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2012/10/02 - Sculptorjim

Change title to suit rest of wiki

Added image to improve visual effect

2012/09/08 - Agoose77 : Additions/changes

(Greatly improved description of BGE features, especially recent additions - sculptorjim)

2012/7/14 - Initial Review by Kesten 1. Visually, the page would benefit by having headings for each paragraph.

2. Clear, but not very concise.*

3. Might sparkle it up some with links to Yo Frankie or other top blender games. Not sure what the policy is on linking to external sites, but it should be ok since it's a blender foundation project. And a screenshot if nothing else would make this page a bit more sexy.

  • "*" We have different types of users to consider. From blenderwiki discussions the wiki is supposed be a reference manual according to the following definitions:

Reference Manual: concise, used to look up information quickly. May contain some short, illustrative examples when possible. Not the place for a lengthy tutorial on how to do a specific task. Some conceptual information given.

User Guide: more detail than reference manual. Some detailed examples and short tutorials may be included (for the most commone use cases). Expands on conceptual information to give a complete framework of understanding.

Tutorial: A specific topic gone into at length. Narrowly focused, any user should be able to follow along and achieve a specific result.

  • Common User Types

1. FIX_IT_NOW has a particular task they would like to accomplish. Got stuck. Came here to troubleshoot. Hates reading. Likes doing. Came here from a search engine and will leave asap.
2. SEEKING_MASTERY wants to know what every button on every panel does. Likes reading to get a conceptual understanding before trying things out. Will read several pages in order. Gets frustrated when information is not complete enough to do a task successfully the first time.
3. SURVEYOR may not even be using blender yet. Is looking for a tool to solve a problem and wants to know what the capabilities are. Likes to see this information in the first paragraph.
4. Lots more!

We must cater to all user types, but they have conflicting needs. The reference manual must be concise. SEEKING_MASTERY would probably be happiest reading a User Manual/User Guide. We can put extra stuff in the discussion page for now.