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Bge copy rotation
apply copy rotation in blender game Engine
UI location press space and type bge copy rotation
Version 1.0 Author(s) Vinay Godara
Blender {{{blender}}} License {{{license}}}
Category Game Engine
Note(s) can be used for static body type

Executable information
File name bge copy rotation
Current version download File:Bge copy

Warning under construction
Known Issues show warning on lanuch , but don't worry it does not effect your game


  • put 'capplycopy' and 'copyrotation' file in localdisk(c)
  • now, go to user preference and select addon tab ,then select from file and select the '' file
  • check the box and save as defult
  • and you are ready


  • select object and add "copy rotation " constraint , then set target object (other option are coming soon)
  • go to 3d window and press space , then search for "bge copy rotation" and click on it
  • now your object start copying the target object