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Multiresolution Modifier

Mode: Object mode

Panel: Properties Window -> Context Button Modifiers CZ Modifier ContextButton.png

Multires modifier

The Multiresolution modifier gives the ability to subdivide a mesh to different levels depending on whether you are viewing it from the 3D Viewport, Sculpt Mode or a Blender Render.


Catmull-Clark / Simple
Set the type of subdivision. Simple maintains the current shape, and simply subdivides edges. Catmull-Clark creates a smooth surface, smaller than the original.
Set the level of subdivisions to use in the viewport.
Set the number of subdivisions to use in Sculpt Mode.
Set the number of subdivisions to use when rendering.
Add a higher level of subdivision.
Delete Higher
Deletes all subdivision levels that are higher than the current one.
Copies vertex coordinates from another mesh. To use, select a different mesh with matching topology and vertex coordinates, then ⇧ Shift select the mesh and click Reshape. The mesh will take the shape of the other one.
Apply Base
Modifies the mesh to match the form of the subdivided mesh.
Optimal Display
Skips the drawing of edges added from subdivision.
Save External
Saves displacements to an external .btx file.