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Installing on Mac

Installing Blender on a Mac is very easy. There are pre-compiled versions for 32 and 64 Bit Macs using Intel Processors. Once you know your platform and processor :

Blender Unzipped (left) and Zipped (right)
  • Download the appropriate Blender for your system from download page
  • Click/Right Click RMB Template-RMB.png in the Downloaded file, choose Unzip to a Folder.
  • A Folder where you downloaded Blender will be created, with the same name of the downloaded file, without extension.
  • Click in the folder, it will be opened in Finder (See Fig: Opening Blender From Finder - Below)
  • Click twice LMB Template-LMB.png in file. You're ready to go !

Opening Blender from Finder - Example using Blender 2.61 for 64 bits Intel Mac, Mac OS X 10.6
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Supported Platforms for Blender 2.6X and above
Since 2.63, we have no more pre-compiled versions for PPCs G5 (PowerMacs).
Blender 2.64 Versions and above will only run on Macs using Intel processors, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher is required.

Important: If you need to run Blender from a Command Line to see the Console Window, visit the page about the Blender Console Window

Adding Blender to Applications

Places and Applications on Mac

You can move Blender to the Mac OS X Applications folder, it will work like any other application in your Mac. You can do this copying or moving the unzipped folder to the Mac Applications folder. Find the Applications folder, using the Finder File Browser and searching for Places. At the left side, opening the Places Tab, you will find your Applications folder. Move the Unzipped Blender Folder to the Applications.

Blender, when moved to Applications folder

Adding Blender to your Dock

To add Blender to your dock, you can do the following:

  • When Blender is placed in your Applications folder, click in and drag it to your dock.
  • While Blender is running, right click RMB Template-RMB.png on the Icon present in your Mac Dock, choose Keep in Dock.

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This is the old manual!
For the current 2.7x manual see

User Manual

World and Ambient Effects


World Background

Ambient Effects

Stars (2.69)

Game Engine


Introduction to the Game Engine
Game Logic Screen Layout


Logic Properties and States
The Logic Editor


Introduction to Sensors
Sensor Editing
Common Options
-Actuator Sensor
-Always Sensor
-Collision Sensor
-Delay Sensor
-Joystick Sensor
-Keyboard Sensor
-Message Sensor
-Mouse Sensor
-Near Sensor
-Property Sensor
-Radar Sensor
-Random Sensor
-Ray Sensor
-Touch Sensor


Controller Editing
-AND Controller
-OR Controller
-NAND Controller
-NOR Controller
-XOR Controller
-XNOR Controller
-Expression Controller
-Python Controller


Actuator Editing
Common Options
-2D Filters Actuator
-Action Actuator
-Camera Actuator
-Constraint Actuator
-Edit Object Actuator
-Game Actuator
-Message Actuator
-Motion Actuator
-Parent Actuator
-Property Actuator
-Random Actuator
-Scene Actuator
-Sound Actuator
-State Actuator
-Steering Actuator
-Visibility Actuator

Game Properties

Property Editing

Game States



Camera Editing
Stereo Camera
Dome Camera




Material Physics
No Collision Object
Static Object
Dynamic Object
Rigid Body Object
Soft Body Object
Vehicle Controller
Sensor Object
Occluder Object

Path Finding

Navigation Mesh Modifier

Game Performance

Framerate and Profile
Level of Detail

Python API

Bullet physics


Standalone Player
Licensing of Blender Game

Android Support

Android Game development