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Snap Bisect
Cut along a precisely defined plane
UI location 3D View Toolbox
Usage Select geometry to be cut, start the operator and then LMB-click three points.
Version 1.0 Author(s) Adam Dominec (Emu)
Blender 2.7 License WTFPL
Category Mesh Distribution External

Executable information
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Snap Bisect

A minimalist tool for precise drawing: pick three vertices to cut all selected geometry.

More features:

  • Pick edge midpoints instead of vertices
  • Make an axis-aligned cut by pressing X, Y or Z (after picking one or two points)
  • Make a view-aligned cut by pressing Enter or Spacebar (after picking two points)

Hidden uses:

  • Face-aligned cut: pick three vertices of the face and then modify Offset
  • Precise Subdivide: select and edge, pick cutting plane
  • 2D Operations: pick two vertices and confirm (Enter or Spacebar)

Feature requests

  • Offset exactly through vertex
  • Local axis-aligned cut: shift+?
  • Pick geometry from other objects
  • Improve performance

(feel free to edit this list)