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Texture Output Nodes

These node serves a outputs for node textures


Output node

This node contains the result of the node texture. Multiple output nodes can exist in a node texture, however only one of them is active. The active one is set in the Texture Panel in the Output drop down.


Name node box
The name box for naming this texture node. See also Using Multiple Outputs for Texture Node.
Color selector button
Opens the default color selector for choosing color if any didn't select to output moment.
Normal control of Output node
3D-direction of the face in relation to the camera. The value can be provided by another node or set manually.


The color data that the texture renders
The normal map that the texture will output.


Viewer node

The viewer node can be used to preview the results of a node.


Preview the color data of the results of a node. If nothing input this, that avaible Color selector button for choosing color here.