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Twisted Torus
Add Twisted Torus Object
UI location Group: AddMesh ( see note )
Version 1.0 Author(s) Paulo Gomes
Blender 2.5 Rev:#27099 License GPL

Executable information
File name
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  • This script is in Blender 2.5 Add-Ons menu.
  • In User Preferences you can see the Add-Ons menu.
  • You can activate the script here.
  • The script will now show up in the Shift/A Add/Mesh Menu.


Py Scripts Twisted Torus.jpg

Create Add Mesh Twisted Torus

  • This is an modified version of the original Add Torus script.
  • This Script creates Twisted Torus Primitive.
  • Enable the script in the Add-Ons menu.
  • Press the Shift/a.
  • Then Add mesh.
  • Below the Monkey.
  • There is the Twisted Torus.
  • Press Twisted torus.
  • To create the New Mesh.
  • This primitive was added in Blender.
  • As A Script, not Hardcoded.
  • You can change the script Parameters in the Toolbar Menu
  • Currently you need to set script parameters before doing any transforms or using modifiers.
  • This script was Upgraded from Blender 2.49b > Blender 2.5 by Paulo Gomes.


Interface/Menu Overview

  • The interface for this script is found in the Tool Shelf > Object Tools
  • Features: Sliders, Numeric Input.
  • Major radius
  • Minor radius
  • Major segments
  • Minor segments
  • Twists
  • Use int+ext controls
  • Exterior radius
  • Inside radius