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Hi folks, how you doing? Here is a wishlist i've written thinking about usability improvements. i think that might be useful to integrate these features in future releases.

1: pivot interactive transform, i.e. holding a hotkey, we can translate or rotate freely the pivot, even with snapping functions.

2:repeat last command and modifier hotkey, while i'm using repeatedly a command, it would be useful to be able to repeat it with a simple hotkey.

3:render layer override improvements, it would be very useful to can override any parameter of materials, lamps, cameras, for each render layer.

4:Layer editor window, a scene/render layer panel, with name attributes.

5:custom object loadable in material preview slot, so we can fine tune a material directly on a specific object in material slot, reducing time and time, also great would be a custom background in material editor slot.

6:per material glowing attribute, instead of using compositing to create glowing materials.

7:multi layered shader,to blend two or more shaders type, for advanced material creation, this is a must i think!

8:save before quit dialog! please!!

-Point 3 insights (render layers override). i'm rendering a scene, and i need to render different objects with different materials or lighting solutions. instead of using a global per layer material or lamp override, i will find a universe better an individual per material,lamp and camera override(rendering parameters included, like antialias, compositing on/off, shading parameters,dof etc.) in each render layer,in a few words a layer override function that influence any parameter changing for 'everything' in a specific layer, leaving the other layers unchanged in any aspect. well this would be a great great stuff! and the cherry is... the per render layer output folder selection. each render layer has an output dialog where we can select the directory to store the images rendered in it. that's real useful. for now it's enough, happy blending and see you soon :)

New Update March 9 2012

Hi, i found one essential fix needed in blender. When selecting the smooth shading mode for a mesh, there's not a smoothing angle option to set how the smoothness will affects the faces, visible directly in viewport. This feature is available in the Object Data panel, but it affects only the rendering mode, well the same option for viewport mode would be much appreciated. The Edge Split modifier do that, i know, but i found that when applying it to a mesh with two or more materials, then the vertices are splitted, this become a problem when exporting the mesh to other formats. That's all folks! Thank you and See you soon. Renderbob

New Update March 27 2012

Hi, while i'm working with compositing nodes, i miss the presence of a bypass node function, in most of cases this stuff would be very useful.

Another important stuff would be the 'emit particles from curves' feauture.

Thank you and happy blending :)


New Update March 29 2012

Hello! Today i'm gonna rendering a bamboo plant modeled by me in blender 2.62, now i want to render it in wireframe on shaded style, but... i found that the wireframe rendering system in blender is so poor!

Before i write this update (and the others), obviously i googled for it and spent hours in blender to figure it out but..nothing to do.

So...Let's go with suggestions!

1: Wireframe thickness slider for the wireframe shading mode, and if someone could create an adaptive wireframe thickness, to correctly rendering small and big parts in a mesh, i will create a 24Kt gold statue of him in blender (just send me the references) :P)

2: I've tried to do it in composting with render passes, but the surprise is, the material override for render layers does not support the wireframe shading mode! oh noooooo! please fix it! The only way to composite wireframe and shaded mesh is to duplicate the model and apply one solid shader to one mesh, and one wireframe shader to the other, then composite them, yes but it's tricky!

For now it's enough, thank you see you soon blenderheads. Renderbob