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Refine tracking solution
Refine motion solution by setting track weight according reprojection error
UI location Group: Clip Editor > Tools > Solve > Refine Solution
Version 1, 1, 2 Author(s) Stephen Leger
Blender 2.78 License GPL

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  • This script is in Blender 2.79.


Refine tracking solution Welcome to the blenderTracking wiki!

When solving for camera motion, narrowing down solve error by hand may be a realy frustrating task. Setting track weight according reprojection error solve this issue for camera motion tracking. Here is a script to automatically set weight of all tracks according error in a single click.

Basically this allow you to choose the wanted solution error and get it within a single click, even with poor tracks (automatic detected feature).

Perfect for automatically tracked movies, with many tracks (motion flow like solving).

Even a bad track may have a good influence with correct weight. Installation:

   Setup the plugin as usual
   Find it under movie clip -> Tools -> Solve -> Refine solution.


   Start to Solve your motion as usually
   Choose your target solution error, eg: 0.3
   Refine your camera motion path solution.

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