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Rev 0.1.3

- Initial release.

Rev 0.1.5

- Keeps all user and scene settings after export.
- More export customizations.
- Exporting animation with a single frame is no longer a problem.

Rev 0.1.7

- More export customizations.
- Fixed: Hidden objects were not exported.
- Fixed: Error if no object is active.
- Fixed: UE4Collision materials are black.
- Optimized Code.

Rev 0.1.8

- More export customizations.
- More export feedback info.
- New button "correct bad property".
- New button "check potential error".
- Fixed: Export fail with hidden layers.
- Fixed: Wrong exported animation time.
- Fixed: ShapesKeys to MorphTargets not exported
- Fixed: No Smoothing for skeletal mesh

Rev 0.1.9

- Update button "check potential error": Largest list of potential problems
- New button "Update hierarchy names": Allows to automatically replace the name of a collision/socket by the name of its corresponding parent object, so that it will be recognized in UE4.
- New export properties for Actions: New options to precisely select the animations that need to be exported with the armature.
- New nomenclature properties: It is now possible to choose the different Asset types that must be exported.
- New FBX properties: Anim sampling Rate.
- New Assets types : Pose AnimationSequence and Camera.
- New button "Copy Camera Cuts to clipboard": Allows copying camera cuts from Blender and pasting them into the sequencer of Unreal Engine.
- Fixed: Not selectable objects were not exported.
- Fixed: The collision material and not transparent with GLSL mat in Cycle.
- Removed: Select panel.
- More feedback info.
- Optimized Code.
- Other small changes.

Rev 0.1.9b

- Fixed: Camera cuts dont work good