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old mediawiki todolist

  • done
     fix "this file" link in the "current features" section in the "tuhopuu" section on
  • done
     interwiki (see this)
    • interlink with bugtracker: bug:3694
    • interlink with patchtracker: patch:2736
    • interlink with support request: support:187
    • interlink with todotracker: todo:372
    • interlink with opengltracker: opengl:293
    • interlink with gameenginetracker: ge:1140
    • interlink tag for wikipedia: w
    • interlink tag for metawiki: meta or m
  • on hold
     Enable math/TeX:
  • done
     naming conventions on upload page
    • Use the following text after the last paragraph before the form: "Note! please name your files according to the naming conventions, e.g. Manual-PartXX-self-explanatory-name, Tutorials-self-explanatory-name or Dev-self-explanatory-name etc."
  • done
     update adding ipo page on the CMS
  • done
     allow upload: .blend, .zip, .pdf also .tar.gz, .diff and .patch
  • done
     favicon.ico from (favico) to
  • done
     change monobook ::download a patch here (contains new main.css, IE55Fixes.css & IE60Fixes.css)
  • done
     add new custom BlenderWiki skin
    1. download the beta test here BlenderWiki
    2. check this instructional page
    3. note: don't install as default yet, we'll have to test things first and add some cross-browser hacks. It would be nice to add it to the mediawiki skin list ($wgSkinNamesEn), so that everybody can test it if they wish to.
  • on hold
     Check: $wgAllowUserCss = true;
  • to do