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Local QR Code Generator
Construct a QR code mesh, generated directly in Blender
UI location View3D > Add > Mesh > Local QR Code
Usage Add a QR code, then use the operator properties box in the tool shelf to adjust its data.
Version 1.1 Author(s) Jacob Welsh
Blender 2.65 or newer License MIT/X11 license
Category Add Mesh Distribution Extern
Note(s) You can either install a zip file that bundles everything in an "add_mesh_local_qrcode" subdirectory, or install the dependencies elsewhere and use only (see the README in the source repository).

Executable information
File name
Python modules bpy, bpy_extras, bmesh
External Python Modules or dependencies python-qrcode, six

Links Homepage with download and manual:

Source code:

Release Log
Known Issues None