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Create Beams

Generate mesh primitives representing structural supports found in modern construction.

It is part of a package/collection of scripts that together create general architectural and "interior design" items. See add_mesh_building_basics or Building Basics for details.

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This script is included in the 'building basics' package. This documentation page is fundamental to that section - do not remove.


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  Will add image samples, and there is always room for improvement.


  Complete with V 1.3 of Building Basics release..

Beam Builder

The initial "shapes" are suitable for graphical presentation such as: commercial buildings, bridges, and towers. Each beam type has a set of parameters that may be modified, allowing for a wide range of customization.

Beams are created centered at 0,0,0; may change to track 3D cursor at some point.

Type: Select beam "shape"; Box, U, C, L, I, or T beam forms.


Material: Set the beam material "color". R/G/B values may be set manually.

Height(z): The height of the beam.

  Height (float, 0.01-100, default 1).

Width(x): The width of the beam.

  Width (float, 0.01-100, default 0.5).

Depth(y): The depth of the beam.

  Depth (float, 0.01-100, default 0.5).

Thickness: The thickness/width of the beam sides.

  Thickness (float, 0.01-1, default 0.1).

Taper: Angle the edges of the beam "inner" sides toward outer edge, not available for Box beam shape.

  Taper (integer, 0-100, default 0).

Credits: revolt_randy for initial submission.