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In Blender 2.5, a number of features will be dropped that were available in 2.4. A number of others will not be available again until later beta releases.

Dropped Features

  • Radiosity
  • Yafray Integration
  • Shaded Mode
  • Face Select Mode?
  • Audio Window
  • Scripts Window
  • Verse
  • 2.4x Python API
  • Render Backbuf Image
  • ODE Physics Engine for GE
  • Armature Stride Root
  • B-Bone Rest
  • Non-real Modifiers
  • Show Keyframes positions in 3D View (KKey) and/or Graph Editor

Restored in 2.5 Alpha 1/2

  • Feedback for Remove Doubles, etc. (i.e. "info" reports)
  • Render Baking

Not in 2.5 Beta 0

  • Most Python Scripts
  • 3D view Preview Render
  • Texture Plugins
  • Sequencer Plugins
  • PyNodes
  • PyConstraints
  • Non-slipping walkcycle support

Obsolete / Changed Features

  • [feature] allow copy/paste of f-curve keyframes between different types, e.g. emit and energy value, sometimes you need the same complicated curve on 2 functions. Ideally I would use a driver her but see below
    • it should be possible to do so if you just copy keyframes from a single F-Curve but paste into one or more other curves. It all depends on what you've got selected, though this is far from perfect still...
  • [changed] Select a complete single f-curve for copy/paste, maybe a L-inked select would be nice, or a double LMB on the channel
    • use Ctrl-ALt-Select on keyframes for this
  • [missing] no way to set a vertex/handle in the f-curve editor to a specific way (think old NKEY window in the IpoEditor)
    • use snapping + the 2d cursor. See the Graph Editor properties panel for this (I think this is very cumbersome and does not make the NKey Style obsolete -calli-)
  • [error] Animation curves (now f-curves) are still called "Ipo" in the Ipo Actuator. Small fix but nice for writers/teachers not having to explain the "Ipo" anymore

Features missing in 2.5x from 2.49

  • [missing] copy of Texture Face properties (Light, Invisible etc.) from the active to selected faces.
  • [missing] Create Runtime (also fix it in a way that all needed Libs are copied)
  • [missing] scale mesh to image aspect (ALT-V)
  • [missing] Soft Body for curves
  • [bug/missing] CTRL-F3 make a shot of whole screen (not the actual window like in 2.4x), SHIFT-CTRL-F3 not implemented, Screnshot via Search leaves Searchwindow open
  • [missing] Remove Doubles does not remember its Treshold (same for other tools)
  • [missing] Tool Shelf should survive a restart
  • [feature] Proxy generation (threaded, in background) for ImageSequencer
  • [missing] NURBS knot options
  • [missing/not woking] 3DCONNEXION space navigator functionality
  • [missing] Setting bevel weights for Bevel Modifier