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We have moved the Blender User Manual to a new location. Please do not update this page, as it will be locked soon.

destiny of this page should be

  • After a wide acceptance of Blender 2.5 we could COPY Doc:Manual (and all subpages) to Doc:2.4x/Manual and COPY Doc:2.5/Manual (and all subpages) in Doc:Manual (the manual becomes official). Like this, the counter of contacts of Doc:Manual doesn't drop to zero, remaining at 1.7 Millions+
  • 2.4x Manual pages which are not relevant anymore can be MOVED instead of being copied, but let's do it after the 2.5 index will be stable
  • Later on we could move Doc:2.4x/Manual (and all subpages) in Attic:Doc/2.4x/Manual or leave it there, too

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If you need to create a page not actually present in the scheme below please add a "Doc:2.5/Manual/" to the page name you create. Thanks!

Other 2.5 sandbox links: Doc:2.5/Reference

Introduction to Shading

World and Ambient Effects

World Background

Armatures and Character Animation

Armature Objects
Editing Armatures
Posing Armatures
Inverse Kinematics
Mesh Skin Weighting
Mesh Skin Weighting
Animation Editors
The Action Editor
Non Linear Animation