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Developer's documentation Structure (Dev:)


  • These pages are to help developers to describe project functionality as it is implemented.
  • The leading "Dev:" refers to the Dev namespace.
  • Each page can be found with or without Blender version (they will be crosslinked):
    • Dev:Source/Foo
    • Dev:2.5/Source/Foo
If the Blender version is not specified it applies to all Blender versions.
If the Blender version is specified then the code described in that page is specific to that version.
  • Each part should be divided into sections, like Modeling, Data System, Lights, and so on. It is important that we keep the same structure inside each part so that we'll be able to crosslink them.
Example: Dev:Source/Modifiers <==> Doc:Manual/Modifiers


Use Not specific 2.5 specific 2.4 specific
General index Dev:Contents Dev:2.5 Dev:2.4
Blender development documentation Dev:Doc Dev:2.5/Doc Dev:2.4/Doc
Blender source code documentation Dev:Source Dev:2.5/Source Dev:2.4/Source
Python scripts development documentation Dev:Py Dev:2.5/Py Dev:2.4/Py
Reference development documents Dev:Ref - -
Release notes Dev:Ref/Release Notes - -
Google summer of code projects Dev:Ref/GSoC - -
Feature requests Dev:Ref/Requests - -