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Simple3DCoat Applink
Applink for 3DCoat app
UI location Scene Panel
Usage Add Exchange Path in the Addon settings. Select objects, press "ExportObjects".
Version 0.3.2 Author(s) Kalle-Samuli Riihikoski (haikalle), Paul Geraskin
Blender 2.69+ License GNU General Public License v2 (GPL v2)
Category Import/Export
Note(s) Works ok.

Executable information
File name
Current version download
Python modules Used standard Python modules

Warning No Warnings.
Links 3DCoat forum thread
Known Issues No Issues.

Simple3DCoat Description

This is a cool script for fast Import/Export Objects to Blende/3DCoat apps. But before using it you MUST SET EXCHANGE PATH in the addon settings! The Exchange Path is in "/User/Documents/3DCoatVERSION/Exchange" or "/User/3DCoatVERSION/Exchange".

See the Screenshots:


  • Set the "Exchange" folder of 3DCoat manually.
  • Apply Modifiers checkbox
  • Fast transfer to both apps
  • Export/Import through Obj/Fbx/Collada(Dae) formats. Note: Collada does not work on Linux.
  • Path for textures
  • Clear Exchange folder