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Real-Time Proposals from Blend4Web


Blend4Web is an open source Blender-based 3D web framework. This page contains feature proposals from the Blend4Web team. Our goal is to extend Blender with features which can be very useful for real-time rendering. No Blend4Web-specific functionality is proposed here. Info about Blend4Web add-on development is provided on the separate page.


Patches under Review

  • D1855 custom properties support
  • D1827 Fix consistency between Viewport and BI for Vector and RGB curves nodes
  • D810 Support for Environment Lighting settings in the viewport. This would allow our users to see the same lighting in Blender that is seen in Blend4Web. For some reason, these settings currently only work in the Blender render.
  • D1542 "Do not tint cycled nodes" option for node trees.
  • D923 Support of some Cycles' Geometry node functionality in the Blender Internal. Currently, the Geometry node lacks such important outputs as Incoming, Normal (in the world space), Tangent and others.
  • D846 Smooth Step node implementation would allow smooth transitions of values and colors. Currently, there is a B4W_SMOOTHSTEP node group in Blend4Web which consists of 9 math nodes. The Smooth Step node corresponds to the built-in GLSL function and would allow users to create faster shaders.

Blender Builds (Outdated)

These Blender builds include our patches:


  • Blender Internal: Porting nodes from Cycles renderer
  • Viewport: more features
  • UI and Python API: improvements for custom renderers


The best way to contact Blend4Web developers is by using Blend4Web Forum.

Implemented Features, Bug Fixes, Participation

  • D1120 Support of Cycles' Normal Map node in Blender Internal. As you can guess from its name, this node would give the possibility to use normal maps in the viewport, including tangent, object and world spaces.
  • D1880 Wide lines + line stipple deprecated API replacement
  • D1786 Mirror influence of environment texture in Blender viewport
  • T47492 F-Curves. Restoring animation of linked bone after renaming in source file. Possible fix is attached
  • D1414 World textures displaying for viewport in BI
  • D909 Support of Cycles' Vector Transform node in the Blender Internal
  • D1729 BI "Real Sky" option works incorrectly for environment texture
  • D1688 - Stipple support to basic GLSL shader
  • D1313 - Particle Info node support for GLSL mode and the internal render
  • T46333 - Particle Info Node (for BI) is not working.
  • D1282 - Getting default value from hidden material socket after material switch with Python.
  • D1188 - Support for native render capabilities in custom render engines through Python API.
  • D843 - Incorrectly named inputs of the Material and Extended Material nodes
  • D1045 - Outliner crash
  • D1015 - Crash when deleting NlaTrack
  • D1283 - Bugfix. Reroute node type transition
  • D899 - Gamma node support for Blender Internal
  • D842 - Fixing drawing in Viewport Math-Absolute node results
  • D781 - Implementation of specular transparency property in GLSL render
  • T46305 - The viewport artifacts associated with the use of normal maps
  • T44718 - Cycles GLSL shading not working for NURBS with node shader
  • T44755 - Difference between GLSL and BI render when Value node is connected to the Output node.
  • T44461 - Crash and file corruption after calc_normals_split, calc_tessface execution.
  • T44191 - Custom Loop Normals Viewport shading not updating