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In this section will be described tools for manipulating objects in Object Mode.

Information about some additional possibilities are described in Manipulation in 3D.

Object Mode

Object Mode button

By default new files opens with enabled Object Mode. To enable it you may in 3D View window → Header click Object Mode button (see picture Object Mode button)

All edition tools works only with selected objects. See Selecting Objects for more information.

All commands described below can be found in Object menu and/or in Object tools panel (see pictures).

Object tools panel
Object menu

Creation and deletion

The most basic edition includes manipulation with existence of objects. Below are listed different types of creation and deletion tools.


Hotkey: ⇧ ShiftA

Menu: MainAdd

We may add one of those primitives:

  • Mesh: Plane, Cube, Circle, UV Sphere, Icosphere, Cylinder, Cone, Grid, Monkey, Torus.
  • Curve: Bezier, Circle, NURBS Curve, NURBS Circle, Path.
  • Surface: NURBS Curve, NURBS Circle, NURBS Surface, NURBS Cylinder, NURBS Sphere, NURBS Torus.
  • Metaball: Ball, Capsule, Plane, Ellipsoid, Cube.
  • Text.
  • Armature: Single Bone.
  • Lattice.
  • Empty: Plane Axis, Arrows, Single Arrow, Circle, Cube, Sphere, Cone, Image.
  • Speaker.
  • Camera.
  • Lamp: Point, Sun, Spot, Hemi, Area.
  • Force Field: Force, Wind, Vortex, Magnetic, Harmonic, Charge, Lennard-Jones, Texture, Curve Guide, Boid, Turbulence, Drag, Smoke Flow.
  • Group Instance: (user defined groups of objects).


Hotkey: ⇧ ShiftD

Menu: Object → Duplicate Objects

Hotkey: AltD

Menu: Object → Duplicate Linked

Duplication makes exact copy of objects. May be linkage of some attributes depending on specific tool. See Duplication for more information.


Hotkey: CtrlJ

Menu: Object → Join

Joining makes one single object from all selected objects. Objects must be of the same type. Origin point is obtained from the previously active object. Performing a join is equivalent to adding new objects while in Edit mode. The non-active objects are deleted (their meshes were taken by active object). Only the active object remains. This only works with editable objects, containing meshes and curves.


Hotkey: X, D or Delete, D

Menu: Object → Delete... → Delete

Deletion erases selected objects.

Transformation tools

Objects can be transformed in a variety of ways. Below are listed different types of transformation.


Hotkey: G

Menu: Object → Transform → Grab/Move

Translation means changing location of objects. This changes X, Y and/or Z coordinates of object's Origin point relative to center of coordinates.


Hotkey: R

Menu: Object → Transform → Rotate

Rotation means changing angles of objects. This changes rotation angles around X, Y and/or Z axes of object's coordinate system relative to current coordinate system. No parts of each object are changing their position relative to other parts of the same object.


Hotkey: S

Menu: Object → Transform → Scale

Scaling means changing proportions of objects. This proportionally stretches object along X, Y and/or Z axes of object's coordinate system.

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