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Manipulator Menu
Menu's for modes & object types (edit mode)
UI location Group: 3D View
Usage Ctrl+Spacebar press in the 3D view to start the menu
Version 1.2.1 Author(s) MichaelW (marcel.kanter?)
Blender 2.61 License GPL

Executable information
File name
Current version download*checkout*/contrib/py/scripts/addons/

Mode: Object mode, Edit Mode

Hotkey: CtrlSpace

Manipulator Menu (Ctrl+Space)


This menu allows you to change the mode of the manipulator to move, rotate, scale or combo.


  • Download the script
  • Open Blender and go to the addons tab in User Preferences.
  • Use "Install from file"
    Alternatively, copy the script into your \\.blender\scripts\addons folder.
  • Enable the script
  • The script replaces the default shortcut with the menu


  • Press the shortcut for enable/disable of the manipulator. By default its Ctrl+Spacebar
  • Click on a menu entry