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Screencast Key Status Tool
Display keys pressed in the 3d-view, useful for screencasts.
UI location Group: 3D View
Version 1.7 Author(s) Paulo Gomes, Bart Crouch, John E. Herrenyo, Gaia Clary, Pablo Vazquez
Blender 2.64 License GPL

Executable information
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There is no need to install this script, it is part of Blender, but you first need to enable it.
Find it in: User Preferences > Add-Ons > 3D View

Activate the script by enabling the checkmark on the right side of the addons section.

How to Use

Screencast keys addon screenshot.jpg
  • In the 3D View, hit Shift+Alt+C. Or press the Start Display button under Screencast Keys in N panel.
  • The keys you press will appear by default in the lower-left corner of the 3D View


  • Start Display: Activates/deactivates display of keys events.
  • Size: Adjust the size for the text or mouse icon.
  • Position: Move the horizontal and vertical margin relative to the 3D View.
  • Text / Icon Color: Set the color for both the text and mouse icon.
  • Fade Out Time: How much time it takes for the text to disappear.
  • Display Mouse
    • Icon: Show the mouse as an icon (default)
      • Left / Right: Position the mouse icon.
    • Text: Display mouse events as text.
    • No Mouse: Don't display mouse events.
  • Display Box
    • Box Color: Set the color and alpha for the background box.
    • Hide: Only show the box when a key was pressed, otherwise hide it.
    • Box Width: Set the minimum size for the box (it resizes automatically if text doesn't fit)
  • Display Last Operator
    • The last used operator (tool) is shown below the box in the 3D View.

Video Demo