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Sequencer Tools

Sequencer Tools
Various tools for the Sequencer
UI location Group: Sequencer
Version 0.0.1 Author(s) Bastien Montagne
Blender 2.63 License GPL

Executable information
File name



  • Copy this directory [] in your addons’ folder.
  • Enable Sequencer Tools from the Add-Ons tab in the User Preferences window, Sequencer section.

Note that being a “contrib” addon, it will be available by default in “testing” builds (i.e. all builds not done in a “release” context).


For now, this addon has only one tool – I’ll add others when I need them…

Render Selected Strips

Fired either from the Strip » Export Selected menu entry, or through ⇧ ShiftCtrlP shortcut, this tool opens a File window to allow you to select a path/name for the render file(s) (defaults to current render settings), and then render the selected strips, again using current render settings.

This allows you to quickly export a strip, or easily re-render only a part of your project…