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Design Topics discussed at Wintercamp

Wintercamp agenda

We started the first session with giving everyone time to communicate issues or give an overview of all the work that has been done. Whenever topics popped up we didn't find clear or discussed on, it was added to the design list:

- Multiwindow conventions
- i8n and hotkeys
- Modal tools design
- Visualize active vs. selected
- Icons and color language
- Generated UI concepts
- Screen top-level tools
- Per Editor Reviews
- Python: how to handle Context / selection
- Install Standards
- Py 3.0?
- Review current py status for blender 2.5
- Operator and RNA design
- UI Layout concept/conventions
- Grease Pencil...
- Layer Editor
- Defaults, .B.blend
- Python Terminal Command Context
- Pin vs. follow context
- Tool settings, toolbars and 'redo'

Not every topic got enough attention, there's enough to continue on online.
On the other wintercamp page you can find the notes related to the above.