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Kontaktieren der Entwickler

Neue aufstebende Entwickler können auf der Seite für Informationen für neue Entwickler mehr detailierte Informationen finden.

Mailing Listen

Die Hauptmailingliste für Diskussionen ist Sie finden mehr Informationen wie Sie sie abonieren können und die Archive durchsuchen können auf der Listen Info Seite.

Spezielle Interessenlisten sind:


Die Entwickler sind auf dem Kanal #blendercoders im IRC Netzwerk aktiv.

Weekly Meetings

The Blender developer community has meetings every Sunday in the #blendercoders channel starting at 1500UTC.

Meeting reports are sent to Most of the time the agenda is decided at the start of the meeting, so if you have something that needs to be discussed, be there in time.

There are also old meeting agenda archives, but for recent meetings see bf-committers.


Our trackers and project site are hosted at

  • Bug Tracker
  • Patch Tracker
    • Patches can be submitted for review to the patch tracker. It helps to notify the developers on both the mailing list and in the IRC channel #blendercoders on
  • To Do Tracker
    • While we try to address all the issues reported to us, there are cases that prove to be very hard to fix for various reasons. When after a while a bug is still deemed hard to fix, it is often moved to the todo tracker or it is kept in the bug tracker, but closed and marked as Todo. This makes it easier to search for these bugs later.
    • For Blender 2.5 development we have also a list of todo items in our wiki. These items are mostly those that are also closed and marked Todo in the Blender 2.5 tracker.

Requesting Features

This wiki is mainly for projects that are actually worked on (implementationally). If you have an idea, you can go here:

Module Owners

See the Module Owner list for who to contact when you have questions or patches for a specific area within the Blender code base.