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Insert Edge Ring
Insert edgerings along selected edgeloops
UI location View3D > Edge Specials > Insert edge ring (Ctrl Alt R)
Usage select continuous edges -> convert into edgering
Version 1.0 Author(s) Florian Meyer (tstscr)
Blender 2.6.4 License simplified BSD
Category Mesh Distribution Contrib

Executable information
File name
Current version download
Python modules bmesh, math, collections


This Operator converts edgeloops into edgerings. The results can be similar to bevel or face-inset operations.

There are however differences. Unlike bevel inserting an edgering does not create triangles at corners of the initial edgeloop.

Bevel-edge ring-comparison.jpg

Unlike inset faces the initial selection depends on edgeloops instead of faces which can lead to easier/more desirable results depending on the topology.


Insert edge ring options.jpg

  • distance: The distance of separation for the new edgering.
  • even: Keep corners with 90° angles straight

Edgring even comparison.jpg

  • Generate Geo: Whether to create geometry for the new edge_ring. Can be misused for specific rip operations this way.
  • Direction: In which direction to move the new geometry. Either both containing edgeloops are moved away from the initial selection or only one side is moved away.