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Add Gemstone Objects
UI location Group: AddMesh ( see note )
Version 0.3 Author(s) Pontiac, Fourmadmen, Dreampainter
Blender 2.5 Rev:#29021 License GPL

Executable information
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  • This script is in Blender 2.5 Add-Ons menu.
  • In User Preferences select the Add-Ons tab.
  • You can activate the script there.
  • The script will now show up in the ⇧ ShiftA->Mesh>Gemstones.


Scripts manual add diamond mesh.jpg

Create a Gemstone

  • This Script creates a Gemstone Primitive.
  • Press the ⇧ ShiftA.
  • Then in Mesh
  • Press Gemstones to create the new mesh.
  • You can change the type of gemstone and its parameters in the Toolbar Menu.
  • You need to set script parameters before doing any transforms or using modifiers.
  • There are two types to choose from. Gem or Diamond type stones.


Parameters Overview

  • The interface for this script is found in the Tool Shelf > Object Tools
  • NOTE: This section is out of date
  • Features: Sliders, Numeric Input.
  • Segments
  • Radius
  • Table Radius
  • Table Height
  • Pavillion Height