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Inspect Matrices

Inspect Matrices
Inspect Object Matrices in 3D View Panel.
UI location 3D View, Tools, Inspect Matrices Panel
Version 0.0.5 Author(s) John Michael Palmer (jump)
Blender 2.6.3 License GPL
Category Development

Executable information
File name
Current version download
External Python Modules or dependencies mathutils

This script has been written so you can easily see and compare the matrices associated with objects without having to use the python console. It can be used whilst testing code etc.


Clicking on the matrix name shows or hides the matrix.

Clicking on the up arrow move the matrix position in the list.

Clicking on the copy button copies the matrix to the copied matrix, this is used for pasting when you click on the paste button.


Inspect Matrices panel.png


Should install like a normal addon.

Can be installed by putting the python file in the folder blender/2.63/scripts/addons