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GSoC 2017

Google Summer of Code 2017

Welcome to the wiki page for the Blender Foundations 2017 Google Summer of Code Projects.

7 students were accepted - Coding starts on 30 May and coding ends on 29 August - Timeline


Projects for 2017

Google granted Blender Foundation 7 projects this year. We invite everyone to join the mailing list where we give feedback on the student's work. Artists are very welcome too, to discuss features and design, and to help validating or help with demos and docs.

Overlaying mesh and FLIP particles in a liquid simulation

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The projects are:

Fluid guiding and secondary particle systems - Sebastián Barschkis

Mentors: Ton Roosendaal, Nils Thuerey

In this project Sebastián will improve the existing Mantaflow integration by adding support for secondary particles and by implementing a novel technique on fluid flow guiding from the recent research paper Primal-Dual Optimization for Fluids. Computer Graphics Forum, to appear:10, Feb 2017. T. Inglis, M.-L. Eckert, J. Gregson, and N. Thuerey.

Blend modes.jpg

Improvement of Vertex Painting - Darshan Kadu

Mentors: Howard Trickey

The vertex painting toolkit in blender lacks several tools and functionality that other painting like weight painting and texture painting has. Many blender users working on vertex painting would like to have these tools and functionality in vertex painting. This project will target adding such features as vertex masking, additional blend options, alpha color, and color gradients.

Weighted Normal Modifier applied after Mirror, Bevel and Boolean modifiers

Normal Editing Tools - Rohan Rathi

Mentors: Howard Trickey, Bastien Montagne

A Normal Editing mode to facilitate editing of vertex normals with toolset to provide users an ability to manipulate normals of a mesh. This is especially useful in game development. Normals in Blender are currently only editable through modifiers and there is no way to directly edit and control the normals of a mesh. Functionality goals include allowing users to manually rotate normals; to split and merge normals; average normals; point normals to a target; align all normals; weighted vertex normals; etc.

Gsoc-2017-package manager final report splash.png

Python Package Manager - Ellwood Zwovic

Mentors: Sybren Stüvel, Mitchell Stokes

The goal of this project is a client server python script addons package manager.

Sculpting Tools - Sebastian Witt

Mentors: Tom Musgrove, Sergey Sharybin

Silhouette operator hole bug.png

This project will also focus on sculpting tool improvements. In particular on an additive Silhouette Brush.

Sculpting Tools - Raja Kumar Kedia

Mentors: Tom Musgrove, Sergey Sharybin

The main focus of this project will be to create the Clipping brush and Topological Grab/Move brush along with Suggestive Contour Brush.