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Panel Measure
Measure the distance between 2 points or objects in the 3D view.
UI location Group: 3D View
Version 0.9.1 Author(s) Pontiac
Blender 2.60.0 License GPL

Executable information
File name
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  • This script is in Blender.
  • Open Blender and go to the addons tab in User Preferences.
  • Click the Install Addon button at the bottom and find the *.py file.
  • Enable the script


Interface/Menu Overview

Once enabled, you can find the menu for this script in the properties panel. "N" key.

Scripts 3D interaction Measure Panel.jpg

This script adds a line between two points, either the cursor & a selected object or two selected objects.

The script returns the value (distance/length) of the line in the script interface & in the 3D view.

Known Issues

  • The script only works once after you activated the Properties [N] panel in the 3D view.
  • Deactivating the addon will not end the drawing of the 3D lines & text, but the panel will be gone.

Additional Information