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Importing Files

Blender allows you to import other file formats

Collada (.dae)

See Here

Motion Capture (.bvh)

Import an Object or Armature.
Scale the BVH by this value
Start Frame
Starting frame for the animation
Loop the animation playback
Rotation conversion. Uses either Quaternion or Euler
Specify the forward axis
Specify the up axis

Scalable Vector Graphics

Imports a vector graphic as a curve object

Stanford (.ply)

See Here

Stl (.stl)

See Here

3d studio (.3ds)

See Here

Size Constraint
Scale the model by 10 until it reaches the size constraint (0 to disable)
Image Search
Search sub directories for any associated images.
Apply Transform
Workaround for object transformations importing incorrectly
Specify the forward axis
Specify the up axis

Autodesk FBX (.fbx)

See Here

Wavefront (.obj)

See Here

X3D Extensible 3D (.x3d)