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On this page you will find all the information you need to participate in the Durian Sprint.

The Durian Sprint is an event to help the production of the short movie by providing a list of assets to the Blender community so artists can model, unwrap and texture secondary models that would otherwise take precious time to create.

Here is the procedure: 1. Get on IRC and log into the #Blenderdurian channel

2. Go to the Asset wiki page here:

3. Pick an asset

4. If you have questions about it, ask them on #Blenderdurian

5. Start modeling (and texturing, if you wish) and post your progress on IRC as you go along so we can critique and direct you

6. Your file should be named this way: yourname_category_assetname.blend . (No capital letters please.) Upload your work to when you’re done.

Note: The models uploaded to the "Durian" Category on will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution "By" 3.0 License: unless otherwise stipulated by the artist. (Please put this info in an open text window in your .blend file.)

It may take some time to be approved and made public.

7. When it comes online, if you want to be especially awesome, take your Blenderswap model page (the one you just uploaded) and add the url to the Asset page underneath the item listed. It will be easier for us to track the models at the end of the day. Do not overwrite other people links! It’s ok to have several versions of the same asset.

8. Go back to step two and start again! If you don’t know what to pick in the asset list, ask us, we’ll guide you!

  • Addition - Some tileable textures to help as a base for texturing if you want to pitch in with shading / materials.

Make sure to look through these pages before taking part in the Sprint: