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Initial Review by Kesten

1. The full-screen picture is too low in resolution. At any zoom level it is blurry. It is still useful in the discussion. Acceptable, but improve if possible.

2. On both my laptop and my phone, there is a large gap of whitespace just below item 1. Acceptable.

3. The table of contents on the left panel doesn't show Screen_Layout. It's a little disorienting to have lots of links that aren't in the Game Engine tree. Is this intentional, or is a problem with not including the header correctly to get the page to show in the hierarchy?

4. Start Game with Shift P. I just use "p". Note that the MOUSE HAS TO BE IN THE 3D VIEW or pressing "p" does nothing.

5. Content is clear, concise and complete.

  • Any time your description can suggest an activity that the user can try and confirm, it is of benefit to their learning. Perhaps language slightly more suggestive of activities could be used:

1. Select Game Engine Layout
2. Create some node blocks and connect them (configuration comes later).
3. With mouse in node editor, zoom in and out (middle mouse), grab-move (right mouse)
4. Set a property that changes something. (I still don't really get how they work. If there's a simple activity to show what they do, great.)

This isn't typical format for the wiki, but I think it would be great in the ADHD world to add a few exercises like this at the bottom of the page to test the reader's comprehension. For now, perhaps we could place such extra info (links to vid tutorials, exercises) on the discussion page.