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This document is a plan to start 2.50 development with practical tasks that can be done right now. But first, in terms of longer term planning, we came up with 3 stages.

-- Brecht 10:33, 31 May 2008 (UTC)


Stage 1: Finishing window manager code and document it. (weeks)

Finishing the code unfortunately is not something anyone can easily collaborate on, so this will be done mostly by Ton or Brecht in the 2.50 branch. It would be possible for more people to document the changes, for example turning Ton's meeting presentation into a document, and writing documentation in the API's. These documents can then be reviewed for mistakes.

Stage 2: Introducing context and other cleanups. (weeks)

Rather than immediately introducing the new architecture everywhere, this stage would consist of code cleanup preparing for that. That means getting rid of globals in favor of context and removing bad level calls.

Stage 3: Operatorization, notifierization, ... (months)

This stage is not mapped well yet and needs to be split up in smaller parts.

What can be done right now

How to get this bootstrapped: make a list of tasks that can be done right now. The list below has 3 tasks, a wiki page should be made for each dividing them into smaller subtasks.

  • Finish window manager code in 2.50 branch (Ton/Brecht).
  • Fix all bad level calls in trunk. This is already stage 2 but can be merged with 2.50 code together will all other 2.46 changes. (too soon, has to wait for stage 1)
  • Document window manager code and design.

Mailing List

We can set up a mailing list for discussion. For code design discussions I think it would be a good idea to have a wiki page with questions and (incomplete or missing) answers to certain problems or scenarios, for which a solution can then be discussed and formulated.