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Mesh Cache Modifier

Mode: Any mode

Panel: Modifiers


The Mesh Cache modifier is used so animated mesh data can be applied to a mesh and played back, deforming the mesh.

This works in a similar way to shape-keys but is aimed at playing back external files and is often used for interchange between applications.

When using this modifier, the vertex locations are overwritten.


Mesh Cache modifier
The input file format (currently MDD and PC2 are supported).
File Path
Path to the cache file.
Factor to adjust the influence of the modifiers deformation, useful for blending in/out from the cache data.
Deform Mode
This setting defaults to 'Overwrite' which will replace the vertex locations with those in the cache file.
However you may want to use shape-keys, for example, and mix them with the mesh-cache. In this case you can select the 'Deform' option which integrates deformations with the mesh-cache result.
Note - this feature is limited to making smaller, isolated edits and won't work for re-posing limbs, for example.
None or Linear which will blend between frames; use linear when the frames in the cache file don't match up exactly with the frames in the blend file.

Time Mapping:

Time Mode
Select how time is calculated.
  • Frame: Allows you to control the frames, which will ignore timing data in the file but is often useful since it gives simple control.
  • Time: Evaluates time in seconds, taking into account timing information from the file (offset and frame-times).
  • Factor: Evaluates the entire animation as a value from [0 - 1].
Play Mode
Select how playback operates.
  • Scene: Use the current frame from the scene to control playback.
    • Frame Start: Play the cache starting from this frame.
    • Frame Scale: Scale time by this factor (applied after the start value).
  • Custom: Control animation timing manually.
    • Evaluation Value: Property used for animation time, this gives more control of timing - typically this value will be animated.

Axis Mapping:

Axis transformation for the input coordinates.
Forward/Up Axis
The axis for forward and up used in the source file.
Often different applications have different axis defaults for up/down front/back, so it's common to have to switch these on import.
Flip Axis
In rare cases you may also need to flip the coordinates on an axis.


  • Both MDD and PC2 depend on the vertex order on the mesh remaining unchanged; this is a limitation with the method used so take care not to add/remove vertices once this modifier is used.

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