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Features Wishlist


The Peach development page has a list of features that we would like to have. Most of those are however quite big. The goal here is to have a list of smaller features that we need. If you decide to work on one of these, you can edit the page to indicate this, in order to avoid multiple developers working on the same feature. If you need more info or want to discuss how to implement a feature, you can use:

  • the open projects forum
  • the #blendercoders channel on
  • the bf-committers mailing list.

The reward for implementing one of these features is of course eternal fame and glory, and a place in the Peach movie credits.


Less Important

This list is for less important requests that are not critical to production.

  • Make Mirrored Paste work when there are no ipo's or keys on the opposite pose bones.
  • IPO Scaling, scale around current frame, like the action editor (could toggle between both like in the 3D view)
    • Note: ipo-transform uses standard Translate and Resize functions (as used for 3d-view and UV/Image-Editor), while the Action/NLA Editor uses as special set which only operate on one value in a different way.
  • Better integration of textures in the node system. Specifically being able to add and edit a texture from the node instead of having to use an existing one assigned to a material. Further idea could be to driver texture parameters with node inputs, but the the former would already be a great usability improvement.
  • Improved fog, atmosphere lighting. Basically add more options in the world buttons and implement them in the render engine. For example this method would be suitable (all the formulas need for the implementation are in the last section of the pdf). pdf slides


  • Correct playback frames per second when "Play" is pressed. (Play spawns a new instance of blender, it could pass an argument that sets the frames per second) (in SVN now --Peter Schlaile 18:27, 23 December 2007 (CET))
  • Make the "Sync" button work when sound is disabled, Animators use this as a way to play animations at the right speed, could be renamed to "Drop Frames" and work even when blender built without audio enabled. (Is in SVN now, maybe I'll add MIDI-Sync additionally someday :) --Peter Schlaile 18:02, 23 December 2007 (CET)
  • When the action is pinned, adding a new actions does nothing.
  • While transforming a bone with AutoIK, being able to specify the chain length with mouse scrolling. The last chain length should be remembered for the next transform.
  • Sequencer display and locking per channel (so you can lock channel 5 for instance and it cannot be selected or transformed) - This needed because we want to lock the images in the animatic but move the 3d movie strips about (locking per strip is in SVN now --Peter Schlaile 16:32, 25 December 2007 (CET) locking all selected strips will follow)
  • AutoIK - operate on more then 1 selected bone at once, (as long as they are not a part of the same chain) -- Aligorith, 6 January 2008
  • Deflectors and fields working on editable particles. Once particles are set to editable, deflectors do not work on the anymore. One way to get around this is to make the particles softbodies, but that doesn't give as much control and requires simulation and time for the hairs to stabilize. This would be useful for making footsteps in the grass, or keeping the tall squirrel's sideburns (which is made entirely of fur) in the right shape while his face deforms (squirrel on the right).