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About and how to use wiki tasks page

When announces a Blender Release, the Wiki User Manual should be updated, possibly in many languages.

In order to coordinate wiki authors, we gather todos derived from Release Notes in Meta:Wiki Tasks.

Also, please edit the wiki tasks page if you find missing parts in the manual but you cannot fix yourself.

Note that Tutorials are not considered in the wiki tasks page.


Listing of pages to be done/updated

At release time:

  • Update this Template: Template:Blender/Current version.
  • Create the page “Meta:Wiki Tasks/Blender 2.5x” (complete with appropriate version, for example “2.51”).
  • List each todo, preceded by the appropriate Wikitask template. you can use:
    • to do
    • on hold
    • in progress Inprogress0.jpg 0%
    • done

Author commitment to a task

An author/contributor interested in a certain section then should:



which shows as

to do

into {{WikiTask/Inprogress|20|--~~~~|link=Meta:Sanbox/Doc:Manual/Foo}},

which shows as

in progress Inprogress25.jpg 20%
 --mindrones 17:14, 14 September 2009 (UTC)

Note that with “link” you can point the progress bar to the appropriate sandbox page (hover the mouse over the progressbar image and see).

Finding general consensus and moving to Manual

After the preparation in sandbox, an author should:

  • Find general consensus in docboard mailing list about inclusion in official Manual of his or her own work.
  • Update the Manual following the current structure, see also these editing guidelines.
  • Update wikitasks page changing “Inprogress” template with “Onhold” template.