_channel:	   float[16],  "(read-only)    4x4 matrix, before constraints"
PoseBone.matrix_local:	   float[16]  "Matrix representing the parent relative location, scale and rotation. Provides an alternative access to these properties."
PoseBone.motion_path:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Motion Path for this element"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
PoseBone.parent:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Parent of this pose bone"
PoseBone.rotation_axis_angle:	   float[4]  "Angle of Rotation for Axis-Angle rotation representation"
PoseBone.rotation_euler:	   float[3]  "Rotation in Eulers"
PoseBone.rotation_mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
PoseBone.rotation_quaternion:	   float[4]  "Rotation in Quaternions"
PoseBone.scale:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
PoseBone.tail:	   float[3],  "(read-only)    Location of tail of the channels bone"
PoseBone.use_ik_limit_x:	   boolean  "Limit movement around the X axis"
PoseBone.use_ik_limit_y:	   boolean  "Limit movement around the Y axis"
PoseBone.use_ik_limit_z:	   boolean  "Limit movement around the Z axis"
PoseBone.use_ik_linear_control:	   boolean  "Apply channel size as IK constraint if stretching is enabled"
PoseBone.use_ik_rotation_control:	   boolean  "Apply channel rotation as IK constraint"	   pointer  "Active PoseChannel constraint"
Property.description:	   string,  "(read-only)    Description of the property for tooltips"
Property.identifier:	   string,  "(read-only)    Unique name used in the code and scripting"
Property.is_never_none:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    True when this value cant be set to None"
Property.is_output:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    True when this property is an output value from an RNA function"
Property.is_readonly:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Property is editable through RNA"
Property.is_registered:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Property is registered as part of type registration"
Property.is_registered_optional:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Property is optionally registered as part of type registration"
Property.is_required:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    False when this property is an optional argument in an RNA function"	   string,  "(read-only)    Human readable name"
Property.srna:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Struct definition used for properties assigned to this item"
Property.subtype:	   enum,  "(read-only)    Semantic interpretation of the property"
Property.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)    Data type of the property"
Property.unit:	   enum,  "(read-only)    Type of units for this property"
Property|BooleanProperty.array_length:	   int,  "(read-only)    Maximum length of the array, 0 means unlimited"
Property|BooleanProperty.default:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Default value for this number"
Property|BooleanProperty.default_array:	   boolean[3],  "(read-only)    Default value for this array"
Property|CollectionProperty.fixed_type:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Fixed pointer type, empty if variable type"
Property|EnumProperty.default:	   enum,  "(read-only)    Default value for this enum"
Property|EnumProperty.items:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Possible values for the property"
Property|FloatProperty.array_length:	   int,  "(read-only)    Maximum length of the array, 0 means unlimited"
Property|FloatProperty.default:	   float,  "(read-only)    Default value for this number"
Property|FloatProperty.default_array:	   float[3],  "(read-only)    Default value for this array"
Property|FloatProperty.hard_max:	   float,  "(read-only)    Maximum value used by buttons"
Property|FloatProperty.hard_min:	   float,  "(read-only)    Minimum value used by buttons"
Property|FloatProperty.precision:	   int,  "(read-only)    Number of digits after the dot used by buttons"
Property|FloatProperty.soft_max:	   float,  "(read-only)    Maximum value used by buttons"
Property|FloatProperty.soft_min:	   float,  "(read-only)    Minimum value used by buttons"
Property|FloatProperty.step:	   float,  "(read-only)    Step size used by number buttons, for floats 1/100th of the step size"
Property|IntProperty.array_length:	   int,  "(read-only)    Maximum length of the array, 0 means unlimited"
Property|IntProperty.default:	   int,  "(read-only)    Default value for this number"
Property|IntProperty.default_array:	   int[3],  "(read-only)    Default value for this array"
Property|IntProperty.hard_max:	   int,  "(read-only)    Maximum value used by buttons"
Property|IntProperty.hard_min:	   int,  "(read-only)    Minimum value used by buttons"
Property|IntProperty.soft_max:	   int,  "(read-only)    Maximum value used by buttons"
Property|IntProperty.soft_min:	   int,  "(read-only)    Minimum value used by buttons"
Property|IntProperty.step:	   int,  "(read-only)    Step size used by number buttons, for floats 1/100th of the step size"
Property|PointerProperty.fixed_type:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Fixed pointer type, empty if variable type"
Property|StringProperty.default:	   string,  "(read-only)    string default value"
Property|StringProperty.length_max:	   int,  "(read-only)    Maximum length of the string, 0 means unlimited"
RGBANodeSocket.default_value:	   float[4]  "Default value of the socket when no link is attached"	   string,  "(read-only)    Socket name"
Region.height:	   int,  "(read-only)    Region height"	   int,  "(read-only)    Unique ID for this region"
Region.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)    Type of this region"
Region.width:	   int,  "(read-only)    Region width"
RegionView3D.lock_rotation:	   boolean  "Lock view rotation in side views"
RegionView3D.perspective_matrix:	   float[16],  "(read-only)    Current perspective matrix of the 3D region"
RegionView3D.show_sync_view:	   boolean  "Sync view position between side views"
RegionView3D.use_box_clip:	   boolean  "Clip objects based on whats visible in other side views"
RegionView3D.view_distance:	   float  "Distance to the view location"
RegionView3D.view_location:	   float[3]  "View pivot location"
RegionView3D.view_matrix:	   float[16],  "(read-only)    Current view matrix of the 3D region"
RegionView3D.view_perspective:	   enum  "View Perspective"
RegionView3D.view_rotate_method:	   float[4]  "Rotation in quaternions (keep normalized)"
RenderEngine.bl_idname:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
RenderEngine.bl_label:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
RenderEngine.bl_use_postprocess:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
RenderEngine.bl_use_preview:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
RenderLayer.exclude_ambient_occlusion:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Exclude AO pass from combined"
RenderLayer.exclude_emit:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Exclude emission pass from combined"
RenderLayer.exclude_environment:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Exclude environment pass from combined"
RenderLayer.exclude_indirect:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Exclude indirect pass from combined"
RenderLayer.exclude_reflection:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Exclude raytraced reflection pass from combined"
RenderLayer.exclude_refraction:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Exclude raytraced refraction pass from combined"
RenderLayer.exclude_shadow:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Exclude shadow pass from combined"
RenderLayer.exclude_specular:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Exclude specular pass from combined"
RenderLayer.invert_zmask:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    For Zmask, only render what is behind solid z values instead of in front"
RenderLayer.layers:	   boolean[20],  "(read-only)    Scene layers included in this render layer"
RenderLayer.layers_zmask:	   boolean[20],  "(read-only)    Zmask scene layers"
RenderLayer.light_override:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Group to override all other lights in this render layer"
RenderLayer.material_override:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Material to override all other materials in this render layer"	   string,  "(read-only)    Render layer name"
RenderLayer.passes:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
RenderLayer.rect:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
RenderLayer.use:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Disable or enable the render layer"
RenderLayer.use_all_z:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Fill in Z values for solid faces in invisible layers, for masking"
RenderLayer.use_edge_enhance:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Render Edge-enhance in this Layer (only works for Solid faces)"
RenderLayer.use_halo:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Render Halos in this Layer (on top of Solid)"
RenderLayer.use_pass_ambient_occlusion:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver AO pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_color:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver shade-less color pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_combined:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver full combined RGBA buffer"
RenderLayer.use_pass_diffuse:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver diffuse pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_emit:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver emission pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_environment:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver environment lighting pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_indirect:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver indirect lighting pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_mist:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver mist factor pass (0.0-1.0)"
RenderLayer.use_pass_normal:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver normal pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_object_index:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver object index pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_reflection:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver raytraced reflection pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_refraction:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver raytraced refraction pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_shadow:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver shadow pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_specular:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver specular pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_uv:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver texture UV pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_vector:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver speed vector pass"
RenderLayer.use_pass_z:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Deliver Z values pass"
RenderLayer.use_sky:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Render Sky in this Layer"
RenderLayer.use_solid:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Render Solid faces in this Layer"
RenderLayer.use_strand:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Render Strands in this Layer"
RenderLayer.use_zmask:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Only render whats in front of the solid z values"
RenderLayer.use_ztransp:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Render Z-Transparent faces in this Layer (On top of Solid and Halos)"
RenderPass.channel_id:	   string,  "(read-only)"
RenderPass.channels:	   int,  "(read-only)"	   string,  "(read-only)"
RenderPass.rect:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
RenderPass.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)"
RenderResult.layers:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
RenderResult.resolution_x:	   int,  "(read-only)"
RenderResult.resolution_y:	   int,  "(read-only)"
RenderSettings.active_layer_index:	   int  "Active index in render layer array"
RenderSettings.alpha_mode:	   enum  "Representation of alpha information in the RGBA pixels"
RenderSettings.antialiasing_samples:	   enum  "Amount of anti-aliasing samples per pixel"
RenderSettings.bake_aa_mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
RenderSettings.bake_bias:	   float  "Bias towards faces further away from the object (in blender units)"
RenderSettings.bake_distance:	   float  "Maximum distance from active object to other object (in blender units"
RenderSettings.bake_margin:	   int  "Amount of pixels to extend the baked result with, as post process filter"
RenderSettings.bake_normal_space:	   enum  "Choose normal space for baking"
RenderSettings.bake_quad_split:	   enum  "Choose the method used to split a quad into 2 triangles for baking"
RenderSettings.bake_type:	   enum  "Choose shading information to bake into the image"
RenderSettings.border_max_x:	   float  "Sets maximum X value for the render border"
RenderSettings.border_max_y:	   float  "Sets maximum Y value for the render border"
RenderSettings.border_min_x:	   float  "Sets minimum X value to for the render border"
RenderSettings.border_min_y:	   float  "Sets minimum Y value for the render border"
RenderSettings.cineon_black:	   int  "Log conversion reference blackpoint"
RenderSettings.cineon_gamma:	   float  "Log conversion gamma"
RenderSettings.cineon_white:	   int  "Log conversion reference whitepoint"
RenderSettings.color_mode:	   enum  "Choose BW for saving greyscale images, RGB for saving red, green and blue channels, AND RGBA for saving red, green, blue + alpha channels"
RenderSettings.display_mode:	   enum  "Select where rendered images will be displayed"
RenderSettings.dither_intensity:	   float  "Amount of dithering noise added to the rendered image to break up banding"
RenderSettings.edge_color:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
RenderSettings.edge_threshold:	   int  "Threshold for drawing outlines on geometry edges"
RenderSettings.engine:	   enum  "Engine to use for rendering"
RenderSettings.exr_codec:	   enum  "Codec settings for OpenEXR"
RenderSettings.exr_preview:	   boolean  "When rendering animations, save JPG preview images in same directory"
RenderSettings.exr_zbuf:	   boolean  "Save the z-depth per pixel (32 bit unsigned int zbuffer)"
RenderSettings.field_order:	   enum  "Order of video fields. Select which lines get rendered first, to create smooth motion for TV output"
RenderSettings.file_extension:	   string,  "(read-only)    The file extension used for saving renders"
RenderSettings.file_format:	   enum  "File format to save the rendered images as"
RenderSettings.file_quality:	   int  "Quality of JPEG images, AVI Jpeg and SGI movies, Compression for PNGs"
RenderSettings.filepath:	   string  "Directory/name to save animations,  characters defines the position and length of frame numbers"
RenderSettings.filter_size:	   float  "Pixel width over which the reconstruction filter combines samples"
RenderSettings.fps:	   int  "Framerate, expressed in frames per second"
RenderSettings.fps_base:	   float  "Framerate base"
RenderSettings.has_multiple_engines:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    More than one rendering engine is available"
RenderSettings.is_movie_format:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    When true the format is a movie"
RenderSettings.jpeg2k_depth:	   enum  "Bit depth per channel"
RenderSettings.jpeg2k_preset:	   enum  "Use a DCI Standard preset for saving jpeg2000"
RenderSettings.jpeg2k_ycc:	   boolean  "Save luminance-chrominance-chrominance channels instead of RGB colors"
RenderSettings.layers:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
RenderSettings.motion_blur_samples:	   int  "Number of scene samples to take with motion blur"
RenderSettings.motion_blur_shutter:	   float  "Time taken in frames between shutter open and close"
RenderSettings.octree_resolution:	   enum  "Resolution of raytrace accelerator. Use higher resolutions for larger scenes"
RenderSettings.parts_x:	   int  "Number of horizontal tiles to use while rendering"
RenderSettings.parts_y:	   int  "Number of vertical tiles to use while rendering"
RenderSettings.pixel_aspect_x:	   float  "Horizontal aspect ratio - for anamorphic or non-square pixel output"
RenderSettings.pixel_aspect_y:	   float  "Vertical aspect ratio - for anamorphic or non-square pixel output"
RenderSettings.pixel_filter_type:	   enum  "Reconstruction filter used for combining anti-aliasing samples"
RenderSettings.raytrace_method:	   enum  "Type of raytrace accelerator structure"
RenderSettings.resolution_percentage:	   int  "Percentage scale for render resolution"
RenderSettings.resolution_x:	   int  "Number of horizontal pixels in the rendered image"
RenderSettings.resolution_y:	   int  "Number of vertical pixels in the rendered image"
RenderSettings.sequencer_gl_preview:	   enum  "Method to draw in the sequencer view"
RenderSettings.sequencer_gl_render:	   enum  "Method to draw in the sequencer view"
RenderSettings.simplify_ao_sss:	   float  "Global approximate AA and SSS quality factor"
RenderSettings.simplify_child_particles:	   float  "Global child particles percentage"
RenderSettings.simplify_shadow_samples:	   int  "Global maximum shadow samples"
RenderSettings.simplify_subdivision:	   int  "Global maximum subdivision level"
RenderSettings.stamp_background:	   float[4]  "Color to use behind stamp text"
RenderSettings.stamp_font_size:	   int  "Size of the font used when rendering stamp text"
RenderSettings.stamp_foreground:	   float[4]  "Color to use for stamp text"
RenderSettings.stamp_note_text:	   string  "Custom text to appear in the stamp note"
RenderSettings.threads:	   int  "Number of CPU threads to use simultaneously while rendering (for multi-core/CPU systems)"
RenderSettings.threads_mode:	   enum  "Determine the amount of render threads used"
RenderSettings.use_antialiasing:	   boolean  "Render and combine multiple samples per pixel to prevent jagged edges"
RenderSettings.use_backbuf:	   boolean  "Render backbuffer image"
RenderSettings.use_bake_antialiasing:	   boolean  "Enables Anti-aliasing"
RenderSettings.use_bake_clear:	   boolean  "Clear Images before baking"
RenderSettings.use_bake_normalize:	   boolean  "With displacement normalize to the distance, with ambient occlusion normalize without using material settings"
RenderSettings.use_bake_selected_to_active:	   boolean  "Bake shading on the surface of selected objects to the active object"
RenderSettings.use_border:	   boolean  "Render a user-defined border region, within the frame size. Note, this disables save_buffers and full_sample"
RenderSettings.use_cineon_log:	   boolean  "Convert to logarithmic color space"
RenderSettings.use_color_management:	   boolean  "Use linear workflow - gamma corrected imaging pipeline"
RenderSettings.use_compositing:	   boolean  "Process the render result through the compositing pipeline, if compositing nodes are enabled"
RenderSettings.use_crop_to_border:	   boolean  "Crop the rendered frame to the defined border size"
RenderSettings.use_edge_enhance:	   boolean  "Create a toon outline around the edges of geometry"
RenderSettings.use_envmaps:	   boolean  "Calculate environment maps while rendering"
RenderSettings.use_exr_half:	   boolean  "Use 16 bit floats instead of 32 bit floats per channel"
RenderSettings.use_fields:	   boolean  "Render image to two fields per frame, for interlaced TV output"
RenderSettings.use_fields_still:	   boolean  "Disable the time difference between fields"
RenderSettings.use_file_extension:	   boolean  "Add the file format extensions to the rendered file name (eg: filename + .jpg)"
RenderSettings.use_free_image_textures:	   boolean  "Free all image texture from memory after render, to save memory before compositing"
RenderSettings.use_free_unused_nodes:	   boolean  "Free Nodes that are not used while compositing, to save memory"
RenderSettings.use_full_sample:	   boolean  "Save for every anti-aliasing sample the entire RenderLayer results. This solves anti-aliasing issues with compositing"
RenderSettings.use_game_engine:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Current rendering engine is a game engine"
RenderSettings.use_instances:	   boolean  "Instance support leads to effective memory reduction when using duplicates"
RenderSettings.use_local_coords:	   boolean  "Vertex coordinates are stored localy on each primitive. Increases memory usage, but may have impact on speed"
RenderSettings.use_motion_blur:	   boolean  "Use multi-sampled 3D scene motion blur"
RenderSettings.use_overwrite:	   boolean  "Overwrite existing files while rendering"
RenderSettings.use_placeholder:	   boolean  "Create empty placeholder files while rendering frames (similar to Unix touch)"
RenderSettings.use_radiosity:	   boolean  "Calculate radiosity in a pre-process before rendering"
RenderSettings.use_raytrace:	   boolean  "Pre-calculate the raytrace accelerator and render raytracing effects"
RenderSettings.use_save_buffers:	   boolean  "Save tiles for all RenderLayers and SceneNodes to files in the temp directory (saves memory, required for Full Sample)"
RenderSettings.use_sequencer:	   boolean  "Process the render (and composited) result through the video sequence editor pipeline, if sequencer strips exist"
RenderSettings.use_sequencer_gl_preview:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
RenderSettings.use_sequencer_gl_render:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
RenderSettings.use_shadows:	   boolean  "Calculate shadows while rendering"
RenderSettings.use_simplify:	   boolean  "Enable simplification of scene for quicker preview renders"
RenderSettings.use_simplify_triangulate:	   boolean  "Disables non-planer quads being triangulated"
RenderSettings.use_single_layer:	   boolean  "Only render the active layer"
RenderSettings.use_sss:	   boolean  "Calculate sub-surface scattering in materials rendering"
RenderSettings.use_stamp:	   boolean  "Render the stamp info text in the rendered image"
RenderSettings.use_stamp_camera:	   boolean  "Include the name of the active camera in image metadata"
RenderSettings.use_stamp_date:	   boolean  "Include the current date in image metadata"
RenderSettings.use_stamp_filename:	   boolean  "Include the filename of the .blend file in image metadata"
RenderSettings.use_stamp_frame:	   boolean  "Include the frame number in image metadata"
RenderSettings.use_stamp_marker:	   boolean  "Include the name of the last marker in image metadata"
RenderSettings.use_stamp_note:	   boolean  "Include a custom note in image metadata"
RenderSettings.use_stamp_render_time:	   boolean  "Include the render time in the stamp image"
RenderSettings.use_stamp_scene:	   boolean  "Include the name of the active scene in image metadata"
RenderSettings.use_stamp_sequencer_strip:	   boolean  "Include the name of the foreground sequence strip in image metadata"
RenderSettings.use_stamp_time:	   boolean  "Include the render frame as HH:MM:SS.FF in image metadata"
RenderSettings.use_textures:	   boolean  "Use textures to affect material properties"
RenderSettings.use_tiff_16bit:	   boolean  "Save TIFF with 16 bits per channel"
SPHFluidSettings.buoyancy:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
SPHFluidSettings.fluid_radius:	   float  "Fluid interaction Radius"
SPHFluidSettings.rest_density:	   float  "Density"
SPHFluidSettings.rest_length:	   float  "The Spring Rest Length (factor of interaction radius)"
SPHFluidSettings.spring_force:	   float  "Spring force constant"
SPHFluidSettings.stiffness:	   float  "Constant K - Stiffness"
SPHFluidSettings.stiffness_near:	   float  "Repulsion factor: stiffness_knear"
SPHFluidSettings.viscosity_beta:	   float  "Square viscosity factor"
SPHFluidSettings.viscosity_omega:	   float  "Linear viscosity"	   pointer  "Active object base in the scene"
SceneGameData.activity_culling_box_radius:	   float  "Radius of the activity bubble, in Manhattan length. Objects outside the box are activity-culled"
SceneGameData.depth:	   int  "Displays bit depth of full screen display"
SceneGameData.dome_angle:	   int  "Field of View of the Dome - it only works in mode Fisheye and Truncated"
SceneGameData.dome_buffer_resolution:	   float  "Buffer Resolution - decrease it to increase speed"
SceneGameData.dome_mode:	   enum  "Dome physical configurations"
SceneGameData.dome_tesselation:	   int  "Tessellation level - check the generated mesh in wireframe mode"
SceneGameData.dome_text:	   pointer  "Custom Warp Mesh data file"
SceneGameData.dome_tilt:	   int  "Camera rotation in horizontal axis"
SceneGameData.fps:	   int  "The nominal number of game frames per second. Physics fixed timestep = 1/fps, independently of actual frame rate"
SceneGameData.frame_color:	   float[3]  "Set colour of the bars"
SceneGameData.frame_type:	   enum  "Select the type of Framing you want"
SceneGameData.frequency:	   int  "Displays clock frequency of fullscreen display"
SceneGameData.logic_step_max:	   int  "Sets the maximum number of logic frame per game frame if graphics slows down the game, higher value allows better synchronization with physics"
SceneGameData.material_mode:	   enum  "Material mode to use for rendering"
SceneGameData.occlusion_culling_resolution:	   float  "The size of the occlusion buffer in pixel, use higher value for better precision (slower)"
SceneGameData.physics_engine:	   enum  "Physics engine used for physics simulation in the game engine"
SceneGameData.physics_gravity:	   float  "Gravitational constant used for physics simulation in the game engine"
SceneGameData.physics_step_max:	   int  "Sets the maximum number of physics step per game frame if graphics slows down the game, higher value allows physics to keep up with realtime"
SceneGameData.physics_step_sub:	   int  "Sets the number of simulation substep per physic timestep, higher value give better physics precision"
SceneGameData.resolution_x:	   int  "Number of horizontal pixels in the screen"
SceneGameData.resolution_y:	   int  "Number of vertical pixels in the screen"
SceneGameData.show_debug_properties:	   boolean  "Show properties marked for debugging while the game runs"
SceneGameData.show_framerate_profile:	   boolean  "Show framerate and profiling information while the game runs"
SceneGameData.show_fullscreen:	   boolean  "Starts player in a new fullscreen display"
SceneGameData.show_physics_visualization:	   boolean  "Show a visualization of physics bounds and interactions"
SceneGameData.stereo:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
SceneGameData.stereo_eye_separation:	   float  "Set the distance between the eyes - the camera focal length/30 should be fine"
SceneGameData.stereo_mode:	   enum  "Stereographic techniques"
SceneGameData.use_activity_culling:	   boolean  "Activity culling is enabled"
SceneGameData.use_animation_record:	   boolean  "Record animation to fcurves"
SceneGameData.use_auto_start:	   boolean  "Automatically start game at load time"
SceneGameData.use_deprecation_warnings:	   boolean  "Print warnings when using deprecated features in the python API"
SceneGameData.use_display_lists:	   boolean  "Use display lists to speed up rendering by keeping geometry on the GPU"
SceneGameData.use_frame_rate:	   boolean  "Respect the frame rate rather than rendering as many frames as possible"
SceneGameData.use_glsl_extra_textures:	   boolean  "Use extra textures like normal or specular maps for GLSL rendering"
SceneGameData.use_glsl_lights:	   boolean  "Use lights for GLSL rendering"
SceneGameData.use_glsl_nodes:	   boolean  "Use nodes for GLSL rendering"
SceneGameData.use_glsl_ramps:	   boolean  "Use ramps for GLSL rendering"
SceneGameData.use_glsl_shaders:	   boolean  "Use shaders for GLSL rendering"
SceneGameData.use_glsl_shadows:	   boolean  "Use shadows for GLSL rendering"
SceneGameData.use_occlusion_culling:	   boolean  "Use optimized Bullet DBVT tree for view frustum and occlusion culling"	   pointer  "Active object for this scene"
SceneRenderLayer.exclude_ambient_occlusion:	   boolean  "Exclude AO pass from combined"
SceneRenderLayer.exclude_emit:	   boolean  "Exclude emission pass from combined"
SceneRenderLayer.exclude_environment:	   boolean  "Exclude environment pass from combined"
SceneRenderLayer.exclude_indirect:	   boolean  "Exclude indirect pass from combined"
SceneRenderLayer.exclude_reflection:	   boolean  "Exclude raytraced reflection pass from combined"
SceneRenderLayer.exclude_refraction:	   boolean  "Exclude raytraced refraction pass from combined"
SceneRenderLayer.exclude_shadow:	   boolean  "Exclude shadow pass from combined"
SceneRenderLayer.exclude_specular:	   boolean  "Exclude specular pass from combined"
SceneRenderLayer.invert_zmask:	   boolean  "For Zmask, only render what is behind solid z values instead of in front"
SceneRenderLayer.layers:	   boolean[20]  "Scene layers included in this render layer"
SceneRenderLayer.layers_zmask:	   boolean[20]  "Zmask scene layers"
SceneRenderLayer.light_override:	   pointer  "Group to override all other lights in this render layer"
SceneRenderLayer.material_override:	   pointer  "Material to override all other materials in this render layer"	   string  "Render layer name"
SceneRenderLayer.use:	   boolean  "Disable or enable the render layer"
SceneRenderLayer.use_all_z:	   boolean  "Fill in Z values for solid faces in invisible layers, for masking"
SceneRenderLayer.use_edge_enhance:	   boolean  "Render Edge-enhance in this Layer (only works for Solid faces)"
SceneRenderLayer.use_halo:	   boolean  "Render Halos in this Layer (on top of Solid)"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_ambient_occlusion:	   boolean  "Deliver AO pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_color:	   boolean  "Deliver shade-less color pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_combined:	   boolean  "Deliver full combined RGBA buffer"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_diffuse:	   boolean  "Deliver diffuse pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_emit:	   boolean  "Deliver emission pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_environment:	   boolean  "Deliver environment lighting pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_indirect:	   boolean  "Deliver indirect lighting pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_mist:	   boolean  "Deliver mist factor pass (0.0-1.0)"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_normal:	   boolean  "Deliver normal pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_object_index:	   boolean  "Deliver object index pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_reflection:	   boolean  "Deliver raytraced reflection pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_refraction:	   boolean  "Deliver raytraced refraction pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_shadow:	   boolean  "Deliver shadow pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_specular:	   boolean  "Deliver specular pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_uv:	   boolean  "Deliver texture UV pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_vector:	   boolean  "Deliver speed vector pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_pass_z:	   boolean  "Deliver Z values pass"
SceneRenderLayer.use_sky:	   boolean  "Render Sky in this Layer"
SceneRenderLayer.use_solid:	   boolean  "Render Solid faces in this Layer"
SceneRenderLayer.use_strand:	   boolean  "Render Strands in this Layer"
SceneRenderLayer.use_zmask:	   boolean  "Only render whats in front of the solid z values"
SceneRenderLayer.use_ztransp:	   boolean  "Render Z-Transparent faces in this Layer (On top of Solid and Halos)"
Scopes.accuracy:	   float  "Proportion of original image source pixel lines to sample"
Scopes.histogram:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Histogram for viewing image statistics"
Scopes.use_full_resolution:	   boolean  "Sample every pixel of the image"
Scopes.vectorscope_alpha:	   float  "Opacity of the points"
Scopes.waveform_alpha:	   float  "Opacity of the points"
Scopes.waveform_mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sensor.frequency:	   int  "Delay between repeated pulses(in logic tics, 0=no delay)"
Sensor.invert:	   boolean  "Invert the level(output) of this sensor"	   string  "Sensor name"	   boolean  "Display when not linked to a visible states controller"
Sensor.show_expanded:	   boolean  "Set sensor expanded in the user interface"
Sensor.type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sensor.use_level:	   boolean  "Level detector, trigger controllers of new states(only applicable upon logic state transition)"
Sensor.use_pulse_false_level:	   boolean  "Activate FALSE level triggering (pulse mode)"
Sensor.use_pulse_true_level:	   boolean  "Activate TRUE level triggering (pulse mode)"
Sensor.use_tap:	   boolean  "Trigger controllers only for an instant, even while the sensor remains true"
Sensor|ActuatorSensor.actuator:	   string  "Actuator name, actuator active state modifications will be detected"
Sensor|ArmatureSensor.bone:	   string  "Identify the bone to check value from"
Sensor|ArmatureSensor.constraint:	   string  "Identify the bone constraint to check value from"
Sensor|ArmatureSensor.test_type:	   enum  "Type of value and test"
Sensor|ArmatureSensor.value:	   float  "Specify value to be used in comparison"
Sensor|CollisionSensor.material:	   string  "Only look for Objects with this material"
Sensor|	   string  "Only look for Objects with this property"
Sensor|CollisionSensor.use_material:	   boolean  "Toggle collision on material or property"
Sensor|CollisionSensor.use_pulse:	   boolean  "Changes to the set of colliding objects generates pulse"
Sensor|DelaySensor.delay:	   int  "Delay in number of logic tics before the positive trigger (default 60 per second)"
Sensor|DelaySensor.duration:	   int  "If >0, delay in number of logic tics before the negative trigger following the positive trigger"
Sensor|DelaySensor.use_repeat:	   boolean  "Toggle repeat option. If selected, the sensor restarts after Delay+Dur logic tics"
Sensor|JoystickSensor.axis_direction:	   enum  "The direction of the axis"
Sensor|JoystickSensor.axis_number:	   int  "Specify which axis pair to use, 1 is usually the main direction input"
Sensor|JoystickSensor.axis_threshold:	   int  "Specify the precision of the axis"
Sensor|JoystickSensor.button_number:	   int  "Specify which button to use"
Sensor|JoystickSensor.event_type:	   enum  "The type of event this joystick sensor is triggered on"
Sensor|JoystickSensor.hat_direction:	   enum  "Specify hat direction"
Sensor|JoystickSensor.hat_number:	   int  "Specify which hat to use"
Sensor|JoystickSensor.joystick_index:	   int  "Specify which joystick to use"
Sensor|JoystickSensor.single_axis_number:	   int  "Specify a single axis (verticle/horizontal/other) to detect"
Sensor|JoystickSensor.use_all_events:	   boolean  "Triggered by all events on this joysticks current type (axis/button/hat)"
Sensor|KeyboardSensor.key:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sensor|KeyboardSensor.log:	   string  "Property that receive the keystrokes in case a string is logged"
Sensor|KeyboardSensor.modifier_key_1:	   enum  "Modifier key code"
Sensor|KeyboardSensor.modifier_key_2:	   enum  "Modifier key code"
Sensor|	   string  "Property that indicates whether to log keystrokes as a string"
Sensor|KeyboardSensor.use_all_keys:	   boolean  "Trigger this sensor on any keystroke"
Sensor|MessageSensor.subject:	   string  "Optional subject filter: only accept messages with this subject, or empty for all"
Sensor|MouseSensor.mouse_event:	   enum  "Specify the type of event this mouse sensor should trigger on"
Sensor|NearSensor.distance:	   float  "Trigger distance"
Sensor|	   string  "Only look for objects with this property"
Sensor|NearSensor.reset_distance:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sensor|PropertySensor.evaluation_type:	   enum  "Type of property evaluation"
Sensor|	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sensor|PropertySensor.value:	   string  "Check for this value in types in Equal or Not Equal types"
Sensor|PropertySensor.value_max:	   string  "Specify maximum value in Interval type"
Sensor|PropertySensor.value_min:	   string  "Specify minimum value in Interval type"
Sensor|RadarSensor.angle:	   float  "Opening angle of the radar cone"
Sensor|RadarSensor.axis:	   enum  "Specify along which axis the radar cone is cast"
Sensor|RadarSensor.distance:	   float  "Depth of the radar cone"
Sensor|	   string  "Only look for Objects with this property"
Sensor|RandomSensor.seed:	   int  "Initial seed of the generator. (Choose 0 for not random)"
Sensor|RaySensor.axis:	   enum  "Specify along which axis the ray is cast"
Sensor|RaySensor.material:	   string  "Only look for Objects with this material"
Sensor|	   string  "Only look for Objects with this property"
Sensor|RaySensor.range:	   float  "Sense objects no farther than this distance"
Sensor|RaySensor.ray_type:	   enum  "Toggle collision on material or property"
Sensor|RaySensor.use_x_ray:	   boolean  "Toggle X-Ray option (see through objects that dont have the property)"
Sensor|TouchSensor.material:	   pointer  "Only look for objects with this material"
Sequence.blend_alpha:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence.blend_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   int  "Y position of the sequence strip"
Sequence.effect_fader:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence.frame_duration:	   int,  "(read-only)    The length of the contents of this strip before the handles are applied"
Sequence.frame_final_duration:	   int  "The length of the contents of this strip before the handles are applied"
Sequence.frame_final_end:	   int  "End frame displayed in the sequence editor after offsets are applied"
Sequence.frame_final_start:	   int  "Start frame displayed in the sequence editor after offsets are applied, setting this is equivalent to moving the handle, not the actual start frame"
Sequence.frame_offset_end:	   int,  "(read-only)"
Sequence.frame_offset_start:	   int,  "(read-only)"
Sequence.frame_start:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence.frame_still_end:	   int,  "(read-only)"
Sequence.frame_still_start:	   int,  "(read-only)"
Sequence.lock:	   boolean  "Lock strip so that it cant be transformed"
Sequence.mute:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence.select_left_handle:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence.select_right_handle:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence.speed_fader:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)"
Sequence.use_default_fade:	   boolean  "Fade effect using the built-in default (usually make transition as long as effect strip)"
SequenceColorBalance.gain:	   float[3]  "Color balance gain (highlights)"
SequenceColorBalance.gamma:	   float[3]  "Color balance gamma (midtones)"
SequenceColorBalance.invert_gain:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
SequenceColorBalance.invert_gamma:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
SequenceColorBalance.invert_lift:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
SequenceColorBalance.lift:	   float[3]  "Color balance lift (shadows)"
SequenceCrop.max_x:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
SequenceCrop.max_y:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
SequenceCrop.min_x:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
SequenceCrop.min_y:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
SequenceEditor.active_strip:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
SequenceEditor.meta_stack:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Meta strip stack, last is currently edited meta strip"
SequenceEditor.overlay_frame:	   int  "Sequencers active strip"
SequenceEditor.overlay_lock:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
SequenceEditor.sequences:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
SequenceEditor.sequences_all:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
SequenceEditor.show_overlay:	   boolean  "Partial overlay ontop of the sequencer"
SequenceElement.filename:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   string  "Location to store the proxy files"
SequenceProxy.filepath:	   string  "Location of custom proxy file"
SequenceTransform.offset_x:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
SequenceTransform.offset_y:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|EffectSequence.color_balance:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|EffectSequence.color_multiply:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|EffectSequence.color_saturation:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|EffectSequence.crop:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|EffectSequence.proxy:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|EffectSequence.strobe:	   float  "Only display every nth frame"
Sequence|EffectSequence.transform:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|EffectSequence.use_color_balance:	   boolean  "(3-Way color correction) on input"
Sequence|EffectSequence.use_crop:	   boolean  "Crop image before processing"
Sequence|EffectSequence.use_deinterlace:	   boolean  "For video movies to remove fields"
Sequence|EffectSequence.use_flip_x:	   boolean  "Flip on the X axis"
Sequence|EffectSequence.use_flip_y:	   boolean  "Flip on the Y axis"
Sequence|EffectSequence.use_float:	   boolean  "Convert input to float data"
Sequence|EffectSequence.use_premultiply:	   boolean  "Convert RGB from key alpha to premultiplied alpha"
Sequence|EffectSequence.use_proxy:	   boolean  "Use a preview proxy for this strip"
Sequence|EffectSequence.use_proxy_custom_directory:	   boolean  "Use a custom directory to store data"
Sequence|EffectSequence.use_proxy_custom_file:	   boolean  "Use a custom file to read proxy data from"
Sequence|EffectSequence.use_reverse_frames:	   boolean  "Reverse frame order"
Sequence|EffectSequence.use_translation:	   boolean  "Translate image before processing"
Sequence|EffectSequence|ColorSequence.color:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|EffectSequence|GlowSequence.blur_radius:	   float  "Radius of glow effect"
Sequence|EffectSequence|GlowSequence.boost_factor:	   float  "Brightness multiplier"
Sequence|EffectSequence|GlowSequence.clamp:	   float  "rightness limit of intensity"
Sequence|EffectSequence|GlowSequence.quality:	   int  "Accuracy of the blur effect"
Sequence|EffectSequence|GlowSequence.threshold:	   float  "Minimum intensity to trigger a glow"
Sequence|EffectSequence|GlowSequence.use_only_boost:	   boolean  "Show the glow buffer only"
Sequence|EffectSequence|PluginSequence.filename:	   string,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|EffectSequence|SpeedControlSequence.global_speed:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|EffectSequence|SpeedControlSequence.use_curve_compress_y:	   boolean  "Scale F-Curve value to get the target frame number, F-Curve value runs from 0.0 to 1.0"
Sequence|EffectSequence|SpeedControlSequence.use_curve_velocity:	   boolean  "Interpret the F-Curve value as a velocity instead of a frame number"
Sequence|EffectSequence|SpeedControlSequence.use_frame_blend:	   boolean  "Blend two frames into the target for a smoother result"
Sequence|EffectSequence|TransformSequence.interpolation:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|EffectSequence|TransformSequence.rotation_start:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|EffectSequence|TransformSequence.scale_start_x:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|EffectSequence|TransformSequence.scale_start_y:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|EffectSequence|TransformSequence.translate_start_x:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|EffectSequence|TransformSequence.translate_start_y:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|EffectSequence|TransformSequence.translation_unit:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|EffectSequence|TransformSequence.use_uniform_scale:	   boolean  "Scale uniformly, preserving aspect ratio"
Sequence|EffectSequence|WipeSequence.angle:	   float  "Edge angle"
Sequence|EffectSequence|WipeSequence.blur_width:	   float  "Width of the blur edge, in percentage relative to the image size"
Sequence|EffectSequence|WipeSequence.direction:	   enum  "Wipe direction"
Sequence|EffectSequence|WipeSequence.transition_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|ImageSequence.animation_offset_end:	   int  "Animation end offset (trim end)"
Sequence|ImageSequence.animation_offset_start:	   int  "Animation start offset (trim start)"
Sequence|ImageSequence.color_balance:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|ImageSequence.color_multiply:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|ImageSequence.color_saturation:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|ImageSequence.crop:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|ImageSequence.elements:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|ImageSequence.proxy:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|ImageSequence.strobe:	   float  "Only display every nth frame"
Sequence|ImageSequence.transform:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|ImageSequence.use_color_balance:	   boolean  "(3-Way color correction) on input"
Sequence|ImageSequence.use_crop:	   boolean  "Crop image before processing"
Sequence|ImageSequence.use_deinterlace:	   boolean  "For video movies to remove fields"
Sequence|ImageSequence.use_flip_x:	   boolean  "Flip on the X axis"
Sequence|ImageSequence.use_flip_y:	   boolean  "Flip on the Y axis"
Sequence|ImageSequence.use_float:	   boolean  "Convert input to float data"
Sequence|ImageSequence.use_premultiply:	   boolean  "Convert RGB from key alpha to premultiplied alpha"
Sequence|ImageSequence.use_proxy:	   boolean  "Use a preview proxy for this strip"
Sequence|ImageSequence.use_proxy_custom_directory:	   boolean  "Use a custom directory to store data"
Sequence|ImageSequence.use_proxy_custom_file:	   boolean  "Use a custom file to read proxy data from"
Sequence|ImageSequence.use_reverse_frames:	   boolean  "Reverse frame order"
Sequence|ImageSequence.use_translation:	   boolean  "Translate image before processing"
Sequence|MetaSequence.animation_offset_end:	   int  "Animation end offset (trim end)"
Sequence|MetaSequence.animation_offset_start:	   int  "Animation start offset (trim start)"
Sequence|MetaSequence.color_balance:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|MetaSequence.color_multiply:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|MetaSequence.color_saturation:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|MetaSequence.crop:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|MetaSequence.proxy:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|MetaSequence.sequences:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|MetaSequence.strobe:	   float  "Only display every nth frame"
Sequence|MetaSequence.transform:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|MetaSequence.use_color_balance:	   boolean  "(3-Way color correction) on input"
Sequence|MetaSequence.use_crop:	   boolean  "Crop image before processing"
Sequence|MetaSequence.use_deinterlace:	   boolean  "For video movies to remove fields"
Sequence|MetaSequence.use_flip_x:	   boolean  "Flip on the X axis"
Sequence|MetaSequence.use_flip_y:	   boolean  "Flip on the Y axis"
Sequence|MetaSequence.use_float:	   boolean  "Convert input to float data"
Sequence|MetaSequence.use_premultiply:	   boolean  "Convert RGB from key alpha to premultiplied alpha"
Sequence|MetaSequence.use_proxy:	   boolean  "Use a preview proxy for this strip"
Sequence|MetaSequence.use_proxy_custom_directory:	   boolean  "Use a custom directory to store data"
Sequence|MetaSequence.use_proxy_custom_file:	   boolean  "Use a custom file to read proxy data from"
Sequence|MetaSequence.use_reverse_frames:	   boolean  "Reverse frame order"
Sequence|MetaSequence.use_translation:	   boolean  "Translate image before processing"
Sequence|MovieSequence.animation_offset_end:	   int  "Animation end offset (trim end)"
Sequence|MovieSequence.animation_offset_start:	   int  "Animation start offset (trim start)"
Sequence|MovieSequence.color_balance:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|MovieSequence.color_multiply:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|MovieSequence.color_saturation:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|MovieSequence.crop:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|MovieSequence.filepath:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|MovieSequence.mpeg_preseek:	   int  "For MPEG movies, preseek this many frames"
Sequence|MovieSequence.proxy:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|MovieSequence.strobe:	   float  "Only display every nth frame"
Sequence|MovieSequence.transform:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|MovieSequence.use_color_balance:	   boolean  "(3-Way color correction) on input"
Sequence|MovieSequence.use_crop:	   boolean  "Crop image before processing"
Sequence|MovieSequence.use_deinterlace:	   boolean  "For video movies to remove fields"
Sequence|MovieSequence.use_flip_x:	   boolean  "Flip on the X axis"
Sequence|MovieSequence.use_flip_y:	   boolean  "Flip on the Y axis"
Sequence|MovieSequence.use_float:	   boolean  "Convert input to float data"
Sequence|MovieSequence.use_premultiply:	   boolean  "Convert RGB from key alpha to premultiplied alpha"
Sequence|MovieSequence.use_proxy:	   boolean  "Use a preview proxy for this strip"
Sequence|MovieSequence.use_proxy_custom_directory:	   boolean  "Use a custom directory to store data"
Sequence|MovieSequence.use_proxy_custom_file:	   boolean  "Use a custom file to read proxy data from"
Sequence|MovieSequence.use_reverse_frames:	   boolean  "Reverse frame order"
Sequence|MovieSequence.use_translation:	   boolean  "Translate image before processing"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.animation_offset_end:	   int  "Animation end offset (trim end)"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.animation_offset_start:	   int  "Animation start offset (trim start)"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.color_balance:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.color_multiply:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.color_saturation:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.crop:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.multicam_source:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.proxy:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.strobe:	   float  "Only display every nth frame"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.transform:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.use_color_balance:	   boolean  "(3-Way color correction) on input"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.use_crop:	   boolean  "Crop image before processing"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.use_deinterlace:	   boolean  "For video movies to remove fields"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.use_flip_x:	   boolean  "Flip on the X axis"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.use_flip_y:	   boolean  "Flip on the Y axis"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.use_float:	   boolean  "Convert input to float data"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.use_premultiply:	   boolean  "Convert RGB from key alpha to premultiplied alpha"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.use_proxy:	   boolean  "Use a preview proxy for this strip"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.use_proxy_custom_directory:	   boolean  "Use a custom directory to store data"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.use_proxy_custom_file:	   boolean  "Use a custom file to read proxy data from"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.use_reverse_frames:	   boolean  "Reverse frame order"
Sequence|MulticamSequence.use_translation:	   boolean  "Translate image before processing"
Sequence|SceneSequence.animation_offset_end:	   int  "Animation end offset (trim end)"
Sequence|SceneSequence.animation_offset_start:	   int  "Animation start offset (trim start)"
Sequence|SceneSequence.color_balance:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|SceneSequence.color_multiply:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|SceneSequence.color_saturation:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|SceneSequence.crop:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|SceneSequence.proxy:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|SceneSequence.scene:	   pointer  "Scene that this sequence uses"
Sequence|SceneSequence.scene_camera:	   pointer  "Override the scenes active camera"
Sequence|SceneSequence.strobe:	   float  "Only display every nth frame"
Sequence|SceneSequence.transform:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Sequence|SceneSequence.use_color_balance:	   boolean  "(3-Way color correction) on input"
Sequence|SceneSequence.use_crop:	   boolean  "Crop image before processing"
Sequence|SceneSequence.use_deinterlace:	   boolean  "For video movies to remove fields"
Sequence|SceneSequence.use_flip_x:	   boolean  "Flip on the X axis"
Sequence|SceneSequence.use_flip_y:	   boolean  "Flip on the Y axis"
Sequence|SceneSequence.use_float:	   boolean  "Convert input to float data"
Sequence|SceneSequence.use_premultiply:	   boolean  "Convert RGB from key alpha to premultiplied alpha"
Sequence|SceneSequence.use_proxy:	   boolean  "Use a preview proxy for this strip"
Sequence|SceneSequence.use_proxy_custom_directory:	   boolean  "Use a custom directory to store data"
Sequence|SceneSequence.use_proxy_custom_file:	   boolean  "Use a custom file to read proxy data from"
Sequence|SceneSequence.use_reverse_frames:	   boolean  "Reverse frame order"
Sequence|SceneSequence.use_translation:	   boolean  "Translate image before processing"
Sequence|SoundSequence.animation_offset_end:	   int  "Animation end offset (trim end)"
Sequence|SoundSequence.animation_offset_start:	   int  "Animation start offset (trim start)"
Sequence|SoundSequence.attenuation:	   float  "Attenuation in dezibel"
Sequence|SoundSequence.filepath:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Sequence|SoundSequence.sound:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Sound datablock used by this sequence"
Sequence|SoundSequence.volume:	   float  "Playback volume of the sound"	   collection,  "(read-only)"
ShapeKey.frame:	   float,  "(read-only)    Frame for absolute keys"
ShapeKey.interpolation:	   enum  "Interpolation type"
ShapeKey.mute:	   boolean  "Mute this shape key"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ShapeKey.relative_key:	   pointer  "Shape used as a relative key"
ShapeKey.slider_max:	   float  "Maximum for slider"
ShapeKey.slider_min:	   float  "Minimum for slider"
ShapeKey.value:	   float  "Value of shape key at the current frame"
ShapeKey.vertex_group:	   string  "Vertex weight group, to blend with basis shape"	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ShapeKeyBezierPoint.handle_left:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ShapeKeyBezierPoint.handle_right:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ShapeKeyCurvePoint.tilt:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TODO BETTER NAME * SmokeDomainSettings.alpha:	   float  "Higher value results in sinking smoke"
SmokeDomainSettings.amplify:	   int  "Enhance the resolution of smoke by this factor using noise"
TODO BETTER NAME * SmokeDomainSettings.beta:	   float  "Higher value results in faster rising smoke"
SmokeDomainSettings.collision_extents:	   enum  "Selects which domain border will be treated as collision object."
SmokeDomainSettings.collision_group:	   pointer  "Limit collisions to this group"
SmokeDomainSettings.dissolve_speed:	   int  "Dissolve Speed"
SmokeDomainSettings.eff_group:	   pointer  "Limit effectors to this group"
SmokeDomainSettings.effector_weights:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
SmokeDomainSettings.fluid_group:	   pointer  "Limit fluid objects to this group"
SmokeDomainSettings.noise_type:	   enum  "Noise method which is used for creating the high resolution"
SmokeDomainSettings.point_cache_compress_high_type:	   enum  "Compression method to be used"
SmokeDomainSettings.point_cache_compress_type:	   enum  "Compression method to be used"
SmokeDomainSettings.point_cache_high:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
SmokeDomainSettings.point_cache_low:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
SmokeDomainSettings.resolution_max:	   int  "Maximal resolution used in the fluid domain"
SmokeDomainSettings.show_high_resolution:	   boolean  "Show high resolution (using amplification)"
SmokeDomainSettings.smooth_emitter:	   boolean  "Smoothens emitted smoke to avoid blockiness."
SmokeDomainSettings.strength:	   float  "Strength of wavelet noise"
SmokeDomainSettings.time_scale:	   float  "Adjust simulation speed."
SmokeDomainSettings.use_dissolve_smoke:	   boolean  "Enable smoke to disappear over time"
SmokeDomainSettings.use_dissolve_smoke_log:	   boolean  "Using 1/x"
SmokeDomainSettings.use_high_resolution:	   boolean  "Enable high resolution (using amplification)"
SmokeDomainSettings.vorticity:	   float  "Amount of turbulence/rotation in fluid."
SmokeFlowSettings.density:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
SmokeFlowSettings.initial_velocity:	   boolean  "Smoke inherits its velocity from the emitter particle"
SmokeFlowSettings.particle_system:	   pointer  "Particle systems emitted from the object"
SmokeFlowSettings.temperature:	   float  "Temperature difference to ambient temperature"
SmokeFlowSettings.use_absolute:	   boolean  "Only allows given density value in emitter area."
SmokeFlowSettings.use_outflow:	   boolean  "Deletes smoke from simulation"
SmokeFlowSettings.velocity_factor:	   float  "Multiplier to adjust velocity passed to smoke"	   float  "Make edges sail"
SoftBodySettings.aerodynamics_type:	   enum  "Method of calculating aerodynamic interaction"
SoftBodySettings.ball_damp:	   float  "Blending to inelastic collision"
SoftBodySettings.ball_size:	   float  "Absolute ball size or factor if not manual adjusted"
SoftBodySettings.ball_stiff:	   float  "Ball inflating pressure"
SoftBodySettings.bend:	   float  "Bending Stiffness"
SoftBodySettings.choke:	   int  "Viscosity inside collision target"
SoftBodySettings.collision_type:	   enum  "Choose Collision Type"
SoftBodySettings.damping:	   float  "Edge spring friction"
SoftBodySettings.effector_weights:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
SoftBodySettings.error_threshold:	   float  "The Runge-Kutta ODE solver error limit, low value gives more precision, high values speed"
SoftBodySettings.friction:	   float  "General media friction for point movements"
SoftBodySettings.fuzzy:	   int  "Fuzziness while on collision, high values make collsion handling faster but less stable"
SoftBodySettings.goal_default:	   float  "Default Goal (vertex target position) value, when no Vertex Group used"
SoftBodySettings.goal_friction:	   float  "Goal (vertex target position) friction"
SoftBodySettings.goal_max:	   float  "Goal maximum, vertex weights are scaled to match this range"
SoftBodySettings.goal_min:	   float  "Goal minimum, vertex weights are scaled to match this range"
SoftBodySettings.goal_spring:	   float  "Goal (vertex target position) spring stiffness"
SoftBodySettings.goal_vertex_group:	   string  "Control point weight values"
SoftBodySettings.gravity:	   float  "Apply gravitation to point movement"
SoftBodySettings.location_mass_center:	   float[3]  "Location of Center of mass"
SoftBodySettings.mass:	   float  "General Mass value"
SoftBodySettings.mass_vertex_group:	   string  "Control point mass values"
SoftBodySettings.plastic:	   float  "Permanent deform"
SoftBodySettings.pull:	   float  "Edge spring stiffness when longer than rest length"
SoftBodySettings.push:	   float  "Edge spring stiffness when shorter than rest length"
SoftBodySettings.rotation_estimate:	   float[9]  "Estimated rotation matrix"
SoftBodySettings.scale_estimate:	   float[9]  "Estimated scale matrix"
SoftBodySettings.shear:	   float  "Shear Stiffness"
SoftBodySettings.speed:	   float  "Tweak timing for physics to control frequency and speed"
SoftBodySettings.spring_length:	   float  "Alter spring length to shrink/blow up (unit %) 0 to disable"
SoftBodySettings.spring_vertex_group:	   string  "Control point spring strength values"
SoftBodySettings.step_max:	   int  "Maximal  solver steps/frame"
SoftBodySettings.step_min:	   int  "Minimal  solver steps/frame"
SoftBodySettings.use_auto_step:	   boolean  "Use velocities for automagic step sizes"
SoftBodySettings.use_diagnose:	   boolean  "Turn on SB diagnose console prints"
SoftBodySettings.use_edge_collision:	   boolean  "Edges collide too"
SoftBodySettings.use_edges:	   boolean  "Use Edges as springs"
SoftBodySettings.use_estimate_matrix:	   boolean  "estimate matrix .. split to COM , ROT ,SCALE"
SoftBodySettings.use_face_collision:	   boolean  "Faces collide too, can be very slow"
SoftBodySettings.use_goal:	   boolean  "Define forces for vertices to stick to animated position"
SoftBodySettings.use_self_collision:	   boolean  "Enable naive vertex ball self collision"
SoftBodySettings.use_stiff_quads:	   boolean  "Adds diagonal springs on 4-gons"
Space.type:	   enum,  "(read-only)    Space data type"
SpaceUVEditor.cursor_location:	   float[2]  "2D cursor location for this view"
SpaceUVEditor.draw_stretch_type:	   enum  "Type of stretch to draw"
SpaceUVEditor.edge_draw_type:	   enum  "Draw type for drawing UV edges"
SpaceUVEditor.lock_bounds:	   boolean  "Constraint to stay within the image bounds while editing"
SpaceUVEditor.pivot_point:	   enum  "Rotation/Scaling Pivot"
SpaceUVEditor.show_modified_edges:	   boolean  "Draw edges after modifiers are applied"
SpaceUVEditor.show_normalized_coords:	   boolean  "Display UV coordinates from 0.0 to 1.0 rather than in pixels"
SpaceUVEditor.show_other_objects:	   boolean  "Draw other selected objects that share the same image"
SpaceUVEditor.show_smooth_edges:	   boolean  "Draw UV edges anti-aliased"
SpaceUVEditor.show_stretch:	   boolean  "Draw faces colored according to the difference in shape between UVs and their 3D coordinates (blue for low distortion, red for high distortion)"
SpaceUVEditor.sticky_select_mode:	   enum  "Automatically select also UVs sharing the same vertex as the ones being selected"
SpaceUVEditor.use_live_unwrap:	   boolean  "Continuously unwrap the selected UV island while transforming pinned vertices"
SpaceUVEditor.use_snap_to_pixels:	   boolean  "Snap UVs to pixel locations while editing"
Space|SpaceConsole.console_type:	   enum  "Console type"
Space|SpaceConsole.font_size:	   int  "Font size to use for displaying the text"
Space|SpaceConsole.history:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Command history"
Space|SpaceConsole.language:	   string  "Command line prompt language"
Space|SpaceConsole.prompt:	   string  "Command line prompt"
Space|SpaceConsole.scrollback:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Command output"
Space|SpaceConsole.select_end:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Space|SpaceConsole.select_start:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Space|SpaceConsole.show_report_debug:	   boolean  "Display debug reporting info"
Space|SpaceConsole.show_report_error:	   boolean  "Display error text"
Space|SpaceConsole.show_report_info:	   boolean  "Display general information"
Space|SpaceConsole.show_report_operator:	   boolean  "Display the operator log"
Space|SpaceConsole.show_report_warning:	   boolean  "Display warnings"
Space|SpaceDopeSheetEditor.action:	   pointer  "Action displayed and edited in this space"
Space|SpaceDopeSheetEditor.auto_snap:	   enum  "Automatic time snapping settings for transformations"
Space|SpaceDopeSheetEditor.dopesheet:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Settings for filtering animation data"
Space|SpaceDopeSheetEditor.mode:	   enum  "Editing context being displayed"
Space|SpaceDopeSheetEditor.show_frame_indicator:	   boolean  "Show frame number beside the current frame indicator line"
Space|SpaceDopeSheetEditor.show_seconds:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Show timing in seconds not frames"
Space|SpaceDopeSheetEditor.show_sliders:	   boolean  "Show sliders beside F-Curve channels"
Space|SpaceDopeSheetEditor.use_auto_merge_keyframes:	   boolean  "Automatically merge nearby keyframes"
Space|SpaceDopeSheetEditor.use_marker_sync:	   boolean  "Sync Markers with keyframe edits"
Space|SpaceDopeSheetEditor.use_realtime_update:	   boolean  "When transforming keyframes, changes to the animation data are flushed to other views"
Space|SpaceFileBrowser.params:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Parameters and Settings for the Filebrowser"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.auto_snap:	   enum  "Automatic time snapping settings for transformations"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.cursor_position_y:	   float  "Graph Editor 2D-Value cursor - Y-Value component"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.dopesheet:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Settings for filtering animation data"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.has_ghost_curves:	   boolean  "Graph Editor instance has some ghost curves stored"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.mode:	   enum  "Editing context being displayed"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.pivot_point:	   enum  "Pivot center for rotation/scaling"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.show_cursor:	   boolean  "Show 2D cursor"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.show_frame_indicator:	   boolean  "Show frame number beside the current frame indicator line"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.show_handles:	   boolean  "Show handles of Bezier control points"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.show_seconds:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Show timing in seconds not frames"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.show_sliders:	   boolean  "Show sliders beside F-Curve channels"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.use_auto_merge_keyframes:	   boolean  "Automatically merge nearby keyframes"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.use_only_selected_curves_handles:	   boolean  "Only keyframes of selected F-Curves are visible and editable"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.use_only_selected_keyframe_handles:	   boolean  "Only show and edit handles of selected keyframes"
Space|SpaceGraphEditor.use_realtime_update:	   boolean  "When transforming keyframes, changes to the animation data are flushed to other views"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.curves:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Color curve mapping to use for displaying the image"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.draw_channels:	   enum  "Channels of the image to draw"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.grease_pencil:	   pointer  "Grease pencil data for this space"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.image:	   pointer  "Image displayed and edited in this space"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.image_user:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Parameters defining which layer, pass and frame of the image is displayed"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.sample_histogram:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Sampled colors along line"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.scopes:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Scopes to visualize image statistics."
Space|SpaceImageEditor.show_paint:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Show paint related properties"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.show_render:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Show render related properties"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.show_repeat:	   boolean  "Draw the image repeated outside of the main view"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.show_uvedit:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Show UV editing related properties"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.use_grease_pencil:	   boolean  "Display and edit the grease pencil freehand annotations overlay"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.use_image_paint:	   boolean  "Enable image painting mode"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.use_image_pin:	   boolean  "Display current image regardless of object selection"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.use_realtime_update:	   boolean  "Update other affected window spaces automatically to reflect changes during interactive operations such as transform"
Space|SpaceImageEditor.uv_editor:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    UV editor settings"
Space|SpaceLogicEditor.show_actuators_active_object:	   boolean  "Show actuators of active object"
Space|SpaceLogicEditor.show_actuators_active_states:	   boolean  "Show only actuators connected to active states"
Space|SpaceLogicEditor.show_actuators_linked_controller:	   boolean  "Show linked objects to the actuator"
Space|SpaceLogicEditor.show_actuators_selected_objects:	   boolean  "Show actuators of all selected objects"
Space|SpaceLogicEditor.show_controllers_active_object:	   boolean  "Show controllers of active object"
Space|SpaceLogicEditor.show_controllers_linked_controller:	   boolean  "Show linked objects to sensor/actuator"
Space|SpaceLogicEditor.show_controllers_selected_objects:	   boolean  "Show controllers of all selected objects"
Space|SpaceLogicEditor.show_sensors_active_object:	   boolean  "Show sensors of active object"
Space|SpaceLogicEditor.show_sensors_active_states:	   boolean  "Show only sensors connected to active states"
Space|SpaceLogicEditor.show_sensors_linked_controller:	   boolean  "Show linked objects to the controller"
Space|SpaceLogicEditor.show_sensors_selected_objects:	   boolean  "Show sensors of all selected objects"
Space|SpaceNLA.auto_snap:	   enum  "Automatic time snapping settings for transformations"
Space|SpaceNLA.dopesheet:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Settings for filtering animation data"
Space|SpaceNLA.show_frame_indicator:	   boolean  "Show frame number beside the current frame indicator line"
Space|SpaceNLA.show_seconds:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Show timing in seconds not frames"
Space|SpaceNLA.show_strip_curves:	   boolean  "Show influence curves on strips"
Space|SpaceNLA.use_realtime_update:	   boolean  "When transforming strips, changes to the animation data are flushed to other views"
Space|	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Datablock whose nodes are being edited"
Space|SpaceNodeEditor.id_from:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Datablock from which the edited datablock is linked"
Space|SpaceNodeEditor.nodetree:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Node tree being displayed and edited"
Space|SpaceNodeEditor.show_backdrop:	   boolean  "Use active Viewer Node output as backdrop for compositing nodes"
Space|SpaceNodeEditor.texture_type:	   enum  "Type of data to take texture from"
Space|SpaceNodeEditor.tree_type:	   enum  "Node tree type to display and edit"
Space|SpaceOutliner.display_mode:	   enum  "Type of information to display"
Space|SpaceOutliner.filter_text:	   string  "Live search filtering string"
Space|SpaceOutliner.show_restrict_columns:	   boolean  "Show column"
Space|SpaceOutliner.use_filter_case_sensitive:	   boolean  "Only use case sensitive matches of search string"
Space|SpaceOutliner.use_filter_complete:	   boolean  "Only use complete matches of search string"
Space|SpaceProperties.align:	   enum  "Arrangement of the panels"
Space|SpaceProperties.context:	   enum  "Type of active data to display and edit"
Space|SpaceProperties.pin_id:	   pointer  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Space|SpaceProperties.show_brush_texture:	   boolean  "Show brush textures"
Space|SpaceProperties.use_pin_id:	   boolean  "Use the pinned context"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.display_channel:	   int  "The channel number shown in the image preview. 0 is the result of all strips combined"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.display_mode:	   enum  "The view mode to use for displaying sequencer output"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.draw_overexposed:	   int  "Show overexposed areas with zebra stripes"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.grease_pencil:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Grease pencil data for this space"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.offset_x:	   float  "Offsets image horizontally from the view center"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.offset_y:	   float  "Offsets image horizontally from the view center"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.proxy_render_size:	   enum  "Draw preview using full resolution or different proxy resolutions"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.show_frame_indicator:	   boolean  "Show frame number beside the current frame indicator line"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.show_frames:	   boolean  "Draw frames rather than seconds"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.show_safe_margin:	   boolean  "Draw title safe margins in preview"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.show_separate_color:	   boolean  "Separate color channels in preview"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.use_grease_pencil:	   boolean  "Display and edit the grease pencil freehand annotations overlay"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.use_marker_sync:	   boolean  "Transform markers as well as strips"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.view_type:	   enum  "The type of the Sequencer view (sequencer, preview or both)"
Space|SpaceSequenceEditor.zoom:	   float  "Display zoom level"
Space|SpaceTextEditor.find_text:	   string  "Text to search for with the find tool"
Space|SpaceTextEditor.font_size:	   int  "Font size to use for displaying the text"
Space|SpaceTextEditor.replace_text:	   string  "Text to replace selected text with using the replace tool"
Space|SpaceTextEditor.show_line_highlight:	   boolean  "Highlight the current line"
Space|SpaceTextEditor.show_line_numbers:	   boolean  "Show line numbers next to the text"
Space|SpaceTextEditor.show_syntax_highlight:	   boolean  "Syntax highlight for scripting"
Space|SpaceTextEditor.show_word_wrap:	   boolean  "Wrap words if there is not enough horizontal space"
Space|SpaceTextEditor.tab_width:	   int  "Number of spaces to display tabs with"
Space|SpaceTextEditor.text:	   pointer  "Text displayed and edited in this space"
Space|SpaceTextEditor.use_find_all:	   boolean  "Search in all text datablocks, instead of only the active one"
Space|SpaceTextEditor.use_find_wrap:	   boolean  "Search again from the start of the file when reaching the end"
Space|SpaceTextEditor.use_live_edit:	   boolean  "Run python while editing"
Space|SpaceTextEditor.use_overwrite:	   boolean  "Overwrite characters when typing rather than inserting them"
Space|SpaceTimeline.cache_cloth:	   boolean  "Show the active objects cloth point cache"
Space|SpaceTimeline.cache_particles:	   boolean  "Show the active objects particle point cache"
Space|SpaceTimeline.cache_smoke:	   boolean  "Show the active objects smoke cache"
Space|SpaceTimeline.cache_softbody:	   boolean  "Show the active objects softbody point cache"
Space|SpaceTimeline.show_cache:	   boolean  "Show the status of cached frames in the timeline"
Space|SpaceTimeline.show_frame_indicator:	   boolean  "Show frame number beside the current frame indicator line"
Space|SpaceTimeline.show_only_selected:	   boolean  "Show keyframes for active Object and/or its selected channels only"
Space|SpaceTimeline.use_play_3d_editors:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Space|SpaceTimeline.use_play_animation_editors:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Space|SpaceTimeline.use_play_image_editors:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Space|SpaceTimeline.use_play_node_editors:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Space|SpaceTimeline.use_play_properties_editors:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Space|SpaceTimeline.use_play_sequence_editors:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Space|SpaceTimeline.use_play_top_left_3d_editor:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Space|SpaceUserPreferences.filter_text:	   string  "Search term for filtering in the UI"
Space|SpaceView3D.background_images:	   collection,  "(read-only)    List of background images"
Space|	   pointer  "Active camera used in this view (when unlocked from the scenes active camera)"
Space|SpaceView3D.clip_end:	   float  "3D View far clipping distance"
Space|SpaceView3D.clip_start:	   float  "3D View near clipping distance"
Space|SpaceView3D.current_orientation:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Current Transformation orientation"
Space|SpaceView3D.cursor_location:	   float[3]  "3D cursor location for this view (dependent on local view setting)"
Space|SpaceView3D.grid_lines:	   int  "The number of grid lines to display in perspective view"
Space|SpaceView3D.grid_spacing:	   float  "The distance between 3D View grid lines"
Space|SpaceView3D.grid_subdivisions:	   int  "The number of subdivisions between grid lines"
Space|SpaceView3D.layers:	   boolean[20]  "Layers visible in this 3D View"
Space|SpaceView3D.layers_used:	   boolean[20],  "(read-only)    Layers that contain something"
Space|SpaceView3D.lens:	   float  "Lens angle (mm) in perspective view"
Space|SpaceView3D.local_view:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Display an isolated sub-set of objects, apart from the scene visibility"
Space|SpaceView3D.lock_bone:	   string  "3D View center is locked to this bones position"
Space|SpaceView3D.lock_camera_and_layers:	   boolean  "Use the scenes active camera and layers in this view, rather than local layers"
Space|SpaceView3D.lock_object:	   pointer  "3D View center is locked to this objects position"
Space|SpaceView3D.pivot_point:	   enum  "Pivot center for rotation/scaling"
Space|SpaceView3D.region_3d:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    3D region in this space, in case of quad view the camera region"
Space|SpaceView3D.region_quadview:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    3D region that defines the quad view settings"
Space|SpaceView3D.show_all_objects_origin:	   boolean  "Show the object origin center dot for all (selected and unselected) objects"
Space|SpaceView3D.show_axis_x:	   boolean  "Show the X axis line in perspective view"
Space|SpaceView3D.show_axis_y:	   boolean  "Show the Y axis line in perspective view"
Space|SpaceView3D.show_axis_z:	   boolean  "Show the Z axis line in perspective view"
Space|SpaceView3D.show_background_images:	   boolean  "Display reference images behind objects in the 3D View"
Space|SpaceView3D.show_floor:	   boolean  "Show the ground plane grid in perspective view"
Space|SpaceView3D.show_manipulator:	   boolean  "Use a 3D manipulator widget for controlling transforms"
Space|SpaceView3D.show_only_render:	   boolean  "Display only objects which will be rendered"
Space|SpaceView3D.show_outline_selected:	   boolean  "Show an outline highlight around selected objects in non-wireframe views"
Space|SpaceView3D.show_relationship_lines:	   boolean  "Show dashed lines indicating parent or constraint relationships"
Space|SpaceView3D.show_textured_solid:	   boolean  "Display face-assigned textures in solid view"
Space|SpaceView3D.transform_orientation:	   enum  "Transformation orientation"
Space|SpaceView3D.use_manipulator_rotate:	   boolean  "Use the manipulator for rotation transformations"
Space|SpaceView3D.use_manipulator_scale:	   boolean  "Use the manipulator for scale transformations"
Space|SpaceView3D.use_manipulator_translate:	   boolean  "Use the manipulator for movement transformations"
Space|SpaceView3D.use_occlude_geometry:	   boolean  "Limit selection to visible (clipped with depth buffer)"
Space|SpaceView3D.use_pivot_point_align:	   boolean  "Manipulate object centers only"
Space|SpaceView3D.viewport_shade:	   enum  "Method to display/shade objects in the 3D View"
Spline.bezier_points:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Collection of points for bezier curves only"
Spline.character_index:	   int,  "(read-only)    Location of this character in the text data (only for text curves)"
Spline.hide:	   boolean  "Hide this curve in editmode"
Spline.material_index:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Spline.order_u:	   int  "Nurbs order in the U direction (For splines and surfaces), Higher values let points influence a greater area"
Spline.order_v:	   int  "Nurbs order in the V direction (For surfaces only), Higher values let points influence a greater area"
Spline.point_count_u:	   int,  "(read-only)    Total number points for the curve or surface in the U direction"
Spline.point_count_v:	   int,  "(read-only)    Total number points for the surface on the V direction"
Spline.points:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Collection of points that make up this poly or nurbs spline"
Spline.radius_interpolation:	   enum  "The type of radius interpolation for Bezier curves"
Spline.resolution_u:	   int  "Curve or Surface subdivisions per segment"
Spline.resolution_v:	   int  "Surface subdivisions per segment"
Spline.tilt_interpolation:	   enum  "The type of tilt interpolation for 3D, Bezier curves"
Spline.type:	   enum  "The interpolation type for this curve element"
Spline.use_bezier_u:	   boolean  "Make this nurbs curve or surface act like a bezier spline in the U direction (Order U must be 3 or 4, Cyclic U must be disabled)"
Spline.use_bezier_v:	   boolean  "Make this nurbs surface act like a bezier spline in the V direction (Order V must be 3 or 4, Cyclic V must be disabled)"
Spline.use_cyclic_u:	   boolean  "Make this curve or surface a closed loop in the U direction"
Spline.use_cyclic_v:	   boolean  "Make this surface a closed loop in the V direction"
Spline.use_endpoint_u:	   boolean  "Make this nurbs curve or surface meet the endpoints in the U direction (Cyclic U must be disabled)"
Spline.use_endpoint_v:	   boolean  "Make this nurbs surface meet the endpoints in the V direction (Cyclic V must be disabled)"
Spline.use_smooth:	   boolean  "Smooth the normals of the surface or beveled curve"	   float[4]  "Point coordinates"
SplinePoint.hide:	   boolean  "Visibility status"
SplinePoint.radius:	   float,  "(read-only)    Radius for bevelling"	   boolean  "Selection status"
SplinePoint.tilt:	   float  "Tilt in 3D View"
SplinePoint.weight:	   float  "Nurbs weight"
SplinePoint.weight_softbody:	   float  "Softbody goal weight"
Struct.base:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Struct definition this is derived from"
Struct.description:	   string,  "(read-only)    Description of the Structs purpose"
Struct.functions:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
Struct.identifier:	   string,  "(read-only)    Unique name used in the code and scripting"	   string,  "(read-only)    Human readable name"
Struct.name_property:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Property that gives the name of the struct"
Struct.nested:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Struct in which this struct is always nested, and to which it logically belongs"	   collection,  "(read-only)    Properties in the struct"
TexMapping.location:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TexMapping.max:	   float[3]  "Maximum value for clipping"
TexMapping.min:	   float[3]  "Minimum value for clipping"
TexMapping.rotation:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TexMapping.scale:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TexMapping.use_max:	   boolean  "Whether to use maximum clipping value"
TexMapping.use_min:	   boolean  "Whether to use minimum clipping value"
TextBox.height:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextBox.width:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextBox.x:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextBox.y:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextCharacterFormat.use_bold:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextCharacterFormat.use_italic:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextCharacterFormat.use_small_caps:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextCharacterFormat.use_underline:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextLine.body:	   string  "Text in the line"
TextMarker.character_index_end:	   int,  "(read-only)    Start position of the marker in the line"
TextMarker.character_index_start:	   int,  "(read-only)    Start position of the marker in the line"
TextMarker.color:	   float[4]  "Color to display the marker with"	   int,  "(read-only)"
TextMarker.is_temporary:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Marker is temporary"
TextMarker.line:	   int,  "(read-only)    Line in which the marker is located"
TextMarker.use_edit_all:	   boolean,  "(read-only)    Edit all markers of the same group as one"
TextureSlot.blend_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextureSlot.color:	   float[3]  "The default color for textures that dont return RGB"
TextureSlot.default_value:	   float  "Value to use for Ref, Spec, Amb, Emit, Alpha, RayMir, TransLu and Hard"
TextureSlot.invert:	   boolean  "Inverts the values of the texture to reverse its effect"	   string,  "(read-only)    Texture slot name"
TextureSlot.offset:	   float[3]  "Fine tunes texture mapping X, Y and Z locations"
TextureSlot.output_node:	   enum  "Which output node to use, for node-based textures"
TextureSlot.scale:	   float[3]  "Sets scaling for the textures X, Y and Z sizes"
TextureSlot.texture:	   pointer  "Texture datablock used by this texture slot"
TextureSlot.use_rgb_to_intensity:	   boolean  "Converts texture RGB values to intensity (gray) values"
TextureSlot.use_stencil:	   boolean  "Use this texture as a blending value on the next texture"
TextureSlot|BrushTextureSlot.angle:	   float  "Defines brush texture rotation"
TextureSlot|BrushTextureSlot.map_mode:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextureSlot|LampTextureSlot.color_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects color values"
TextureSlot|LampTextureSlot.object:	   pointer  "Object to use for mapping with Object texture coordinates"
TextureSlot|LampTextureSlot.shadow_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects shadow"
TextureSlot|LampTextureSlot.texture_coords:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextureSlot|LampTextureSlot.use_map_color:	   boolean  "Lets the texture affect the basic color of the lamp"
TextureSlot|LampTextureSlot.use_map_shadow:	   boolean  "Lets the texture affect the shadow color of the lamp"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.alpha_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects alpha"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.ambient_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects ambient"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.color_emission_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects emission color"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.density_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects density"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.diffuse_color_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects diffuse color"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.diffuse_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects diffuse reflectivity"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.displacement_factor:	   float  "Amount texture displaces the surface"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.emission_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects emission"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.emit_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects emission"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.hardness_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects hardness"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.mapping:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.mapping_x:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.mapping_y:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.mapping_z:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.mirror_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects mirror color"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.normal_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects normal values"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.normal_map_space:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.object:	   pointer  "Object to use for mapping with Object texture coordinates"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.raymir_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects ray mirror"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.reflection_color_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects color of out-scattered light"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.reflection_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects brightness of out-scattered light"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.scattering_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects scattering"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.specular_color_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects specular color"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.specular_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects specular reflectivity"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.texture_coords:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.translucency_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects translucency"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.transmission_color_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects result color after light has been scattered/absorbed"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use:	   boolean  "Enable this material texture slot"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_from_dupli:	   boolean  "Duplis instanced from verts, faces or particles, inherit texture coordinate from their parent"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_from_original:	   boolean  "Duplis derive their object coordinates from the original objects transformation"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_alpha:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the alpha value"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_ambient:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the value of ambient"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_color_diffuse:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect basic color of the material"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_color_emission:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the color of emission"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_color_reflection:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the color of scattered light"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_color_spec:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the specularity color"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_color_transmission:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the result color after other light has been scattered/absorbed"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_density:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the volumes density"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_diffuse:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the value of the materials diffuse reflectivity"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_displacement:	   boolean  "Let the texture displace the surface"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_emission:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the volumes emission"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_emit:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the emit value"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_hardness:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the hardness value"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_mirror:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the mirror color"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_normal:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the rendered normal"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_raymir:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the ray-mirror value"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_reflect:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the reflected lights brightness"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_scatter:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the volumes scattering"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_specular:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the value of specular reflectivity"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_translucency:	   boolean  "Causes the texture to affect the translucency value"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_map_warp:	   boolean  "Let the texture warp texture coordinates of next channels"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.use_old_bump:	   boolean  "Use old bump mapping (backwards compatibility option)"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.uv_layer:	   string  "UV layer to use for mapping with UV texture coordinates"
TextureSlot|MaterialTextureSlot.warp_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects texture coordinates of next channels"
TextureSlot|WorldTextureSlot.blend_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects color progression of the background"
TextureSlot|WorldTextureSlot.horizon_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects color of the horizon"
TextureSlot|WorldTextureSlot.object:	   pointer  "Object to use for mapping with Object texture coordinates"
TextureSlot|WorldTextureSlot.texture_coords:	   enum  "Texture coordinates used to map the texture onto the background"
TextureSlot|WorldTextureSlot.use_map_blend:	   boolean  "Affect the color progression of the background"
TextureSlot|WorldTextureSlot.use_map_horizon:	   boolean  "Affect the color of the horizon"
TextureSlot|WorldTextureSlot.use_map_zenith_down:	   boolean  "Affect the color of the zenith below"
TextureSlot|WorldTextureSlot.use_map_zenith_up:	   boolean  "Affect the color of the zenith above"
TextureSlot|WorldTextureSlot.zenith_down_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects color of the zenith below"
TextureSlot|WorldTextureSlot.zenith_up_factor:	   float  "Amount texture affects color of the zenith above"
Theme.bone_color_sets:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
Theme.console:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Theme.dopesheet_editor:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Theme.file_browser:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Theme.graph_editor:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Theme.image_editor:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Theme.logic_editor:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"	   string  "Name of the theme"
Theme.nla_editor:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Theme.node_editor:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Theme.outliner:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Theme.sequence_editor:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Theme.text_editor:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Theme.theme_area:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
Theme.timeline:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Theme.user_interface:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Theme.user_preferences:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
Theme.view_3d:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeAudioWindow.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeAudioWindow.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeAudioWindow.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeAudioWindow.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeAudioWindow.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeAudioWindow.frame_current:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeAudioWindow.grid:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeAudioWindow.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeAudioWindow.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeAudioWindow.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeAudioWindow.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeAudioWindow.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeAudioWindow.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeAudioWindow.window_sliders:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   float[3]  "Color used for active bones"
ThemeBoneColorSet.normal:	   float[3]  "Color used for the surface of bones"	   float[3]  "Color used for selected bones"
ThemeBoneColorSet.show_colored_constraints:	   boolean  "Allow the use of colors indicating constraints/keyed status"
ThemeConsole.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.cursor:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.line_error:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.line_info:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.line_input:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.line_output:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeConsole.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.active_channels_group:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.channel_group:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.channels:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.channels_selected:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.dopesheet_channel:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.dopesheet_subchannel:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.frame_current:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.grid:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.list:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.list_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.list_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.list_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.long_key:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.long_key_selected:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.value_sliders:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeDopeSheet.view_sliders:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.active_file:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.active_file_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.list:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.list_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.list_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.list_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.scroll_handle:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.scrollbar:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.selected_file:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.tiles:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFileBrowser.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFontStyle.font_kerning_style:	   enum  "Which style to use for font kerning"
ThemeFontStyle.points:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFontStyle.shadow:	   int  "Shadow size in pixels (0, 3 and 5 supported)"
ThemeFontStyle.shadow_offset_x:	   int  "Shadow offset in pixels"
ThemeFontStyle.shadow_offset_y:	   int  "Shadow offset in pixels"
ThemeFontStyle.shadowalpha:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeFontStyle.shadowcolor:	   float  "Shadow color in grey value"
ThemeGraphEditor.active_channels_group:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.channel_group:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.channels_region:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.dopesheet_channel:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.dopesheet_subchannel:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.frame_current:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.grid:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.handle_align:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.handle_auto:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.handle_free:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.handle_sel_align:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.handle_sel_auto:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.handle_sel_free:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.handle_sel_vect:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.handle_vect:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.handle_vertex:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.handle_vertex_select:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.handle_vertex_size:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.lastsel_point:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.list:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.list_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.list_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.list_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.panel:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.vertex:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.vertex_select:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.vertex_size:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeGraphEditor.window_sliders:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.editmesh_active:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.face:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.face_dot:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.face_select:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.facedot_size:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.scope_back:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.vertex:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.vertex_select:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeImageEditor.vertex_size:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeInfo.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeInfo.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeInfo.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeInfo.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeInfo.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeInfo.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeInfo.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeInfo.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeInfo.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeInfo.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeInfo.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeLogicEditor.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeLogicEditor.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeLogicEditor.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeLogicEditor.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeLogicEditor.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeLogicEditor.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeLogicEditor.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeLogicEditor.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeLogicEditor.panel:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeLogicEditor.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeLogicEditor.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeLogicEditor.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.bars:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.bars_selected:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.frame_current:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.grid:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.list:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.list_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.list_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.list_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.strips:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.strips_selected:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNLAEditor.view_sliders:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.converter_node:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.group_node:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.in_out_node:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.list:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.list_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.list_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.list_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.node_backdrop:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.operator_node:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.selected_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.wire:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeNodeEditor.wire_select:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeOutliner.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeOutliner.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeOutliner.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeOutliner.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeOutliner.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeOutliner.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeOutliner.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeOutliner.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeOutliner.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeOutliner.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeOutliner.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeProperties.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeProperties.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeProperties.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeProperties.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeProperties.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeProperties.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeProperties.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeProperties.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeProperties.panel:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeProperties.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeProperties.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeProperties.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.audio_strip:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.draw_action:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.effect_strip:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.frame_current:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.grid:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.image_strip:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.keyframe:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.meta_strip:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.movie_strip:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.plugin_strip:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.scene_strip:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.transition_strip:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeSequenceEditor.window_sliders:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeStyle.group_label:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeStyle.panel_title:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeStyle.panelzoom:	   float  "Default zoom level for panel areas"
ThemeStyle.widget:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeStyle.widget_label:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeTextEditor.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.cursor:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.line_numbers_background:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.scroll_bar:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.selected_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.syntax_builtin:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.syntax_comment:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.syntax_numbers:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.syntax_special:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.syntax_string:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTextEditor.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTimeline.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTimeline.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTimeline.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTimeline.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTimeline.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTimeline.frame_current:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTimeline.grid:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTimeline.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTimeline.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTimeline.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTimeline.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTimeline.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeTimeline.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeUserInterface.icon_file:	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_box:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_list_item:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_menu:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_menu_back:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_menu_item:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_num:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_numslider:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_option:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_progress:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_pulldown:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_radio:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_regular:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_scroll:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_state:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_text:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_toggle:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserInterface.wcol_tool:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ThemeUserPreferences.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeUserPreferences.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeUserPreferences.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeUserPreferences.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeUserPreferences.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeUserPreferences.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeUserPreferences.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeUserPreferences.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeUserPreferences.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeUserPreferences.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeUserPreferences.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.act_spline:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.back:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.bone_pose:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.bone_solid:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.button:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.button_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.button_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.button_title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.edge_crease:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.edge_facesel:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.edge_seam:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.edge_select:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.edge_sharp:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.editmesh_active:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.face:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.face_dot:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.face_select:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.facedot_size:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.frame_current:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.grid:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.handle_align:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.handle_auto:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.handle_free:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.handle_sel_align:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.handle_sel_auto:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.handle_sel_free:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.handle_sel_vect:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.handle_vect:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.header:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.header_text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.header_text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.lamp:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.lastsel_point:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.normal:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.nurb_sel_uline:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.nurb_sel_vline:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.nurb_uline:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.nurb_vline:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.object_active:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.object_grouped:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.object_grouped_active:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.object_selected:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.panel:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.text_hi:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.title:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.transform:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.vertex:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.vertex_normal:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.vertex_select:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.vertex_size:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeView3D.wire:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetColors.inner:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetColors.inner_sel:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetColors.item:	   float[4]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetColors.outline:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetColors.shadedown:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetColors.shadetop:	   int  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetColors.show_shaded:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetColors.text:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetColors.text_sel:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetStateColors.blend:	   float  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetStateColors.inner_anim:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetStateColors.inner_anim_sel:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetStateColors.inner_driven:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetStateColors.inner_driven_sel:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetStateColors.inner_key:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"
ThemeWidgetStateColors.inner_key_sel:	   float[3]  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   pointer  "Camera this timeline sets to active"
TimelineMarker.frame:	   int  "The frame on which the timeline marker appears"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   boolean  "Marker selection state"
ToolSettings.auto_keying_mode:	   enum  "Mode of automatic keyframe insertion for Objects and Bones"
ToolSettings.edge_path_mode:	   enum  "The edge flag to tag when selecting the shortest path"
ToolSettings.etch_adaptive_limit:	   float  "Number of bones in the subdivided stroke"
ToolSettings.etch_convert_mode:	   enum  "Method used to convert stroke to bones"
ToolSettings.etch_length_limit:	   float  "Number of bones in the subdivided stroke"
ToolSettings.etch_number:	   string  "DOC BROKEN"
ToolSettings.etch_roll_mode:	   enum  "Method used to adjust the roll of bones when retargeting"
ToolSettings.etch_side:	   string  "DOC BROKEN"
ToolSettings.etch_subdivision_number:	   int  "Number of bones in the subdivided stroke"
ToolSettings.etch_template:	   pointer  "Template armature that will be retargeted to the stroke"
ToolSettings.image_paint:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ToolSettings.mesh_select_mode:	   boolean[3]  "Which mesh elements selection works on"
ToolSettings.normal_size:	   float  "Display size for normals in the 3D view"
ToolSettings.particle_edit:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ToolSettings.proportional_edit:	   enum  "Proportional editing mode"
ToolSettings.proportional_edit_falloff:	   enum  "Falloff type for proportional editing mode"
ToolSettings.sculpt:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ToolSettings.sculpt_paint_use_unified_size:	   boolean  "Instead of per brush radius, the radius is shared across brushes"
ToolSettings.sculpt_paint_use_unified_strength:	   boolean  "Instead of per brush strength, the strength is shared across brushes"
ToolSettings.show_uv_local_view:	   boolean  "Draw only faces with the currently displayed image assigned"
ToolSettings.snap_element:	   enum  "Type of element to snap to"
ToolSettings.snap_target:	   enum  "Which part to snap onto the target"
ToolSettings.use_auto_normalize:	   boolean  "Ensure all bone-deforming vertex groups add up to 1.0 while weight painting"
ToolSettings.use_bone_sketching:	   boolean  "DOC BROKEN"
ToolSettings.use_etch_autoname:	   boolean  "DOC BROKEN"
ToolSettings.use_etch_overdraw:	   boolean  "DOC BROKEN"
ToolSettings.use_etch_quick:	   boolean  "DOC BROKEN"
ToolSettings.use_keyframe_insert_auto:	   boolean  "Automatic keyframe insertion for Objects and Bones"
ToolSettings.use_mesh_automerge:	   boolean  "Automatically merge vertices moved to the same location"
ToolSettings.use_proportional_edit_objects:	   boolean  "Proportional editing object mode"
ToolSettings.use_record_with_nla:	   boolean  "Add a new NLA Track + Strip for every loop/pass made over the animation to allow non-destructive tweaking"
ToolSettings.use_snap:	   boolean  "Snap during transform"
ToolSettings.use_snap_align_rotation:	   boolean  "Align rotation with the snapping target"
ToolSettings.use_snap_peel_object:	   boolean  "Consider objects as whole when finding volume center"
ToolSettings.use_snap_project:	   boolean  "Project vertices on the surface of other objects"
ToolSettings.use_uv_select_sync:	   boolean  "Keep UV and edit mode mesh selection in sync"
ToolSettings.uv_select_mode:	   enum  "UV selection and display mode"
ToolSettings.vertex_group_weight:	   float  "Weight to assign in vertex groups"
ToolSettings.vertex_paint:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
ToolSettings.weight_paint:	   pointer,  "(read-only)"
TransformOrientation.matrix:	   float[9]  "NO DESCRIPTION"	   string  "NO DESCRIPTION"
UILayout.alignment:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
UILayout.operator_context:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
UILayout.scale_x:	   float  "Scale factor along the X for items in this (sub)layout."
UILayout.scale_y:	   float  "Scale factor along the Y for items in this (sub)layout."
 + *	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
 + * UILayout.enabled:	   boolean  "When false, this (sub)layout is greyed out."
UVProjector.object:	   pointer  "Object to use as projector transform"
UnitSettings.rotation_units:	   enum  "Unit to use for displaying/editing rotation values"
UnitSettings.scale_length:	   float  "Scale to use when converting between blender units and dimensions"
UnitSettings.system:	   enum  "The unit system to use for button display"
UnitSettings.use_separate:	   boolean  "Display units in pairs"
UserPreferences.active_section:	   enum  "Active section of the user preferences shown in the user interface"
UserPreferences.addons:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
UserPreferences.edit:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Settings for interacting with Blender data"
UserPreferences.filepaths:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Default paths for external files"
UserPreferences.inputs:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Settings for input devices"
UserPreferences.system:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Graphics driver and operating system settings"
UserPreferences.themes:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
UserPreferences.ui_styles:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
UserPreferences.view:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Preferences related to viewing data"
UserPreferencesEdit.auto_keying_mode:	   enum  "Mode of automatic keyframe insertion for Objects and Bones"
UserPreferencesEdit.grease_pencil_eraser_radius:	   int  "Radius of eraser brush"
UserPreferencesEdit.grease_pencil_euclidean_distance:	   int  "Distance moved by mouse when drawing stroke (in pixels) to include"
UserPreferencesEdit.grease_pencil_manhattan_distance:	   int  "Pixels moved by mouse per axis when drawing stroke"
UserPreferencesEdit.keyframe_new_handle_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
UserPreferencesEdit.keyframe_new_interpolation_type:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
UserPreferencesEdit.material_link:	   enum  "Toggle whether the material is linked to object data or the object block"
UserPreferencesEdit.object_align:	   enum  "When adding objects from a 3D View menu, either align them to that views direction or the world coordinates"
UserPreferencesEdit.sculpt_paint_overlay_color:	   float[3]  "Color of texture overlay"
UserPreferencesEdit.undo_memory_limit:	   int  "Maximum memory usage in megabytes (0 means unlimited)"
UserPreferencesEdit.undo_steps:	   int  "Number of undo steps available (smaller values conserve memory)"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_auto_keying:	   boolean  "Automatic keyframe insertion for Objects and Bones"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_drag_immediately:	   boolean  "Moving things with a mouse drag confirms when releasing the button"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_duplicate_action:	   boolean  "Causes actions to be duplicated with the object"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_duplicate_armature:	   boolean  "Causes armature data to be duplicated with the object"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_duplicate_curve:	   boolean  "Causes curve data to be duplicated with the object"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_duplicate_fcurve:	   boolean  "Causes F-curve data to be duplicated with the object"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_duplicate_lamp:	   boolean  "Causes lamp data to be duplicated with the object"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_duplicate_material:	   boolean  "Causes material data to be duplicated with the object"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_duplicate_mesh:	   boolean  "Causes mesh data to be duplicated with the object"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_duplicate_metaball:	   boolean  "Causes metaball data to be duplicated with the object"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_duplicate_particle:	   boolean  "Causes particle systems to be duplicated with the object"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_duplicate_surface:	   boolean  "Causes surface data to be duplicated with the object"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_duplicate_text:	   boolean  "Causes text data to be duplicated with the object"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_duplicate_texture:	   boolean  "Causes texture data to be duplicated with the object"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_enter_edit_mode:	   boolean  "Enter Edit Mode automatically after adding a new object"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_global_undo:	   boolean  "Global undo works by keeping a full copy of the file itself in memory, so takes extra memory"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_grease_pencil_simplify_stroke:	   boolean  "Simplify the final stroke"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_grease_pencil_smooth_stroke:	   boolean  "Smooth the final stroke"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_insertkey_xyz_to_rgb:	   boolean  "Color for newly added transformation F-Curves (Location, Rotation, Scale) and also Color is based on the transform axis"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_keyframe_insert_available:	   boolean  "Automatic keyframe insertion in available curves"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_keyframe_insert_keyingset:	   boolean  "Automatic keyframe insertion using active Keying Set"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_keyframe_insert_needed:	   boolean  "Keyframe insertion only when keyframe needed"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_negative_frames:	   boolean  "Current frame number can be manually set to a negative value"
UserPreferencesEdit.use_visual_keying:	   boolean  "Use Visual keying automatically for constrained objects"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.animation_player:	   string  "Path to a custom animation/frame sequence player"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.animation_player_preset:	   enum  "Preset configs for external animation players"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.auto_save_time:	   int  "The time (in minutes) to wait between automatic temporary saves"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.font_directory:	   string  "The default directory to search for loading fonts"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.image_editor:	   string  "Path to an image editor"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.recent_files:	   int  "Maximum number of recently opened files to remember"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.render_output_directory:	   string  "The default directory for rendering output"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.save_version:	   int  "The number of old versions to maintain in the current directory, when manually saving"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.script_directory:	   string  "The default directory to search for Python scripts (resets python module search path: sys.path)"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.sequence_plugin_directory:	   string  "The default directory to search for sequence plugins"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.show_hidden_files_datablocks:	   boolean  "Hide files/datablocks that start with a dot(.*)"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.sound_directory:	   string  "The default directory to search for sounds"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.temporary_directory:	   string  "The directory for storing temporary save files"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.texture_directory:	   string  "The default directory to search for textures"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.texture_plugin_directory:	   string  "The default directory to search for texture plugins"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.use_auto_save_temporary_files:	   boolean  "Automatic saving of temporary files"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.use_file_compression:	   boolean  "Enable file compression when saving .blend files"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.use_filter_files:	   boolean  "Display only files with extensions in the image select window"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.use_load_ui:	   boolean  "Load user interface setup when loading .blend files"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.use_relative_paths:	   boolean  "Default relative path option for the file selector"
UserPreferencesFilePaths.use_save_preview_images:	   boolean  "Enables automatic saving of preview images in the .blend file"
UserPreferencesInput.edited_keymaps:	   collection,  "(read-only)"
UserPreferencesInput.invert_mouse_wheel_zoom:	   boolean  "Invert the axis of mouse movement for zooming"
UserPreferencesInput.invert_zoom_wheel:	   boolean  "Swap the Mouse Wheel zoom direction"
UserPreferencesInput.mouse_double_click_time:	   int  "The time (in ms) for a double click"
UserPreferencesInput.ndof_pan_speed:	   int  "The overall panning speed of an NDOF device, as percent of standard"
UserPreferencesInput.ndof_rotate_speed:	   int  "The overall rotation speed of an NDOF device, as percent of standard"
UserPreferencesInput.select_mouse:	   enum  "The mouse button used for selection"
UserPreferencesInput.use_emulate_numpad:	   boolean  "Causes the 1 to 0 keys to act as the numpad (useful for laptops)"
UserPreferencesInput.use_mouse_continuous:	   boolean  "Allow moving the mouse outside the view on some manipulations (transform, ui control drag)"
UserPreferencesInput.use_mouse_emulate_3_button:	   boolean  "Emulates Middle Mouse with Alt+LeftMouse (doesnt work with Left Mouse Select option)"
UserPreferencesInput.use_mouse_mmb_paste:	   boolean  "In text window, paste with middle mouse button instead of panning"
UserPreferencesInput.view_rotate_method:	   enum  "Rotation style in the viewport"
UserPreferencesInput.view_zoom_axis:	   enum  "Axis of mouse movement to zoom in or out on"
UserPreferencesInput.view_zoom_method:	   enum  "Which style to use for viewport scaling"
UserPreferencesInput.wheel_scroll_lines:	   int  "The number of lines scrolled at a time with the mouse wheel"
UserPreferencesSystem.audio_channels:	   enum  "Sets the audio channel count"
UserPreferencesSystem.audio_device:	   enum  "Sets the audio output device"
UserPreferencesSystem.audio_mixing_buffer:	   enum  "Sets the number of samples used by the audio mixing buffer"
UserPreferencesSystem.audio_sample_format:	   enum  "Sets the audio sample format"
UserPreferencesSystem.audio_sample_rate:	   enum  "Sets the audio sample rate"
UserPreferencesSystem.color_picker_type:	   enum  "Different styles of displaying the color picker widget"
UserPreferencesSystem.dpi:	   int  "Font size and resolution for display"
UserPreferencesSystem.frame_server_port:	   int  "Frameserver Port for Frameserver Rendering"
UserPreferencesSystem.gl_clip_alpha:	   float  "Clip alpha below this threshold in the 3D textured view"
UserPreferencesSystem.gl_texture_limit:	   enum  "Limit the texture size to save graphics memory"
UserPreferencesSystem.language:	   enum  "Language use for translation"
UserPreferencesSystem.memory_cache_limit:	   int  "Memory cache limit in sequencer (megabytes)"
UserPreferencesSystem.prefetch_frames:	   int  "Number of frames to render ahead during playback"
UserPreferencesSystem.screencast_fps:	   int  "Frame rate for the screencast to be played back"
UserPreferencesSystem.screencast_wait_time:	   int  "Time in milliseconds between each frame recorded for screencast"
UserPreferencesSystem.scrollback:	   int  "Maximum number of lines to store for the console buffer"
UserPreferencesSystem.solid_lights:	   collection,  "(read-only)    Lights user to display objects in solid draw mode"
UserPreferencesSystem.texture_collection_rate:	   int  "Number of seconds between each run of the GL texture garbage collector"
UserPreferencesSystem.texture_time_out:	   int  "Time since last access of a GL texture in seconds after which it is freed. (Set to 0 to keep textures allocated.)"
UserPreferencesSystem.use_antialiasing:	   boolean  "Use anti-aliasing for the 3D view (may impact redraw performance)"
UserPreferencesSystem.use_international_fonts:	   boolean  "Use international fonts"
UserPreferencesSystem.use_mipmaps:	   boolean  "Scale textures for the 3D View (looks nicer but uses more memory and slows image reloading)"
UserPreferencesSystem.use_preview_images:	   boolean  "Enables automatic saving of preview images in the .blend file (Windows only)"
UserPreferencesSystem.use_scripts_auto_execute:	   boolean  "Allow any .blend file to run scripts automatically (unsafe with blend files from an untrusted source)"
UserPreferencesSystem.use_tabs_as_spaces:	   boolean  "Automatically converts all new tabs into spaces for new and loaded text files"
UserPreferencesSystem.use_textured_fonts:	   boolean  "Use textures for drawing international fonts"
UserPreferencesSystem.use_translate_buttons:	   boolean  "Translate button labels"
UserPreferencesSystem.use_translate_toolbox:	   boolean  "Translate toolbox menu"
UserPreferencesSystem.use_translate_tooltips:	   boolean  "Translate Tooltips"
UserPreferencesSystem.use_vertex_buffer_objects:	   boolean  "Use Vertex Buffer Objects (or Vertex Arrays, if unsupported) for viewport rendering"
UserPreferencesSystem.use_weight_color_range:	   boolean  "Enable color range used for weight visualization in weight painting mode"
UserPreferencesSystem.weight_color_range:	   pointer,  "(read-only)    Color range used for weight visualization in weight painting mode"
UserPreferencesSystem.window_draw_method:	   enum  "Drawing method used by the window manager"
UserPreferencesView.manipulator_handle_size:	   int  "Size of widget handles as percentage of widget radius"
UserPreferencesView.manipulator_hotspot:	   int  "Hotspot in pixels for clicking widget handles"
UserPreferencesView.manipulator_size:	   int  "Diameter of widget, in 10 pixel units"
UserPreferencesView.mini_axis_brightness:	   int  "The brightness of the icon"
UserPreferencesView.mini_axis_size:	   int  "The axis icons size"
UserPreferencesView.object_origin_size:	   int  "Diameter in Pixels for Object/Lamp origin display"
UserPreferencesView.open_left_mouse_delay:	   int  "Time in 1/10 seconds to hold the Left Mouse Button before opening the toolbox"
UserPreferencesView.open_right_mouse_delay:	   int  "Time in 1/10 seconds to hold the Right Mouse Button before opening the toolbox"
UserPreferencesView.open_sublevel_delay:	   int  "Time delay in 1/10 seconds before automatically opening sub level menus"
UserPreferencesView.open_toplevel_delay:	   int  "Time delay in 1/10 seconds before automatically opening top level menus"
UserPreferencesView.rotation_angle:	   int  "The rotation step for numerical pad keys (2 4 6 8)"
UserPreferencesView.show_column_layout:	   boolean  "Use a column layout for toolbox"
UserPreferencesView.show_large_cursors:	   boolean  "Use large mouse cursors when available"
UserPreferencesView.show_manipulator:	   boolean  "Use 3D transform manipulator"
UserPreferencesView.show_mini_axis:	   boolean  "Show a small rotating 3D axis in the bottom left corner of the 3D View"
UserPreferencesView.show_object_info:	   boolean  "Display objects name and frame number in 3D view"
UserPreferencesView.show_playback_fps:	   boolean  "Show the frames per second screen refresh rate, while animation is played back"
UserPreferencesView.show_splash:	   boolean  "Display splash screen on startup"
UserPreferencesView.show_tooltips:	   boolean  "Display tooltips"
UserPreferencesView.show_view_name:	   boolean  "Show the name of the views direction in each 3D View"
UserPreferencesView.smooth_view:	   int  "The time to animate the view in milliseconds, zero to disable"
UserPreferencesView.timecode_style:	   enum  "Format of Time Codes displayed when not displaying timing in terms of frames"
UserPreferencesView.use_auto_perspective:	   boolean  "Automatically switch between orthographic and perspective when changing from top/front/side views"
UserPreferencesView.use_directional_menus:	   boolean  "Otherwise menus, etc will always be top to bottom, left to right, no matter opening direction"
UserPreferencesView.use_global_pivot:	   boolean  "Lock the same rotation/scaling pivot in all 3D Views"
UserPreferencesView.use_global_scene:	   boolean  "Forces the current Scene to be displayed in all Screens"
UserPreferencesView.use_mouse_auto_depth:	   boolean  "Use the depth under the mouse to improve view pan/rotate/zoom functionality"
UserPreferencesView.use_mouse_over_open:	   boolean  "Open menu buttons and pulldowns automatically when the mouse is hovering"
UserPreferencesView.use_rotate_around_active:	   boolean  "Use selection as the pivot point"
UserPreferencesView.use_zoom_to_mouse:	   boolean  "Zoom in towards the mouse pointers position in the 3D view, rather than the 2D window center"
UserPreferencesView.view2d_grid_spacing_min:	   int  "Minimum number of pixels between each gridline in 2D Viewports"
UserSolidLight.diffuse_color:	   float[3]  "The diffuse color of the OpenGL light"
UserSolidLight.direction:	   float[3]  "The direction that the OpenGL light is shining"
UserSolidLight.specular_color:	   float[3]  "The color of the lights specular highlight"
UserSolidLight.use:	   boolean  "Enable this OpenGL light in solid draw mode"
ValueNodeSocket.default_value:	   float[1]  "Default value of the socket when no link is attached"	   string,  "(read-only)    Socket name"
VectorNodeSocket.default_value:	   float[3]  "Default value of the socket when no link is attached"	   string,  "(read-only)    Socket name"
VertexGroup.index:	   int,  "(read-only)    Index number of the vertex group"	   string  "Vertex group name"	   int,  "(read-only)"
VertexGroupElement.weight:	   float  "Vertex Weight"
VoxelData.domain_object:	   pointer  "Object used as the smoke simulation domain"
VoxelData.extension:	   enum  "Sets how the texture is extrapolated past its original bounds"
VoxelData.file_format:	   enum  "Format of the source data set to render"
VoxelData.filepath:	   string  "The external source data file to use"
VoxelData.intensity:	   float  "Multiplier for intensity values"
VoxelData.interpolation:	   enum  "Method to interpolate/smooth values between voxel cells"
VoxelData.resolution:	   int[3]  "Resolution of the voxel grid"
VoxelData.smoke_data_type:	   enum  "Simulation value to be used as a texture"
VoxelData.still_frame:	   int  "The frame number to always use"
VoxelData.use_still_frame:	   boolean  "Always render a still frame from the voxel data sequence"
Window.screen:	   pointer  "Active screen showing in the window"
WorldLighting.adapt_to_speed:	   float  "Use the speed vector pass to reduce AO samples in fast moving pixels. Higher values result in more aggressive sample reduction. Requires Vec pass enabled (for Raytrace Adaptive QMC)"
WorldLighting.ao_blend_type:	   enum  "Defines how AO mixes with material shading"
WorldLighting.ao_factor:	   float  "Factor for ambient occlusion blending"
WorldLighting.bias:	   float  "Bias (in radians) to prevent smoothed faces from showing banding (for Raytrace Constant Jittered)"
WorldLighting.correction:	   float  "Ad-hoc correction for over-occlusion due to the approximation (for Approximate)"
WorldLighting.distance:	   float  "Length of rays, defines how far away other faces give occlusion effect"
WorldLighting.environment_color:	   enum  "Defines where the color of the environment light comes from"
WorldLighting.environment_energy:	   float  "Defines the strength of environment light"
WorldLighting.error_threshold:	   float  "Low values are slower and higher quality (for Approximate)"
WorldLighting.falloff_strength:	   float  "Distance attenuation factor, the higher, the shorter the shadows"
WorldLighting.gather_method:	   enum  "NO DESCRIPTION"
WorldLighting.indirect_bounces:	   int  "Number of indirect diffuse light bounces to use for approximate ambient occlusion"
WorldLighting.indirect_factor:	   float  "Factor for how much surrounding objects contribute to light"
WorldLighting.passes:	   int  "Number of preprocessing passes to reduce overocclusion (for approximate ambient occlusion)"
WorldLighting.sample_method:	   enum  "Method for generating shadow samples (for Raytrace)"
WorldLighting.samples:	   int  "Amount of ray samples. Higher values give smoother results and longer rendering times"
WorldLighting.threshold:	   float  "Samples below this threshold will be considered fully shadowed/unshadowed and skipped (for Raytrace Adaptive QMC)"
WorldLighting.use_ambient_occlusion:	   boolean  "Use Ambient Occlusion to add shadowing based on distance between objects"
WorldLighting.use_cache:	   boolean  "Cache AO results in pixels and interpolate over neighbouring pixels for speedup (for Approximate)"
WorldLighting.use_environment_light:	   boolean  "Add light coming from the environment"
WorldLighting.use_falloff:	   boolean  "NO DESCRIPTION"
WorldLighting.use_indirect_light:	   boolean  "Add indirect light bouncing of surrounding objects"
WorldMistSettings.depth:	   float  "The distance over which the mist effect fades in"
WorldMistSettings.falloff:	   enum  "Type of transition used to fade mist"
WorldMistSettings.height:	   float  "Control how much mist density decreases with height"
WorldMistSettings.intensity:	   float  "Intensity of the mist effect"
WorldMistSettings.start:	   float  "Starting distance of the mist, measured from the camera"
WorldMistSettings.use_mist:	   boolean  "Occlude objects with the environment color as they are further away"
WorldStarsSettings.average_separation:	   float  "Average distance between any two stars"
WorldStarsSettings.color_random:	   float  "Randomize star colors"
WorldStarsSettings.distance_min:	   float  "Minimum distance to the camera for stars"
WorldStarsSettings.size:	   float  "Average screen dimension of stars"
WorldStarsSettings.use_stars:	   boolean  "Enable starfield generation"