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Here are a list of todo items for the compatition game entries that should be made before we include them in YoFrankie 1.1

Art Assets

These art assets can be included in existing levels.

  • Animated Lava texture (for slow lava waterfall)
  • Animated wind texture with alpha to show an air vents on a billboard that boost you while gliding.
  • Low Poly-BuckBunney (to be added as an end boss)
  • Magic Looking Warp Object (animated texture?) to be used for portals.


  • Link levels portals together so you can play the game from start to finish.
  • Merge assets into blenders props blend files. (rename textures in some cases)
  • Clean up blend files, name objects and logic bricks.

Level Nut

  • Add low-poly invisible collision faces into the objects "pier_sheep", "catapult_01_branch", "ground", "catapult_01_proxy.003"
  • Remove "Trigger" option from the "Always" sensors (needs to be tested, will probably works without problems) - Objects "valley_sound", "sheep_ground" and "catapult_*" objects.
  • Remove "Trigger" option and enable "Pulse" for object "sheep_ground" sensor "type_hit" (added since 2.48), Postpone until we update.
  • add a fence (26.12, 17.28, 9.22) and (34.2, 25.7, 7.1)to avoid running off the bridge into the lava, or change the shape of the ground.
  • Ledge grab messes up, at (26.42, 28.82, 6.41).
    replace lava_plataform_st.007 and lava_plataform_st.008 with new models that dont have ledge grab edges inside the rock. (could make real and modify or could try fix the bug in blender that allows you to do this).
  • Object "bigtree_base" Tree animation can start playing again if the ram hits it even after its fallen.
  • Object "tree_ground" - friction is too low.
  • Fix errors in logic for Object "cart1.parent". animation plays incorrectly sometimes.
  • merge props from "new_platforms.blend", "new_signpost.blend" and "newbridges.blend" into existing blend files (using existing images and materials where possible)

Low Priority

  • lava_platform1_drown is used a lot and has a high poly count. Could make a lower poly version.
  • remove "Plane.015" with (has "barrier" property), if its not used.
  • improve stretched UV's on the waterfall (-7.99, 22.37, 9.65)
  • use an animated texture to replace lava_fall.* objects (if possible)
  • cart1 and cart1.001 objects should share mesh data, some of these objects could be joined too.

Level Lighthouse

Thanks Bruno for doing many of the TODO items here (revision 28)

  • (In general) its too easy to try and climb up a slope that is not ground, need better separation between walls and ground, maybe walls need less friction or should be made more vertical then the rendered faces.
  • (general comment) - could have more reason to explore the level.

Low Priority

  • Frankie slips on the bridge near the boat when standing still, could increase friction here?
  • Inside of lighthouse (where the elevator is), is not UV mapped, could give it some tiled UV texture.
  • Object "asse" could have physics removed and use a quad instead.


  • Cave entrance (37.31, 28.19, 2.73) needs ground to be set, frankie looks like he's falling.
  • Platform objetcs such as "platform_sm_01" and "pillar_02.001" are scaled so much that ledge grab fails, need to resolve this somehow. (possibly with frankies game logic python scripts)
  • Objects "lava_platform2.001"+ look odd without anything below them, should make new model that looks better or add something under them.
  • Placement of object "rabbit_hole" lets you see under it. need to make a visually better join.

Low Prority

  • Use layers to plit up object usage, currently the level is on 1 layer.
  • Platforms into water currently have no purpose. - Should something be there?

Game Logic

  • Frankie to be able to hold a object and walk about with it - hammer, torch, banana.
  • A way to select an item from inventory.
  • Logic for having frankie control another object (float on a turtle and control him) without moving off it.