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3D Viewport Pie Menus
All-rounder menus for different modes and objects in the 3D View
UI location Group: User Interface
Version 1.13 Author(s) meta-androcto, contributors: sebastian_k, pitiwazou, italic, saidenka
Blender 2.77 License GPL

Executable information
File name space_view3d_pie_menus folder
Current version download In addons contrib/buildbot nightly builds & installable zip:



3dviewport pies.jpg
  • 3D Viewport Pie Menus
    • Individual menu Activation
    • 17 Individual Menus to choose from
    • Based on Pie menus from sebastian_k, pitiwazou, italic, saidenka, meta-androcto
    • Multiple Hotkey changes> Multiple activation's

  • Animation Pies

Animation pies.jpg

  • This menu allows you to change the animation Play Settings from the viewport Alt/a

  • Apply Transforms

Apply transforms pie.jpg

  • This menu allows you to change the mode of the manipulator to move, rotate, scale or combination using Ctrl/a

  • Cursor/Origin

Cursor menu pie.jpg

  • This menu allows you to move the cursor & set the object origin/pivot Shift/s

  • Edit Align

Edit mode align pie.jpg

  • This menu allows you to align v/e/f to each other in edit mode Alt/x

  • Edit Delete

Edit mode delete pie.jpg

  • Extended menu for deletion of Edit Mode v/e/f X

  • Editor Switch

Editor switch pie.jpg

  • Switch Editor Modes from any editor spaceCtrlAltS

  • Manipulator Menu

Manipulator pie.jpg

  • Manipulator on off & combinationsCtrlSpace

  • Object Mode Switch

Mode switch pie.jpg

  • Switch between Object Type Modes ⇆ Tab

  • Orientation

Transform orientation pie.jpg

  • Set Transform Orientations AltSpacebar

  • Pivot Point

Pivot point pie.jpg

  • Set Objects Pivot type .

  • Proportional Edit

Proportional edit pie.jpg

  • Set Proportional Edit type O

  • Save Open

Save open pie.jpg

  • Save, Open, Import files menus CtrlS

  • Sculpt Brush Pies

Sculpt2 pie.jpg

  • Easy open your Brushes with this pie menuW & AltW

  • Select Menu

Selections pie.jpg

  • Menu of Selection typesA

  • Shading Menu

Shading pie.jpg

  • Shading viewport displayZ

  • Snap Element

Snap element pie.jpg

  • Menu for Snap elementsCtrl⇧ Shift⇆ Tab

  • View Numpad

Numpad pie.jpg

  • Numpad View DirectionsQ