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External Access to SVN Repositories

All the assets that are produced in projects like Peach and Apricot are stored in a SVN repository. This is a system to help multiple people work together on files, and it remembers file versions each time you do an SVN operation. It is used by people inside and outside the Institute to get access to project assets.

Anyone that wants to access should have the following data. The actual data is not reproduced here because it's not a public repository, but suppose the data is:

 Username: $username
 Password: $password

You need an SVN client to access the repository. Most people in the Blender Institute use RapidSVN, which is available for Linux, Mac and Windows, but it does not support SSH which is needed for external access. Common alternatives are command line SVN tools or TortoiseSVN on Windows.

Command Line Setup

Command line access is quite simple, just make sure you are accessing SSH through port 80.

 export SVN_SSH="ssh -p 80"
 svn co svn+ssh://$username@$URL

GUI Setup

To be figured out, RapidSVN doesn't support SSH.

Usage Instructions

Now you should have the project files in the directory you chose. Once you have done the checkout, the following SVN operations (as found in the menus) you'll want to do most commonly:

  • Update: this downloads all the latest changes from the repository.
  • Commit: after you've changed one or more directories or files, you need to select them and commit them so that the next time someone does an update they receive those files. It's best to always update before committing (to avoid conflicts with other people committing to the same files). No changes you make to files are visible to other users unless you commit.
  • Add/Delete: files are not added/deleted in the SVN repository automatically, you need to select them and add/delete them for SVN to know that they are part of the repository. Note that files are not actually added or deleted until you commit them.
  • Revert: when you want to undo changes you made to a file, select it and choose revert. This only affects files on your computer.

Further try to keep the directory structure organized, there should be a directory structure in place that you can follow.